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Hello greater RPR community. I, as you can tell by my Username, am Seiggrain Hart. While I'm sure lots of you have elaborate stories that you tell in this introduction posts. (Not that I'd know, I just made this account and haven't looked at anything but this.) Mine is a simple one. I'm just some dude on the Internet. That's it.

In all seriousness, I'm your average run-of-the-mill content creator on Youtube and Twitch. I stream live weekly every Mon through Fri, and spend most of my free time when not streaming, chatting and RPing on sites fairly similar to this one. I stumbled upon this site here after a friend of mine mentioned they use this site more often than the one we initially met through.

Welcome, "Random Guy on the Internet!" I hope you enjoy it here.

Oh, I will be.

Welcome to RPR, Seiggrain! Hope you'll like it here!

I hope I like it here too.

Hi! Welcome to RPR! Idk how alike it is to other roleplay sites, but I hope you find it as nice as the other ones!

It's been nice so far. And there are a couple that are laid out like this place. Though none I've seen so far are as refined as RPR.

Hey Seiggrain Hart and welcome to the RPR!

I see you've already made some friends even character to character wise - rock on! And you've been perusing the LFRP forums which is fab! I wish you all the best with the RPR (seems like you're doing fabulous already) and your twitch as well! <3

Why thank you for the well wishes.

Hello and welcome! I hope you have a great time here and find everything you're looking for. Do PM if I can help. :)

Hello and welcome to RPR. The best roleplaying website ever.

Thank you for joining our little, literary oasis. Do you have any favorite story genres or fandoms that you'd like to explorer?

Thank you all for the warm welcomes.

Welcome to RPR, Seiggrain! I set up shop here maybe a month or so ago and it's been a worthwhile investment of my time. :> Here's to hoping you enjoy yourself, same as me!

♡Welcome to RPR!♡

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Forums > Introductions > Just some Random Guy on the Internet