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What would they be like? I chose one of my favorite character I love role-playing. Her children would be swashbuckling rum drinking pirates. And helping captain Jack sparrow in the pirates retirement home.

Addie will actually have a kid somewhere down the line of the story she is in. She births the new angel of innocence. When the devil rebelled against God, she fell under his (the devil) spell and murdered the first angel of innocence.

Forgot to add: Casper, her kid, would be the typical playful baby, but might enjoy mommy destroying demons and other beings a little too much....

They’d be proud Scotsmen and women who can handle an ale or three, as well as be tradition keepers, sharp shooters and soldiers

"w-wait a minute I'm G A Y WHERE DID I GET A CHILD FROM-"

Venus claims she hates children, but she secretly has a soft spot for the little ones. it's a plausible possibility that sooner or later, she'll end up feeling bad for some street rat and take them under her wing.

it'd be a total disaster, of course. Venus wouldn't know what to do with a kid, mainly because her own mother wasn't the best at setting an example.

it wouldn't stop her from trying, though. you bet that kid would be taught to be an absolute badass and take no shit - I'm sure they'd end up with some wild fashion tastes or some otherwise 'unconventional' tendencies because Venus wouldn't be able to tell them no if they wanted to express themselves through some weird means.

kid would be some eccentric, tough, loud-mouthed rebel who also is a big softie and probably cries when they're frustrated. total nerd who spends hours at a time blabbing their head off to Venus, who doesn't really know what they're talking about, but listens to them anyways.

they definitely try to come off as some hardcore punk. but don't let them fool you, they really like dinosaurs and still sleep with a night light as a teenager.

Flynns kids would be quite the trouble makers and his kids middle name would be probably trouble for real. His kids would always be ready to fight when needed, hiding a dagger somewhere weither it's in there shoes or there sleeves they would always have a dagger. They would stand for what's right and would be up all night, fighting, getting in trouble or pestering each other and Flynn.

If Maestro were to have kids, hopefully his musical gift that he got from his mother would be passed down to any kid he has. Maestro is very passionate about music, and it's like an extension of himself. He treats his violin as if it's an actual baby, that's how well he takes care of it. I wouldn't be surprised if the kid he has treated their instrument the same as he does. But then there would be the fact Maestro is egotistical, boastful, and competitive. So then most likely that would be passed on to the kid, and drive him up a wall. But even so, Maestro would still love the munchkin.

In my writings of Durian, he has fathered more than a few children, though most he does not know as they were conceived during one night, one week, or maybe a month stand with a local woman. One he does know about was when he comforted a lonely princess while her husband was away. She found out she was with child about a week before her husband returned, and she made sure she made it seem it was her husbands.

Durian's own wife was with his child when she was killed when he had gone south, and the news of her death devastated him and it led him to be quite irresponsible.

I'm making sure she's not. She would not be a good mother. Her daughters would be hussy skanky golddiggers like her.

Oh boy, I've always wanted to talk about this!

I think Sprite would be more of a fatherly type rather than a mommy. She's not able to bear a child herself ("Yeah, thanks for tearin' my lady tools outta ma'h gut, Blake!"), and usually finds anything under the age of, what, 7 year old annoying as heck - but for Artie's sake, she'll have to go with it and probably ends up loving her adopted/artificially conceived kiddo(s) anyway! But man, wouldn't she be clumsy. She's the kinda dad-mom who'll probably encourage them to be.. wild and free?

Example: kid comes home from CyberSchool (made that up lmao) and goes like: "Mom, Gaius tried to steal my lunch today." then Artie will be like "Oh sweety, 'ave ye tried to-.." and then Sprite bursts in and goes like "Now ya listen 'ere, next he tries this, ya beat the livin' shit outta 'im, yeah?". And more stuff like that. She'll make up silly nicknames for 'em, does really dangerous things with them for enjoyment's sake (to definitely upset Art), roughhouses 'till they break through the floor and.. well, will probably convert to Dad Joke'ism at some point.

And her kids? I think there would surely be one that takes after each parent in some way, so basically they're both loud and fiery, but one is really spunky and impulsive whereas the other is more a technical and 'mature' kinda child. They'll grow up having a lot of liberties but not so much that it makes them spoiled. One prolly visits the gun range ever so often and will definitely get some way too rough training from Sprite while the other just builds a pet robot for fun under the supervision of Artie. Maybe they'll develop passions both ladies fail to understand, but they support their kids either way, so I'm sure they'll grow up to be smart adults who'll function just fine in the giant cyberpunk city they're raised in!

Loved every bit of this (and I want to roleplay these kiddos and parents so badly oh gosh), and I'll definitely return to this thread for moaaaaaar parental shenanigans~

I'd train them to be mighty warriors, teach them honour.

(This is a nice topic!)

I think Gabriel could put his drifter days behind him for a kid. He's a had a lot of experience with bad parenting and too much empathy to let it happen to anyone else. He wouldn't be perfect, but he'd put 110% into it.

I can't say for sure what the kid would be like, since he'd let them be whoever they wanted, but it's fair to say they'd have an attitude (maybe an attitude problem according to their teachers). Social, confident, street-smart, bilingual from their first word. A chaotic hellraiser if they wanted to be. They'd be unconditionally loved above all else, so I think they'd grow up okay.

I have actually been thinking of giving Vil a child, but haven't yet since I haven't completed Balor(Her husband)'s life story and what not. If I do choose to give her a child, there is a good chance she'd stop her adventuring and battling for the welfare of the child. If the child was female, she'd protect them with her life and teach her the ways of a shield-maiden. A boy would probably be raised by Balor(ironic, I know). But the blood mix of a Changeling and Werewolf might lead to some genetic mutation. Still don't mean I won't give her one(Immagine little elf-wolves running around *0*)

Leetus here technically DOES Have kids!

One looks like him, but is more like his wife.
The other looks like his wife, but is more like him.

Well, considering how her and her boyfriend are so alike....

Her kids would probably be loud, rough-housing cocky little brats. She would raise them to take absolutely no shit from anybody, and also teach them about laws on all kinds of assault considering the hell she went through when she was younger. Her boyfriend would probably teach them to be fearless, but also teach them to be respectful and wonderful leaders.

While Netharan does technically have a numerous amount of children (as most gods tend to) he’s the only one I see that could, potentially, fill in the list.

In most cases, they’d be like him; a fearsome, vengeful tyrant bent on the destruction of his brother’s work. In a few excepted cases (Aaron Pyrosian, most notably) they tend to be more caring and connected with humanity, which, of course, makes their father extremely disappointed and enraged.

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