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She sighed and walked back inside the room. She sat beside her and looked at the bracelet. “ why is that so important to you Sarah..?

“Don’t think like that,” he insisted, “I thought of my little sister that way before the attack; she was only 5 years old, and a pain in the arse. But when the zeds got her, I looked into her eyes one last time, knowing she was gone forever. It may seem like you hate her, but you need to show her you care for her; do what I didn’t, and let her know you love her. Otherwise, you’ll live in constant depression and regret until you die too.”

Sarah was slipping the different beads onto the string with a little too much care, having memorized the exact look of the bracelet way before the apocalypse even began. "It was Jay's. We were together before all the crap went down with my parents and I got sent here. After the zombies started spreading, he tried to make it here. When I was patrolling I found it. He died in the first month." she seemed hesitant to admit the fact, but she didn't want to keep it bottled up. As she spoke, her eyes never left the work she was doing.

Chance huffed and went silent, looking away and seeming to be thinking about something.

Aaron has been in thought for quite a while, working on both creating a cure and trying to multiply their antiseptic supply, as well as searching for a way to get to the new location without coming across raiders or zeds. He had sent out Kim to scout out the neighborhood prior to their movement, and her report was somewhat stressful;

“The area is clear for now,” she spoke through the radio, “but there’s a group of Raiders nearby, possibly searching for a good area to set up. I heard them asking about this place, but the boss said I would be a last resort; they’re heading to the prison first, but if that’s already taken by zeds or a larger gang, they’ll move here. If we’re going to move to this location, we’d better do it soon.”

“Thanks, Kim,” he considered, “get somewhere safe and rest; I’ll let Roxanne know.” He ended communication, heading to where Sarah and Roxanne were both arguing, the younger girl reassembling a bracelet of some sort. “Roxanne,” Aaron tapped her shoulder, “I just got the report from Kim; if we’re going to move, we’d better go soon.”

She sighed and grabbed her hands gently. “ I know this bracelet holds memories but you don’t need it...” she sighed and slipped a cross off her neck and placed it around the girls neck. “ my brother gave this before I came here, telling me everyone bleeds but no one dies from a scar..” she said gently before feeling the tap on her should and looking over. She listened to Aaron and sighed. “ let me clean up before we have too go. We shall leave in the hour.. make sure everyone one is prepared with weapons and supplies... we should go to the prison... it’s the only safe place right now.”

She looked down at the necklace with a blank stare. Don't need it? Of course I need it. I can't let go. Not yet...not yet... she thought. As soon as Roxanne was preoccupied with talking to Aaron she immediately began reassembling the bracelet again, slipping on the last few beads. She then began trying to a tie a not, to which a couple of the beads slid back off. She let out a small sigh.

She gently picked up the beads and took the necklace off for a second. She placed the beads on the necklace in a order around the cross. She closed the necklace and slipped it back on her. “ there.. now it won’t slip off.”

“That’s actually not going to happen,” he explained, keeping his tone respectful, “according to Kim, a group of Raiders are already on their way to the prison; if they can’t set up camp there, they’ll take the only other safe location I’ve found. I advise that we take out that risk by taking the neighborhood first instead of racing against the raiders for a place that may or may not already be taken.” He was as submissive as he could be as he relayed the information, but he hoped she would see his logic.

“ I mean it’s a good idea for now but it won’t last long... we need to go somewhere where those things aren’t.. I mean... I have this small idea but I’m not sure how it could work...

She looked down at the necklace again, one of her small hands gently grabbing the cross and holding it up slightly. She could feel her throat closing on her as the wiped her eyes with the other hand, now just quietly fiddling with the necklace.

“Well,” he sighed, “you’re the leader; what do you think we should do?” He wasn’t sure what her plan was, but he really hoped it didn’t involve fighting off desperate humans or zed armadas.

“ these zombies are dead. Corpses... corpses don’t do well in heat. I find they thrive in the colder areas. Like where we are... what if we traveled over the border? Closer to the equator? Where their are less of these walking corpses?

He was confused for a moment, almost assuming that her plan was suicide. “You want to go all the way to the equator,” he questioned, a bit less respectively, “where you assume there’s less undead? You realize it would take months, if not years, for us to get there without vehicles, not to mention we’d have to deal with constant threats of supply loss, Raiders, and zeds chasing us the entire way. I strongly advise that we fortify the neighborhood before someone else claims it as their own; it’s safer to build up nearby than to migrate down south in these conditions.”

“ do you want to finish hearing me out or do you want to chewing me out?

He growled, but relented. “Go ahead,” he muttered, still finding flaws in her idea thus far.

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