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This thread is to show how much you have grown as a writer from when you started to RP, to now.

This is actually what I used to write for RPs (it's cringe):

*she looks over at him in disgust* seriously? that's an awful thing to say! *she walks away*

OOOF. I would not currently RP with my former self.

8_Stars_8 wrote:
This thread is to show how much you have grown as a writer from when you started to RP, to now.

This is actually what I used to write for RPs (it's cringe):

*she looks over at him in disgust* seriously? that's an awful thing to say! *she walks away*

OOOF. I would not currently RP with my former self.

Lol. That's funny.

I started here a year ago, the only difference that's really happened is that I've been able to move the plot a little faster. For example:


"David lit the candle on the table and then sat on the bed. He reached into the bedside drawer and lifted out his gray sharpening stone. Then, he pulled his sword out of it's sheath and began to sharpen it. He wondered what the meeting tomorrow with the magistrate would lead to. It could end in a deal, or in his escape, or perhaps, he might have to use this sword. I won't go to jail again, no matter what has to happen, he thought, narrowing his eyes. Outside the night wind rustled through the trees and he heard wolves howling in the distance. They were outlaws like him, trying to evade a society who would hunt them down and kill them without a second thought. An owl hooted in the tree outside. He continued to sharpen his blade for another half hour until his eyes were heavy and he laid it beside his bed. Sleeping in his clothes, he tossed and turned, worrying about the meeting. Finally he boiled a pot of coffee, making his peace with the inevitable insomnia, then walked outside into the night air. He sat on the porch and stared at the moon. The owl in the tree stared down at him, with large, indifferent eyes that didn't blink. His presence didn't phase it, it was used to humans now that more and more settlers were coming to this part of the great wood. The moonlight shined down on David's face as he contemplated the meeting with the magistrate..."


"David sharpened his sword by candlelight, and wondered if bff have to use it the next day, when he confronted the magistrate, and felt a sudden chill run through him. I won't go back to jail, he told himself. He couldn't sleep that night, but as the sun came up, he felt ready. Soon he was walking through the center of town, sword drawn.

The men approached each other slowly. "I'm not going back to jail," David breathed, his heart racing. "That's exactly where you're going," the magistrate declared, draw he men slowly circled each other.

(It's a BIT more focused now)

Oh, boy. I love the idea of this thread.

I started roleplaying at the ripe old age of 13, and I was also guilty of the asterisk posts. It's what we were all doing way back then! I also used to post in first person, which I can't do now without giving myself a migraine.

*I laughed.*

*I shook my head.*

Two prime post examples there, I tell you. I thought I was quite good, too, especially when I was able to do two or three lines at once. Essentially the queen of the site I was on.

I won't post a current example of my writing here because I don't want to swamp the thread, but my first posts tend to be hovering around 6-12 paragraphs these days. A far cry from those brilliant posts above!

I feel the pain. And I totally thought that is what everyone used to signify actions. And like...who cares about quotation marks? XD

ohohohoh y'all i didn't even use asterisks

i used hyphens

I also never distungished between in character and ooc until needed to and like
i used hyphens for that too

My whole roleplaying thing was over phone texts when I was twelve. I believe they went something like this. I am going to hyper-cringe into another dimension after writing it, so see you guys on the other side.

Venom: (He yells across the room.) EXE! WATCH OUT!!! HE'S GONNA KILL YOU!!!
Exe: (He turns around to face Venom, Eon rising up behind him)
Exe: (continues) Huh? Venom?! What?! What did you-AGHHH!!!
(From Eon's right hand within the shadows, he unleashes a giant laser that pierces Exe's armor, almost KO'ing him.)
1200 damage!*
Eon: (evil laughs and looks down)
Exe: Damn! He's...he's...HE'S INVINCIBLE! AGH!
(Exe groans and yells in utter pain as he falls on the ground, Eon standing before him with glowing eyes and a menacing grin.)
Eon: Haha! FOOLS! All of you are idiots! Take...HAAAAAAA...THIS!!! AHHHHHHH!!! (mechanically roars)
(Eon powers up into his Super-Form II** and begins to glow. Aiming his Chaos Cannon down at Exe, he fires the powerful beam, blowing the two back in opposite directions.)
Everyone takes 2582 damage!
Eon (continues): YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!!!

* For damage calculation, there wasn't any. We made up random arbitrary numbers that would fill in for damage.

** Also, we made up different "forms" for characters when they would unleash their special attacks. Again, most of them I forgot because they were never consistent.

Hm. So gonna skip past playing pretend with my brothers, since that had no writing. Debatably my first rp was in a chat room on a writing site, and if I remember right, that chat room had that thing were you could post actions that would start with your name. So like, instead of...

Novalyyn: *does a thing*

It was

Novalyyn does a thing

But that was just goofing around. No character or anything, just chat silliness. No concept of RP, really.

From there, when to a little forum-based "cyber town" and that was with asterisk actions, but it still wasn't exactly rp? Mostly just us pretending we lived in the same little town and owned businesses with no real structure overall.

Then I briefly tried MUDs and MOOs, didn't really get into that, and moved from there to play-by-post RP where, yeah, wrote it out like a story about a character who definitely wasn't me. I think 1-3 sentances was probably my standard for awhile? Honestly, it still usually takes legit effort to do more than that. Probably in part because I don't do imagery well (I rarely have any mental images) and focus more on just the interaction and sometimes thought processes.

Yeah um I used double brackets for my OOC

Double paranthesis here. Seems to be the most prevelent standard.

The first place I started RPing was on WoW, using emotes. So I always got out about a paragraph even when I first started, though that's not to say my replies weren't short sometimes... Looking back at my writing from screenshots, it's not that my style was bad, it's that my plotting was... Everything was very teenage drama XD (I started RPing when I was... 13? So it makes sense lol)

I use (( )) for OOC, always have since that's how people did it in the RP realms of WoW :>

Okay so um, I started to roleplay somewhere between the ages of 10-12.

It was on...Neopets.

Thankfully, all of my characters from back then are dying in a forgotten hard drive.

The growth is self explanatory there. XD

I have answered this type of question before, and honestly looking back it wasn't the truth. Not because I lied but because I didn't quite remember for sure; but I thought about it last night.

Before I used to think I first RPed on here pretty much.

Well, technically I first rped on yahoo messenger.

Where someone could randomly just go in the chat be like 'I wanna be a rockstar named Tasha who has a ninja bodyguard, who wants to write?' Then someone from the hundreds of people in the chat, (a chat that was the main yahoo chat, not even meant for RP) would message you.

However I was 11 and adults tended to use my naivete against me and for their advantage, and eventually I stopped getting on yahoo messenger when I was like 13.

Then I joined IMVU when I was 14 (2011). Where it (at the time) it was mostly first person RP, pretend dates, weddings, general outtings, ect. I didn't really know it was RP, I just called it "pretend."

In both cases Yahoo and IMVU there was almost no distinction between IC and OOC with people, including myself. Especially on IMVU people refused to be OOC at all, and their characters also very based on self projection. If you/your character was married to someone else/their character, they got really mad at you if you tried to write with someone else - and at times even acted like they were my actual boyfriend/girlfriend, wanted to call me and stuff as their character.

I stopped playing IMVU when I was 17, (started playing again recently and it seems to be better but not entirely.)

At 16/17 I also started RPing over facebook with my at the time best friend. We just rped some characters of ours together in romance story lines and fantasy/supernatural storylines over facebook messenger.

Then I joined rpr in 2016 and have been here since. ^_^

Much happier with the distinction between IC and OOC on RPR. My writing has also changed drastically, in RP style and even the writing in my books. It has helped me become a better writer as a whole.

My personal progression over the years: (Examples)

On yahoo messenger: ~tasha comes 2 the bar~ Don't leave Eric!!!!

On IMVU: *I walk to the bar* Don't leave Eric!

On facebook: Tasha walks to the bar a frustrated look on her face. "Don't leave Eric." She begs.

On RPR: Tasha walked to the bar. The sound of her heels clicking on the floor could just barely be heard over the music flooding the room. Brow furrowed in frustration she placed a hand on Eric's shoulder.

"Don't go, Eric. Please. Don't move a thousand miles away for some pipe dream. What am I supposed to do without you here?" She asked. Her voice tight in her throat.

Though even on RPR my style has progressed. When I first joined I was writing about one paragraph, now I write 3-5 on average, upwards of 6-10 depending on the partner. I prefer 3-5 though.

i started on moviestarplanet, in first-person with something as simple as ""hello" *smiles at you*" before i moved on to a site called gosupermodel, where my writing evolved a tiny bit from that to a few more descriptive sentences, usually including some feelings or sometimes just more details of the characters physical movements. when gosupermodel shut down, i came to this site and since then, my writing went from being perhaps a paragraph and a half to now about four paragraphs, way more descriptive and including a lot more feelings and personal backstories for my character(s)!

I used to trade stories back and forth with friends over email lmao. At the time I didn't know there was a word for it. Some of my friends preferred paragraphs and others preferred script style, so I just rolled with whatever. Eventually I came across a roleplay thread on some forums and read the whole thing and it looked fun so I started actively looking for writing communities. yeah

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