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“Water tribe unite!”


"...I don't really have much to say about it."


"Has a form that worships the great enemy and is a mutant"


I'm sure we could work something out. :)


"The LiLi likes to meet new people and have them be friends. You look fun, friend!"

"Friend, I suppose. You seem fun...and chaotic." She tipped her head, eyes flashing.


"I think we'll get along just fine."

"Friend, maybe you could help protect me while i do some of my tests"


"Too much bad blood wiz scientists.. Maybe eef you had different profession could be friends."

" it's definitely a date!" She said and smiled

"We can be friends" he said with a slight smile.

Yea mate I would take you to wetherspoons, big spoons, teaspoons-- all the spoons

"You seem interesting, would you like to be friends?"

“I feel like I wouldn’t be very good of a friend, and I’m not really the best influence. Maybe it’s for the best if we avoid each other?”

"I am the daughter of an evil villain, being friends with anyone is beneath me"

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Forums > Forum Games > ♥ Friend, Date, or Pass! ♥