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Arundriel glares at Vita. Despite her internal feelings, it should be clear to her how sensitive the Queen is. There is a time and a place to rant and try to gain support for uneasy feelings, including anger. But right after somebody tries to reach out as a friend is not appropriate at all. Arundriel isn't impressed by the woman's talk of being so gruff and terrible. Hardly. But now he wasn't even free to connect to whoever the woman was, because she chose to put herself against everybody. How could Arundriel even comfort Aurora after she literally chased the host away?

The elf's eyes looked down to Vita's shoes and then back to her eyes. He turned and walked away from her, motioning for Sarena to follow him. "Your majesty, wait. Do not run away from us." Vita had made him so angry. It was such a selfish angle to take against somebody who had been so nice. "That other woman speaks for no one."

He turned to shoot Vita one more look. If she dared push things farther, she would not like the next step. She had better shape up. Arundriel was furious that she turned him against her. What a silly problem to have, his face growing more red by the minute. Any minute now, she would be the one to get flustered and make him feel bad. All she was doing was creating an issue where none was. Gaslighting, the dwarves called it...

He cared none about her true name, nor social status. It was not a big deal at all.

Instead, she might want to be so brave and bold to apologize. That might actually take courage to admit one was wrong, as opposed to whatever mysterious voyages on the sea that she just couldn't seem to get out of her head. Not even for one glass of wine or ten minutes in a cellar.

The elf found the Queen moments later. "I don't know what she was talking about, but she doesn't matter. At all. But if you don't feel comfortable, we can go."

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Sarena was shocked to hear the girl speak like that to the Queen, and it took every ounce of her not to smack her in the face. She stood up and ran after the queen, complete rage storming through her because of Vita's words. That was not okay at all and that girl needed to learn her place.

When Sarena found the queen she hugged her, not caring at all whether she'd get in trouble or not. She knew the girls words hurt her and she was just trying to comfort her since she didn't do so well in comforting with words. "You're Majesty he's right, plus there is always time for you to get to know us."

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It was never Vita´s intention to chase the Queen away or any of the others. But perhaps it was for the best. It was what Vita always did. She pushed people away. For her own safety and for theirs. She´d opened up before only for people to run away or backstab her. Not that she suspected the Queen might do that, but she wasn´t safe with Vita and certainly not as her friend. And while Vita meant no harm, Alice NEEDED to know what was happening around and someone had to tell her. For her own good. It was better if she learned to stand up for herself and not let people walk all over her like they so clearly did. The guy, who danced with her and grobed her had no respect for her at all and no fear despite the fact that Alice was the bloody queen! She literally ruled the country and could probably have him executed if she was that type of person. Luckily for him she wasn´t.

When all the others had run away, while giving her deadly glares and shouting at the queen to come back, Vita just stood there. Her arms fell slack to her sides and a few drops of the wine that was left in the glass fell to the ground. The others might have thought she was being selfish, but that wasn´t actually it. Vita said what she did, because she felt bad. She wanted to tell them the truth. Be honest and damn the consequences. She didn´t wanna make any false friendships. Imagine if she had... if they´d become friends thinking that she was a good person and without knowing, who she truly was. She didn´t want a friendship built on lies. Besides, it wasn´t good for any of them to be associated with Vita. With a known pirate. She sighed deeply and gently set down the glass. She started to walk back to the castle and inside. She couldn´t see any of them, but she wasn´t really looking for them anyway. She found a maid and gave her a message before deciding to leave. And so she left and walked through the city, all the way to the docks in her gown. She´d taken off her shoes along the way and walked barefooted.

Shortly after....

A maid found queen Alice, Arundriel and Lady Sarena in the royal sewing room. They were comforting her. She knocked gently on the already-open door before entering with her hands folded gently in front of her. "Excuse me, your majesty? I have a message for you," she said. "It is from the lady Aurora," she added. She walked a few steps further in and looked at Alice. "She said to meet her by the docks before dawn. Mentioned something about an explanation or apology? She told me to tell you that if you didn´t show up she would be gone by morning," she finished and curtsied.

She couldn't look up at Arundriel or Sarena not with her face all puffy and red from crying. "Thank you Arundriel and Lady Sarena forgive me for running away; this must be uncomfortable to you for a queen to just up and run away with tears in their eyes. Oh my I'm so embarrassed." She grips her basket closer to her midsection. Alice wanted to just melt into Sarena's arms. She couldn't recount the last time she ever had a hug. Vita's words came back into her mind: she doesn't really know any of them. She slips out of her grasp and turns to see the maid at the entrance.

Alice mutters a thank you to the servant; her still shaky hands fidgeting through the basket. Making her way to the sewing chair; she plops down into it keeping her eyes down at the swatches. She was going to sneak out and see Vita; she felt like she had to prove something to herself. "Lord Aru....Arundriel do you think....that I'm gullible?" Her voice was barely audible. A few tears rolls down her face. She stills tries not to face them; her fingers are just mindlessly touching the fabric.

She quickly wipes her face with the back of her hand. Trying her best to do calming breathes. She stills down her basket and stands up on her feet; Alice finally looks at them hopefully she doesn't look too bad. She pulls at her gown "I look a mess don't I?" She shifts from foot to foot.

Sarena let go of the queen when she pulled away and just stood there in silence. When the queen said that she looked like a mess, Sarena shook her head "beautiful as ever your majesty" Sarena said, trying to make her feel better. She thought about helping the young queen freshen up but she thought best suggest it unless she was asked to. She just stood there with her hands folded in front of her, looking down a bit.

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"No. You don't look a mess at all", Arundriel said. His eyes looked exhausted in a way. It was the emotion. He dreaded being confronted with emotion. It hit him head on, especially during a challenge. Part of him was glad he hadn't said what was on his mind at the moment. He knew Vita didn't exactly mean harm. Still. The tone set him off in a way that made it feel as if a bell rung in his head.

"Besides. Looks are not the most important thing in the world." This could be odd, coming from a high elf who makes a living from selling fine clothing. Although the group seemed emotional, he was glad he could open up and have them do the same. Arundriel thought of the maid's words.

"It would be nice to see what the Lady has to say", Arundriel said speaking of Vita's mention. "And Your Majesty", he said along with a gentle expression. "Please... Try to relax." He knew they could offer as much support as they wanted, but the Queen would have to steady herself and focus on something positive. She was here with people who supported her. Letting Vita's thoughts creep into her head was a terrible idea. Those were Vita's own worries.

Arundriel hoped he and Sarena's presence comforted the Queen at least a little. He knew one couldn't just brush aside certain feelings. "Think of the sky", he pointed as a dark shape flew nearby. "That bird there. Feel the grass. The world blooms around us." When he felt anxious, focusing on nature helped him. It was elven nature to try connecting to the land when in turmoil.

"Shall we head to the docks?" It seemed like the Queen didn't want to be at the party anymore anyway. A walk might be good.

Vita hoped that the queen, Alice, got her message, but she was sure she did. Until she did Vita waited. She was in a room that she´d rented for a while, getting changed. The motel was down by the docks and she had a window with a view of the ocean. She sat on a chair in front of the mirror with her hands in her hair, removing the the jewelry, pearls and pins that held her hairstyle together for the evening. She sat in silence. Behind her the gown hung on the closet door, and beside the bed was a belt and a gun. She sighed deeply and when she was done with the hair, she walked over behind a screen and got changed into something else.

She wondered whether the queen would show up and how long it would take her to get here. She had to get past her guards and council members after all. Vita considered whether the lady Sarena and Arundriel would be with her or if they would talk her out of it. Vita didn´t know Sarena and while she didn´t know Arundriel as well either, she´d talked to him long enough to know that he likely wanted an explanation, so if anyone would want to go here with or without the queen it would be him. That much she knew. Vita felt bad about what she said. Felt bad about calling her gullible and implying that she was weak. She didn´t mean any harm. When some animals feel threatened or scared, they attack. And that was also Vita. She said what she said in the heat of the moment, but some of it was true and she only meant well. She had seen and heard about how they´d walked all over her and she couldn´t take it. Never the less Vita shouldn´t have said it like that. But maybe if she was lucky the queen would be mad enough at her to not want to be her friend. Because Vita would only hurt her in the long run and besides... she couldn´t be associated with Vita´s kind. When she´d gotten dressed she put on her belt, got her gun and headed outside. She placed herself somewhere in the shadows, where no one would see her.

Alice close her eyes trying her best to relax her body and stop the shaking. "Thank you both. Yes I would like to go down to the docks. Going with you two might be wiser then me just sneaking off by myself." She looks down at her torn gown grimacing at it. "Please excuse me for a moment I must change into something more myself." The young queen walks over to door the far corner of the room and disappears behind.

After about ten minutes the queen reappears in a long robe like gown that's too long at the bottom. The extra fabric drags along the ground as she walks back to her guests. "The ballroom should be empty at this time with the others down in my reserves. This is the perfect time to just walk straight out of castle." She is getting excited about going to the docks; she would get to see Lady Aurora and proves that yes she might know her but she is friendship worthy. Alice is guilty to admit that most of her excitement is over being able to see the ocean in real life.

"Lady Sarena, Lord Arundriel we are friends. And since we're friends I would like to request that you both refer to me as Alice. In my story books friends call each other by their names without any titles. I also want..." Her eyes avert their gazes and takes a step forward opening her open out; blood quickly rushes up to her cheeks as she hugs them. Just as fast she embraces them she letting go and powering to and out the sewing room.

Peering into the ballroom making sure that everyone did indeed left. She gestures to her newly required companions that the room was indeed empty. Alice struggles to lift the barricade, but she able to remove it from the door. The young queen pushing opening the door just enough for the three of them to slip through. Once outside Alice's anxieties came back fully force. Her palms become clammy but she goes on forward only to stop mid step. Turning to the others looking down at her fingers that she was twisting with a bashful smile. "Do either one of you know which way the docks are?" She felt embarrassed that she didn't know where they were.

Sarena didn't expect the queen to call her a friend, much less request that she called her by her name, Alice. It was indeed a beautiful name for a queen and she'd be sure to tell the lady some day that she thought so. Sarena continued to stand there in silence when Alice hugged them both. She had the brightest smile when she saw that Alice was feeling better and it warmed her heart.

When they started to head down to the docks, Sarena looked down at her dress, totally unbefitting for going to the docks by the ocean. Alice asked where the docks were and Sarena looked around before nodding "this way your- I mean....Alice." she corrected herself as she began to lead the queen to where the docks were.

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As the Queen excused herself to change, Arundriel turned to Sarena and offered a smile and curt bow. "Pleasure to meet you, M'lady. Eventful day so far, yes?" His angular features warmed and softened as the tall man resumed his posture.

The pair exchanged a bit of banter until Alice had changed. Arundriel had seen similar tails on dresses, but rarely received any orders for such clothes. "Great style", he told Alice on her exit from the dressing room. "I shall have to meet your tailor sometime."

With the trio completed, the group found their way our of the palace and onto the road. Lady Sarena guided them along the winding path, including a turn from the woodland path towards the docks. It wasn't too long until the coast was in sight. A small settlement which catered to dockworkers stood in the backdrop of the wooden paths stretching from shore to sea.

"Hmm, I'm not sure where she wanted us to meet her", Arundriel said as they moved closer and closer to the docks. Their shapes would be visible from far away, moving down from the open trail.

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