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Her mother always told her the weather can tell you how the day will be. And today sky was covered in a foreboding darkness; she hadn't been allowed to go into her garden due to it. She sat in her throne partly listening to her council members drone about thinking about nobles and their needs. She wonder about her people down in the village; were they clothed, feed, had shelter etc. But then finally one of the members brought her deceased betrothed.

She was never happy that he had died but she was quite happy that she was freed from marrying him. Alice tuned back in at hearing that they've put out a royal decree far and wide calling for all eligible young men for a royal ball and a chance to win her majesty hand in marriage. Alice immediately shot up from her throne, making her crown that sat on her lap slam into the floor. She was thrown into a full blown anxiety attack; one of oldest members was immediately by her side taking her away from the others.

She had been running the kingdom by herself for the last three years without a king; why would she need one now. Her breathing became labor as her chest tightened. The elderly woman was trying to soothe the queen with words of understanding, but Alice couldn't hear a word she lost in her thoughts. She didn't even realize she was out in her garden until her hand touches the grass she was guided to sit in.

Her crown was placed into her lap. "Its not raining your majesty so I think it will be alright for you to be out in your garden." The elderly woman gave a kind smile to her. "Thank you" she cradled the crown close to her chest; her anxieties started calming down if only by a little...marriage. If she was lucky no one would take the decree to heart and come to the ball.
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A while after the decree has been put out
Vita Angelica Aurora De Luca had arrived to the port the day before on a ship called ´The Adrestia´. Normally she would be sailing with a ship called ´The Avenging Angel,´ but due to it being a famous pirate ship, she had no choice but to sail the last bit of way to the kingdom on a different ship. ´The Avenging Angel´ was safely docked in a hidden location. At least until the job was done.

The royal family had put out a decree calling all eligible young men for a ball, so they could find a proper suitor for the princess. Young men from far and wide had a chance to win the princess´ hand in marriage. It seemed that most people were welcome, though the family and court probably preferred someone of nobility. This was why Vita was here. Not to win the princess´ hand in marriage, no. But for the opportunity this ball provided...

Vita was scowling. She was at a dress fitting. Being prepared for the ball. This was why she had come the day before. So she would have some time to get a look around the city as well as find the equipment necessary for the event. She was not really a dress-person, though she looked quite fabulous in one, but sacrifices had to be made in this line of work. It wasn´t long till the ball. Everything had to be in order before that. She had hidden places around the city, even near the castle itself should she need it. Though they had a plan Vita was good at improvising. It was part of what made her unpredictable. She looked in the full-body mirror in the dress shop. She was still scowling, but she looked gorgeous. "How is it," a woman asked her. "Perfect," she sighed, lost the frown and started viewing herself properly in the mirror, turning ever so carefully to get a good look at herself and the dress. It was stunning and perfect for a ball. Too perfect for her and too fancy for her taste, but she had to grin and bear it. But it was comfortable at least and that was very important. Now she just had to wait...

((I´ll let you decide when the ball starts))
Alice stood on a in front of a mirror; her eyes were down casted still greatly saddened and full of anxieties. Her dressing room is over following with her servants and female counselors. Constantly going over her dress, hair, makeup, shoes and her crown. She didn't feel like herself like she was in someone's else skin. Her hair has curls put into it, her pale lips were painted up to make them more lively, her dress was covered in diamonds and various other jem stones, her shoes were weighting her down and most of all her crown placed on her head.

It felt heavy and hot almost as if it was setting her head ablaze with fire. Alice wanted to do nothing more than to throw up. Her calm and quiet castle was about to be interrupted all because her council members wants a king. "Your majesty!" She finally looks over to the same council woman who took her out of the meeting room when this whole ball was first announced to her. "Yes ma'am?" She fiddled with the jewelry on the gown keeping her eyes down.

"The ball is soon to begin...." the elder removes Alice's hand away from the gown; hooking her finger under the queen's chin lifting her head up "We need to have you out in the ballroom before we open the doors." Alice's chest began to tighten once more, she quickly stomped down the feeling. She was the queen she just can't run away no matter how much she wants to.

Mustering up as much courage as she could which wasn't very much. Her servants moved away from her as she was lead out by the female counselors and they were soon joined by the men on their way to the ballroom. She stood in front of the throne; her body violently shook and her vision became slightly blurry. She watches as the guards open the front door and letting the flood gate loose of people.
It was time. The gates would open in a moment, and she was ready. Vita had her beautiful gown, her elegant yet simple jewelry and her shoes, and her hair had been done. Her hair was half up and half down and had small gems or pearls in it that went beautifully with her dress. She had done most of it herself and had needed very little help or consultation with any of it. This appeared not to be her first ball.

She stood ready when the gates opened up and calmly and elegantly walked to them with the flow of the people. She seemed like any regular stuck-up noble person going to a ball. No one questioned her and she looked like she belonged there. She paused slightly when she entered the ballroom, taking in the sights. Vita was wearing a slightly wide (as is normal) navy-blue ball gown with off-shoulder sleeves and some pretty details on the dress. It was truly stunning and fit for royalty. Her shoes matched the dress and her hair was half-up and half-down with some slight curls. She turned heads, when she passed. She assessed her surroundings, not mingling much at first. She scanned the room, the people, the guards, everyone and everything. Eventually her eyes fell on the princess.
Alice clumsily curtsy to each of her guests; trying her best not faint every time some noble came up to speak to her. Even though she's the queen the pressures of having to find a suitor among the guests was making her body want shut down. She takes a step down from the platform where her throne sat.

She was quickly pulled into an unwanted dance with a noble who reminded her very much of her ex fiancee. She prays that someone would save her. Her eyes sharply looks to her council members; who were all to involved talking to many other male nobility. The man pulls her body uncomfortable close to his.

He began to ramble on about how she would make a great wife to him and how he would fix her kingdom. Alice wanted nothing more than to run away to her garden so she could cry and hide. This was all too much for anxieties.
Her eyes were fixed on, who was most definitely the princess. She had been greeting every single guest or as many as she could, curtsying and being as polite and respectful as she could. Vita watched as the princess was suddenly snatched away by a man and forced to dance with him. Vita clenched her fists and bit her lips, when she saw the way he pulled her close to him. The girl quite clearly looked very uncomfortable. And Vita couldn´t bear to watch anymore. She could the rage slowly rising in her gut. Seething. She hated this. Disrespect and harassment. It was something she´d dealt with herself many times.

Finally she couldn´t watch anymore, so she hurried unto the dancefloor and smoothly danced up to her, till she was close enough to reach her. She then leaned over to them, gently grabbed the princess´ arm and pulled her over to her (Vita). "Excuse me, mind if I borrow the princess for a moment?" She said smoothly, and though it was posed as a question it wasn´t one and Vita didn´t wait for an answer. She gently held the princess and danced away with her from the man. She moved them both over to the side and then gently let her go. Vita then smoothly curtsied with a smile on her lips before speaking. "I apologize, princess, but you looked uncomfortable, so I felt I had to intervene." After the curtsy, Vita elegantly straightened up, the smile still on her lips.
Corninth gardener (played anonymously)

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Alice felt as if an angel had came down from the heavens and saved her. She couldn't believe this most people would just ignore when noble men would feel up on ladies in waiting and many other women. So when the young noble swept from the disgust man her heart filled with joy. The man stomped his foot and marched away from the dances floor.

Once they were away from the noble she sighs in relief. "Oh thank you so very much. I thought I would be trapped with him for the entire night. You truly did recused me." She curtsy slightly bowing her head to the noble woman who saved her. Alice was glad someone actually took notice of her distress. "I am forever in your debt Lady...?" She lifts up her head just a bit while still not looking her saviour in her eyes. "I'm sorry but I don't know your name." She straightens back up.
Vita smiled kindly at the princess and let her speak. "You are very welcome, my queen. I´m honored," Vita said as she bowed again slightly. She straightened slowly and looked at the queen as she curtsied and asked for her name. Her name. Vita didn´t take too long to think about it before she replied: "De Luca. Aurora De Luca, your majesty." A small lie. Aurora De Luca was actually part of her name, just not her full name. And should anything bad happen they would be looking for an Aurora and not a Vita. By that time Vita would be long gone.

"It truly is a pleasure to meet you and an honor. I am glad that I could assist you," Vita said smoothly. Vita knew how to act among nobles and she was used to it. What few people knew was that Vita actually WAS of a noble family before she became a pirate, but it was her secret. Vita looked around shortly and then back at the queen. The queen didn´t keep eyecontact with her, it almost seemed difficult for her. Was it shyness or was she uncomfortable? Either way Vita waited politely for the queen to reply. The last thing she wanted was to come off as rude. And if the queen disliked her it might make her plan that much harder to complete.
Arundriel (played by Pantrane)

Not far away, a fairly tall high elf helped nodded and exchanged smiles with a servant. The younger woman had just poured a brightly colored cocktail for the man with fiery orange hair. With a flirtatious tap on her wrist, he thanked her and tipped a large golden coin as extra payment.

His clothing seemed like that of a merchant. A dark black jacket was tied with an ornately engraved white belt. Similar material wrapped around each cuff, a dark pattern of flowers wrapping around the light material. White pants contrasted with dark boots gave the bright haired man a formal appearance.

His path brought him close to the princess and another woman. A fair hand carried the drink to his lips where he quenched his thirst with a healthy drink. He couldn't help but find himself drifting towards the pair, curious elvish ears tuned themselves to their conversation.

Arundiel turned to offer each woman a polite smile and curt nod.

"No, it is an honor to have you ask my guest Lady Aurora. It's not often that I have guests over and I do pray you don't take my like of eye contact as rude. I am very shy which is for a queen to be." Alice tried her best to sound regal in fear that maybe someone from her royal court in ear shot of her conversation. Her wringing fingers nervously and glancing around making sure none of them around. She looses up if just a little bit "I usually don't talk like that but I am really grateful for getting me out of there."

Alice wanted to just go into her garden and avoid everything. "I'm also not used to so many people being in my home. I just want disappear from this. I wish I'm sorry again Lady Aurora, here I am barely knowing you and is ramble your ear as if we know each other past formal greetings." She gave Vita kind smile that meet her eyes. "Not what most people suspect a queen to be like in reality."

Noticing Elven man gives her smile; quickly fixes her demeanor and places her hand by her side. She gives him a modest smile. "Hello, I hope you are enjoying the ball my Lord." Turning her attention back to Vita "please excuse me Lady Aurora, I must get back to the other guests." She starts to makes way back to into the crowd regretfully.
Arundriel (played by Pantrane)

As the Princess started to walk off, Arundiel called out to her. He had just barely heard her mention her anxiety about eye contact before they exchanged smiles. The high elf hoped he hadn’t made her nervous.

“Wait... Your Majesty please. I actually had a question for both of you.” He turned to both women. “I happen to be a tailor. I do hope you both should see fit to utilize my services.”

(Didn’t mean to jump turns but wanted to try keeping the trio together.)
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Vita curiously listened to the queen as she spoke. Telling her that she likes having Vita there (though the queen probably has to say that to her guests because it´s polite). She did, however, express her gratitude towards Vita for getting her away from the creepy man, and Vita knew she meant it. Vita observed the queen, mouth agape slightly, and the more the queen said, the more Vita realized that... the queen was uncomfortable. But not with Vita. She didn´t like all the attention. Vita saw how the queen fiddled with her fingers and the way she looked around as if she was nervous someone would hear them. When the queen then said that she wasn´t used to this many people and that all she wanted was to disappear... Vita smiled softly and warmly. A genuine and understanding smile. "It is quite alright. You do not need to explain yourself or apologize. And certainly not for being who you are," Vita replied and gave her a knowing look. There was kindness in Vitas eyes and a calmness in her voice. It was meant to be soothing. And it wasn´t merely an act.

Before she could say anything else an Elven man appeared in front of them. Vita turned slightly, her side and her head turned to them. There was a curious expression on her face as she listened and watched the Elven man. She gave him an up-and-down look, sizing him up. To him it might appear as though she was simply admiring him or checking him out. But Vita rarely did that sort of thing. Vita looked at the queen, when she addressed her and excused herself. She simply nodded. "Of course," she replied. Her attention quickly fixed on the Elven man again and observed him carefully, when he addressed them. She turned around completely and calmly and elegantly strode over, standing almost next to the queen, but eyes still fixed on Arundriel. She pondered about what to say, though she wouldn´t actually take his offer seriously. She was a pirate, not a fancy lady, so therefore she didn´t have a need for fancy dresses save for situations like these. She couldn´t show that of course. She put on a smile and made it seem genuine. "Well, how very interesting. I shall take that into careful consideration the next time I need a new dress," she said with a smile. Almost flirty, but not quite. She then looked down at her dress, almost showing it off like a lady would do. She then looked at the queen and smiled, although she knew she wouldn´t get eyecontact. "I´m sure that her majesty will consider it too, not to speak for her of course. But maybe..." she trailed off and looked around, her finger on her chin, before looking back at them. "...we should move outside and continue the talk. In the garden perhaps? It is very crowded here and quite frankly I could use some fresh air and space," Vita said. But it wasn´t for Vita´s sake. It was for the queens, and maybe - just maybe - the queen would see what she was trying to do...

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Alice stops and turns back to them grasping her owns hands. She steps back over to the two; secretly she was glad to be called back to them now she has reason to stay away from the crowd for if only few minutes more. "A tailor? Well I sew a bit myself but I can't really make anything beautiful." She pulls at her ball gown. "This was made by tailor from a few kingdoms away but I don't like it."

She pulls at the diamond in center of the gown. Alice felt bad for not liking the dress but she felt uncomfortable decorated in jewelry. Her mind started to trail off while picking at the jewel. But the second the word garden was mention she snapped back to reality. A kind smile spreads across her lips as she sneaks a peek at Vita; this woman was once again coming to her recuse and this time from the stuffy ballroom. "I think that is lovely idea. I have my very garden and its quite beautiful around this time."

She lead the both of them out to her personal escape. Once outside Alice takes off her crown placing it down the grass before walking farther into the garden; she felt like she could finally relax as she takes a seat next to one of her fruit trees. "Thank you Lady Aurora and Elven tailor may I have your name?" Her eyes were down casted looking at grass that she was currently fiddling with.
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