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Hey- Decided that I should set up an OOC thread because people seemed to want it and nobody else was doing it. Feel free to talk about the IC thread here, ask questions, all that good stuff.

Here's the IC thread.

XD HERE IT ISSSSSSSSSSS <G> Man, Idk what to do know lol

I’m thinkin* of bring pan in though I prefer he shared a cell will his sister as they balance each other out. Or as a guest while hiding his powers.

Hey, someone's actually using this bit-
It would be cool to get another character in. Would you use the same posts for the both of them or have them act in different posts?

I'm thinking of maybe making a scientist that's already been in the presence of another of Nobody's kind. One who's been visited by one earlier in his life and he's been searching for more and studied another since then. Idk, whadayall guys think? I honestly think that roleplaying someone who knows would be cool, but it would also be weird to roleplay with myself. TT^TT

I mean I have a scientist who was pretty worldly who can help your guy if you wanna have a scientist or Alyson could take interest in Nobody simply because shes met his kind before but I'm hardly on when everyone else is so it's hard

Might I suggest that I pop someone like that in? Since I put monody in a spot where she can't really be played until some outside thing happens to her-
Or someone else could, of course.

That'd be cool, and you could just ask here if yall wanna know XD. S'okies I kmow you're sick, besides, I'm usually online when everything is ded, so I'm kinda used to it.

For both of yall. I feel speciall now lol XD

I think Penake or my other character Alyssa would be the most suitable, since they're both basically human- I can definitely get rid of their 'abnormal' traits so they could fit in.

Sounds cool! XD

I'd like to get one of them approved by a 'moderator' before I pop them in, tough-

Have to go run some errands, though, so I won't be back until this evening, unfortunately.

Man! That means I won't be online till tuesday TT^TT


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Forums > RP Discussion > The Lab (OOC)