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Valynn wrote:
Djinn-n-Tonic wrote:
I'll give it a go. Gonna try with Mordakai.

A wild Magdalina appears!


I love it!

[just commenting btw]

just commenting
True warlocke lol

Mercyinreach wrote:


Working on a surprise abomination for you, should be ready later tonight


Edit: Reposting an edited more SFW version since I did not realize my original would not be acceptable for the public forums. Apologies.



Don't look at the horns too hard xD

Claim Galleta


Anyone here?

I was gonna give it another turn or two til I went since I just went.

Maybe some folks got bored with it? I can poke a few people on discord and ask if they wanna play.

sure and cool you have discord too xD

I’ll do something tonight, I’ll do my worst.

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Draw the Character Above You BADLY