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"Ah. Yes, I must say, this work is far beyond anything in that culture though. Whoever had you, raised you, whatever, must have been extremely proud of your existence."

“You’re a what?” Nightfrost asked softly when she stopped, keeping her soft tone as to try and not scare the girl more. Surprised by the sudden words though, her eyes widened a little. Who is Eliza? She asked herself before listening to the girl again. “Oh.... I... I see. Was that why you were hiding from me before, when you saw me drawing? You saw the silver blade?” She asked as she grabbed a handkerchief from her pocket and offered it to her. A soft sigh escaped before she spoke again, “I-I cannot relate to what you’ve gone through, being turned into a vampire. Though I am truly sorry you had to experience such a thing... by the sounds of it you never wanted it.” Looking around a little Nightfrost thought for a moment, “There’s other hunters in the city, I know that much. Along with vampires that may be able to help you more than I know how to..... I don’t want to leave you like this though.”

*She looked to the ground by the other with a saddened smile, but took the handkerchief mouthing a thank you to her before doing anything.* I-It's alright...I-I'm used to it...*She then looked at the other, barely holding herself together.* And...t-to address the other things you said...*She then looked at the other with an expression of slight apprehension.* I-I didn't even know you were...a-a...vampire hunter...I-It's just...I-I've just always been wary of others...s-since I was turned...W-Which, you are correct about. I-I certainly didn't want this...*She then looked ahead of herself, facing forwards. Her expression was that of a sorrowful reminisce as she allowed her head to be filled with the good memories of her maker.*...M-My ex-husband made me into t-this...H-His name was Arthur...H-He*She then looked down, closed her eyes, giggled a little in the same sorrowful reminisce, and shook her head.*...He seemed perfect...*She then looked to the other as she said this, then back to the ground in front of herself, caressing her left ring finger where a wedding band/ring would be.*...W-We decided to elope...*Another sad giggle slipped itself out as she looked back at the other.*...My parents were very against the idea of me marrying him...*She looked down again.*...E-Everything seemed...l-like a fairy tale...a-a storybook even...*She then gave off an expression of fear and sadness, as the memory of the night she was turned flooded back to her.*...B-But...on the night after our wedding...h-he starts...acting strange...H-He gets me onto our bed...and...says w-we could be together, forever...I-I look at him, confused, not knowing what he meant. I say...I-I'm not quite sure h-how more forever we can be, we're wed-locked...H-He then...agrees, but says I-I could be a bride forever...His eternal bride...H-He then showed his fangs...I-I find myself petrified...I-I tried telling him no...I didn't want this...I-I tried fighting back...*She then sighed with a shiver as she recoiled and welled up some more blood tears in her eyes.*...B-But, as you can see...H-He didn't listen...*She then looked up at then other, dabbing the handkerchief on her eyes again. A part of her, however, was looking rather relieved to have had someone listen to her story, without being judged.* After that, I thought about seeing my parents again...but...I-I just couldn't bring myself to face them...after all the shame I must have caused them...*She sighed*...I'm approaching my 110th birthday soon...but not a day goes by w-where I find myself wishing, if my final breath could s-somehow save this world, I would happily breathe my last sigh...and close my tired eyes...*She then looked at the other with hesitation and apprehension.*...U-Umm...I-I must thank you...f-for being so kind...H-However...I-I find myself...w-wondering...h-how far your...umm...k-kindness...will extend...

Nightfrost nodded softly, “I see....” She then listened to her story intently, a soft frown on her face. She felt a pang of sympathy for the vampire, even if she was supposed to kill them. At her last comment though, a slight hint of curiosity cane to her expression “May I ask what you mean by that....?”

*This was it, she would finally ask someone their permission. Prove vampires can be good people if you allowed them to be. Eliza in Elvyra's head was dancing about on her tip-toes with her fingers crossed, agonisingly awaiting Elvyra to speak those words.*...I-I...Umm...*However much she tried, she just couldn't get those words out.* "Be vague about it if you have to." *Eliza encouraging her for a change. Seemingly taking this advice on, she spoke a touch more like she knew what she was going to say.*...W-Well I-I...*This woman didn't seem like a threat, despite her profession, she thought that one more truth couldn't hurt. After coming to this decision, she sighed.*...L-Look...tell you the truth...I...came feed...*She then looked at the other, scared and panicked, her hands in front of her trying to stop something.*...B-But...I-I only really like to feed with t-the other person's permission. I-I by no means want to bite you...b-but...i-if you...say, cut yourself...I-I could...feed that way. N-No biting. *She then looked at the other in a mixture of fear and hesitation.* mind if I...f-fed off you...t-tonight?

Nightfrost tensed a little as the beginning of her words, not sure exactly how she intended to feed. If she would feed off innocents, off of criminals, off of herself; yet she did not move to grab her blade. Listening to the vampire’s words carefully, she hummed a little “I see... you don’t wish to harm anyone.....” Thinking hard on this decision, she finally decided that it would be better to do this than to have her have a misunderstanding with someone or worse. So with this in mind, she rolled up her sleeve which already had scars from pervious cuts, and made one large cut with her blade horizontally across her arm “Alright, but we should make this quick. I don’t want to attract others who might attack.”

*Pleasantly shocked at the other's actions, she gasped briefly. But she quickly snapped herself out of it and nodded determinedly to the other. She grabbed ahold of the other's arm and leaned towards the other's wound. As soon as the smell hit her nostrils, however, her vampire instincts to bite hit like the fury of a gust. But with some difficulty, she only just managed to resist them, her fangs being the only thing she could not control. Before she started to feed, she quickly spoke.* I...h-hope you've not consumed any g-garlic recently...I-I'm allergic. A-And...thank you...T-Tell me when to stop. *With this, she placed her top lip as much over her fangs as possible and the entirety of her lower lip over as much of the cut as possible. She then soon started to drink the other's blood, her fangs still noticeable as their faces pressed against her top lip and the other's skin like hard, bony lumps.*

Nightfrost gave a soft nod, “I will. And don’t worry, I haven’t eaten garlic in a while.” It felt strange to have the vampire drink from her cut, but she was happy to not be bitten. The bony lumps of Elvyra’s fangs under her lip were definitely strange to feel against her skin. It did make her wonder though, what would it be like to actually be bitten? And if she survived being bitten, did vampires have a choice as to who they turned? These questions ran with curiosity in her head as she kept lookout for anything or anyone.

*As she continued to drink the human's blood, it sent waves of euphoric pleasure coursing down her, causing her to unintentionally moan softly in near lustful bliss, blushing softly in a deep red and her lower regions to act up enough for her to tug upon the area of her dress, as if itched or something. Human blood had always been something that her body never received much of, thus, she always found it to be a guilty pleasure of sorts whenever she did. The other's blood tasted sweet and smooth, perhaps she consumed a lot of sweets or sugar recently. However, amidst all this, she awaited the other to say when.*

Nightfrost blushed brightly when she heard this, looking at Elvyra and guessing it had truly been a long time since she had fed. After a little while and she felt a slight tinge of dizziness from the blood loss, Nightfrost nodded and said in a soft tone “I think that’s enough if you’re good?” Offering a soft smile to the vampire, she wondered if she had enough for a full ‘meal’.

*Upon hearing this she stopped drinking, snapping out of her near lustful state to look up at the other a little confused.* Hm? *She then snapped fully back into logical thought and lifted her head away from the wound.* O-Oh, ok. *She then looked at the other with a sheepish and bashful but very grateful smile.*...T-Thank much for your kindness...*She then had a thought, to which, Eliza must of heard because she spoke with a surprised glee.*
"Elvyra, I think that's a brilliant idea." *So, with her mind made up, she faced the other with a determind yet shy smile.*
I-I do believe, I have a way you back, f-for everything you've done for me tonight. If you want, l-lend me your arm please.

She heads back to her room and she gently rubs the burn on her hand, then she softly groans in pain.

“No problem. I’d rather give you blood then let you have a misunderstanding with one of the other hunters.” She hummed as she was about to wrap her arm in some bandages but then stopped as she looked at her. “O-Ok....?” She looked curious as she slowly extended her arm again to her

"They're dead..." He spun around and looked at Axel, "Hunters..."

"Tch, not surprised. Those hunters, they're getting worse, making weapons that can kill us easier." He shook his head. "I'm sorry, though. I'm sure if they knew, they would be extremely proud. You're great at this craft."

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