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I'm playing Scion tonight in a live group. It's a game about normal people who get superpowers from gods. My character is in his late teens and has powers that control the weather. He's kind of geeky and a loner and his "thing" is robotics and computers. He's built a robot which will be sort of a side kick in the game and I need a good name for it.

Also, he has a monkey companion that could use a name, too.

  • Rosie (Like the robot on the Jetsons)
  • Mec (Mechanical Encoding Cyborg)
  • Red (Rational Examination Drone)

I like the last two, particularly MEC!

I am thinking MAC- mechanical automated companion

What about Bob? Built Original Buddy.

That's cool, too.




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Forums > Smalltalk > Need a robot name