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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Considering the fact I have only been roleplaying with Celestina for a mere month (if that), I have come to fully enjoy our character interactions. To what most might consider a dull and uneventful situation, she can change it to be interesting and almost an essential part to the roleplay itself. I find us on a base of comparison with how we write, and thoroughly enjoy it as well. I hope Celest and I have many RP adventures, finding new and exciting plots with each one. :) - Ziggy

  • Great to RP with, easy to develop a plot with. Also, very patient with my 'newbie' ways. Very helpful :) You'll love Role playing with him. - Strangedisease

  • Rynh, in the first place, is my real life friend and the person who introduced me to this amazing place! He's also a graeat RP'er with well worked out characters. be happy if you get to RP with him! - Freyya

  • I needed names for characters and Loki didn't just give me one. I gave her a three or four word description or link and she named 'em and named 'em well. Kudos on your naming ability. (Lucky future kids!) - TheLily

  • dawn dawn fo fawn...I don't remember how the rest of that stuff goes, but she's an awesome person to chat and rp with. I absolutely adore all over her characters, even the scary ones. :) - Tiufel

  • Her range of characters and the amount of thought and detail she puts into each just amazes me. There really are no dull moments, both IC and OOC, and she's a wonderful person to talk to. :) - Teacup

  • There goes the kudos cherry. Such a kind person, and so easy to talk to! Her characters amuse me to no end, and I love the shenanigans between our chatacters. Definitely worth hitting up for rp :) - Teacup

  • Covae (played by batling)
    Covae is a well thought out and well played character. I've enjoyed the opportunity to play with this character and I'd do so again anytime. - Sera

  • Sibs is the nicest, sweetest, most terrificest RPer ever and that is scientific fact documented in a number of peer-reviewed and published papers. - Brandon

  • Kaydie is pretty awesome. Quite a blast from the past! Glad to see that she's back. She's got good RP and fun characters - what more do you want? - Ben

  • My second longest RP partner, Strange is a dramatic demon who never lets anything get in her way of RP time (even being in a moving vehicle and other players nearly vomiting on her) - TheLily

  • Where to start!! Chaotic is the best RP partner I've had so far, she knows exactly what she's doing and how she's going to do it. The character i have RPed with thqt belongs to her is Range and his personality is very lovable and unique. He's one of those characters thats feels like a father figure as well as a really good friend. love RPing with her and hope that I can RP with her as much as possible! - Ambrosia

  • This is one of those diamonds in the rough in the rp world that you hear about. She's an amazing roleplayer, and a great person. Friendly, funny, and absolutely fantastic in every way. <3 - Manzanar

  • Jhuelian (played anonymously)
    I love the colour scheme and how you've covered every inch of him. You've made him a surreal and believeable character. Kudos!!! - Cyns

  • I have roleplayed with Angelus for a while now, and found Darth is an amazing roleplayer who is capable of procuring plot twist after plot twist. He never writes too much or too little, it always fits the situation and paints a clear picture. :) Never does he stray from his character's personality just to push the story along. My roleplay with him between Angelus, Sinnice and Killain is easily ranked in the top 3 of my favorite roleplays ever. I'm forever grateful for the experience. <3 - Sanne

  • I was really glad to see Ess back in TGT on Laurent! She's a really awesome gal, very friendly, and very open to roleplay and plots. - Dylan

  • Absolutely lovely! His characters are utterly divine and he's always up for a chat! Don't know what I'd do without him! <3 - Eve

  • I know nothing about Ross. Except that he loves ponies more than anything else, but you don't need me to tell you that! I do find him to be a friendly person who wants to be on friendly terms with everybody, and that is one of the many reasons why talking to him is definitely worth it. Even if you don't care that much for ponies yourself. :) - Sanne

  • What too say about Ms.Chaos, Well for starters always fun too chat with, A brilliant artist, and always a joy to participate in an Rp with her. Keep it up girl, your going places - Warwick

  • Salm (played by Midriff)
    Great character design! Hope to see you around Furc! - Abbott