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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Extremely good friend of mine, have known him for roughly..2 years now? Him and I have done a crossover RP that has gone far and wide, and we've both had our stories grow as well as our chatacters because of it. He's a generally friendly, all around awesome guy Wonderful writer Long-term partner - TyroDragon45

  • Precious precious precious. Funny, smart, makes me happy to talk to... :) :) :) Not enough words to describe Jester here...

    I love their characters so much! ^^ And we just started RPing, but we have been talking OOC for a while, and I love their company also. And their writing style is just - MMMHM YES

    Kudos, Raginghomomuffin! :D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - AliRevellian

  • Raginghomomuffin is a very good writer, she puts you in the shoes of her characters and understand their actions and emotions. They are a fast responder and very kind. I would recommend RPing with them. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Dantelli

  • Pineapple is more than 'just' an RP partner to me. She's the mother of monsters, heroes, villains, common folk just trying to get by, and a thousand thousand stories about all of them. Definitely a GOAT and a damned legend in her own right in RP, I'm thankful every day that she's been in my life. Creative ideas Long-term partner - JayBird

  • Vee is one of those rare creatures who have talent, wit, charm, and drive to bring forth some truly beautiful things. Although we've never RPed, she's helped me with many characters, and most dearly to me provided me with the defining art for a physically difficult character to portray. Happy Mother's Day, Vee, from Teddy, The Big Girl, and all the other monsters you've raised Helpful Creative ideas - JayBird

  • Shame's creativity is practically insane. With her writing and ideas, she's directly responsible for one of my favorite characters and literally over a thousand NPCs related to them in an ever expanding web of stories and characters. Happy Mother's Day, Shame! You deserve it! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - JayBird

  • As loving and patient with rp characters as she is with her real children, Ripley is a fantastic player, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity. Unafraid to walk on the wild side, I absolutely adore playing with her. Happy Mother's Day Ripley, from me, Vaughn, and all of Arianna County! Creative ideas Long-term partner - JayBird

  • Borko is a brilliant and kind writer, and an engine of ideas and creativity. Her nurturing counsel and feedback have directly lead to the existence of some of my best made characters I feel I've ever made. Past that, the stories she's come up with are top-notch tales with clear long-term goals while remaining incredibly flexible. Happy Mother's day to a fantastic writer and partner who helped bring forth some wonderful characters and stories! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - JayBird

  • Choco is an amazingly brilliant writer and creator who breathes fantastic life into her characters, but very close to my heart she helped rebirth a character that was slated for the scrap pile. Her characters are real in a way I rarely see, and as vibrant as a neon sign. Happy Mother's Day to you, ChocolateIceCream, for bringing back to the dead and giving them life. Kind and understanding Helpful - JayBird

  • A happy Mother's Day to one very cool mama! Long before she knew it, she's had a hand in raising some of my characters, and more recently she's been directly responsible for birthing a newer one as a whole. Hypercreative, crazy productive, and a genuine joy to play with, Dndmama is definitely a can't-lose bet. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - JayBird

  • Been RPing with this girl for quite some time and she is like a disciple to me at this point :). She is sweet and funny and definitely worth giving a chance when it comes to RPing. I have taken her under my wing so don't hurt her! Definitely recommend RPing with her! Kind and understanding Fast responses - NightmareBryce

  • though I've only roleplayed with one of Dantelli's charas, roleplaying with her has been really fun so far. <3 Their character is quite interesting, in-depth, well thought out and perfectly executed. good job! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - raginghomomuffin

  • I just started roleplaying with Ali, and by far, his writing abilities are phenomenal! His attention to detail is wonderful, and he's also an amazing person to talk to ooc. <3 Wonderful writer Long posts - raginghomomuffin

  • i've got two roleplays going on with Wandering_Mary and they're both extremely interesting! i love reading the replies, and the way Mary portrays the characters is amazing. Wonderful writer Concise posts - raginghomomuffin

  • I can't say enough about Laineie. She's such an entertaining person to chat with and all of her characters are as well. She finds a way to keep the story going; there's never a dull moment. I'm finding myself always on the edge of my seat wondering where the RP is going next. You'd be hard-pressed to find another like her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - RadEgg143

  • Pile and I have been in a RP for quite some time and she was one of the first I discovered when I became active on this site. She's such a friendly person OOC and it's a joy to talk to her both in and out of RP. Her characters that I've encountered are all interesting with diverse stories and plotlines. Given a second chance, I wouldn't hesitate to befriend her again! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - RadEgg143

  • Wow, I have no words for how much of an understanding and good person Ultra is. I have roleplayed with them under an anonymous, and even still, I love how they roleplay. Can't check enough boxes. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Rinny_Howler

  • One of the good ones, right here! Val is great fun to roleplay with and to just talk to in general. They put in their fair share of work with plot ideas and brainstorming, and their posts are always full of description and wonderful imagery. I hope to write with them for the weeks, months, years to come! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DoogieMeowser

  • clxudy_tears is a great person to RP with! Her character Wilbur has a certain quiet lovability and she still manages to drive the plot forward even playing a more reserved character! She's also great with jumping on ideas and is very active in her writing. Highly recommend. Wonderful writer Fast responses - AshleighKate

  • Collaborating with Louis has been one of the most galvanizing and gratifying creative experiences I’ve ever had. I cannot speak highly enough of him as a person, or of the general scope of his work. The cleverness, energy, life, and beauty he invests in everything defies description; thankfully, his art and writing speaks for itself. A more extraordinary friend cannot be wanted for, nor a kinder one. I’m convinced he's responsible for hanging the moon and stars. Gorgeous. EFFERVESCENT. ❤❤❤❤❤ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Nervium