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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

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  • Sprite is a character who really warms her way into your heart, makes herself a niche there, and sticks with you long after you have finished roleplaying or reading her profile. She's tough as nail, a survivor's survivor who hides a more sensitive nature and can be vivacious, bold and loud among her friends. She's a joy to read about, and the deep schism between her human and Therion nature just adds new depths to her character. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - cri86titanium

  • Frost (played by frostwyrmm)
    Easy going, friendly and with a lot of curiosity, Frost is the kind of dragon you find yourself wishing would exist in real life so you could make friends with him! He's an adorable character, and with a very cool design to boot - from his wyrm like appearance to the icy coloring after which he is named. Friend-shaped! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - cri86titanium

  • The Herbalist (played by fig)
    The Herbalist, aka Simon is a GREAT villain; outwardly affable and in control, but also cunning and with a sharp knowledge of his trade that makes him a realistic and formidable threat. I absolutely had a blast playing with him and look foward for more run-ins with this great bad guy! Creative ideas Fast responses - cri86titanium

  • Alice Snyder (played anonymously)
    If only I could give her more than two qualities. Alas, these will have to do. I've only just started to RP with the character in the group, so I look forward to interacting more with her. The character's writer is an amazing person. They are understanding of people's IRL situations and makes it a point to help each member to the best of their ability. They are patient and have humor that will make you smile. Definitely worth giving them a chance. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I have yet to roleplay with him (I need to reply to the starter) but I can say based on that starter alone that he is a great writer. He's very patient when it comes to life and when discussing ideas he was very communicative. He also makes wonderful characters. If I was able to I'd probably have a story with most, if not all, of them! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - PinkBrat

  • Personally I haven't roleplayed with her but I have seen her on forums and groups. It's easy to see that she loves to roleplay and is always up for a story. I do love to see the characters she makes and the pictures she adds to them. Fast responses - PinkBrat

  • I haven't roleplayed with him for very long but I will say that he's pretty nice and patient when it comes to my slow responses! He's always up for a good story and I have yet to see him turn something away so if there's a story or character you're itching to use, he's probably your go to guy! Kind and understanding Fast responses - PinkBrat

  • It's been a long time since I've said anything so I think it's high time I did! I've known Haida for a couple of years now. He's a great friend. Extremely patient with me and my slow responses. He's always there when I need it. As for roleplay, I always love to see the characters he makes. They're always well thought out and detailed. He's also not afraid of ideas I throw at him, which will make future stories very entertaining! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - PinkBrat

  • We've been rping for a while now and her posts are always a joy to read. They're exciting and detailed and really show off her character. Even with as little as we've seen from each other, it's obvious that she's an amazing writer! Wonderful writer Long posts - Murkysoulwaters

  • Ever since I met Scarellett, she's been a ray of sunshine, warm and welcoming. Always ready for an RP, she also has an awesome list of characters with cute outfits for each of them. She's also ready and willing to chat with you too about a variety of topics. Friend her, Scarellett's worth your time. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ultra-Knight

  • Sally Valenti (played anonymously)
    I only Role-Played with this character for a short time, but in the time that I did, she's very talented, descriptive and has left me wanting more. OOC, she's kind, understanding and patient. If you ever get the chance to RP with the player behind this character, or the character herself, take that chance. You won't regret it. Merry Christmas, Sally. I miss you and I am sure you're other Role-Playing partners do as well. Stay safe out there. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ultra-Knight

  • Toby will forever be on of my favorite people on the internet! An absolute top tier quality artist with a fantastic sense of humor. I enjoy playing games with him, chatting about life events, and just hanging out when he's drawing his next beautiful artwork. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Sanne

  • Always a friendly and encouraging presence in chat! :) It's a pleasure to hang out with them and talk about whatever's going on at the moment. Kind and understanding - Sanne

  • Mina is a truly driven person who is always doing *something* incredible! I'm always in awe at how productive she is, and how devoted she is to the causes close to her heart. Just a lovely human being all around with what feels like endless kindness to share with everyone around her. <3 Helpful Great sense of humor - Sanne

  • Keke has one of the kindest souls I've come across. <3 She's such a wonderful human being and I'm SO proud to work alongside her on the moderation team. She makes all of us better people, and better mods. Kind and understanding Helpful - Sanne

  • I remain perpetually impressed by Ilmarinen's fantastic artistic skills, whether that is leatherworking, illustrations, or designing characters. What they put out is exquisite and always of the highest quality, and I strongly recommend checking out their stuff and considering commissioning them! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Sanne

  • Never rp'd with them, but they are a cool person and hope to start our rp soon. They won't ghost you, ever. They will reply eventually. - Anonymous

  • Never took the chance to say how grateful I am to have met her. She's awesome, talented and very kind and I appreciate her patience for me. I love the world she has build with her character and how well she put others in this world to make it so alive. IC and OOC, I enjoy her and look forward to write many more stories with her! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - KingTai

  • Oh how I miss, Bloom! She's a ray of sunshine on this forum with a great sense of humor! I have not Role-Played with her yet, perhaps one day we will. But she has a magnetic personality that can pull you in. She's just fun to be around! She's great to have a chat with too! Merry Christmas my friend! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Ultra-Knight

  • Although I have not Role-Played with Jess quite yet, she has a wonderful and sunny personality that's pleasant to be around. She also has a long list of characters whose bio's are extremely well done. Each character has their own depth and gravitas to them and each one comes across as real and very relatable. I hope to RP with Jess one day. Merry Christmas, Jess! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ultra-Knight