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  • Wait a minute. I haven't given them kudos?? 0-0 Well THEY DESERVED IT A LONG TIME AGO. Alright, hello, I'm very late giving a kudos, but Scarletwolf is a great RP partner! I love seeing their replies come in, as they have a lot of emotion poured out into them. And they also have great twist ideas when I don't know how to reply. Amazing characters, ideas, writing skills, and they're just very kind otherwise, and talking with them OOC is fun too. :) Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AliRevellian

  • I adore this woman. From the stories we write together to the endless banter and all things in between, she's been a beacon of kindness, trust and understanding for me and so many others. Her characters are full of depth and nuances and I delight in engaging them any chance I can get, as well as the wonderful person behind them. One of my dearest friends. Thank you for being you. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Elle

  • How do I pick just two qualities for Tingle when they tick every box? Not only are they an incredible writer and artist, but I am honoured to call them my dear friend, too. Tingle is a master wordsmith who weaves compelling plots and scenes. As a person, they are an absolute treasure, full of humour and wit and quirkiness to match my own. My kindred spirit. Just an incredible person. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Elle

  • Okay, Rayne? She is so so so creative. I love her characters and how she drives the plot forward in such interesting directions! Not to mention how her character is incredibly well written and easy to write with. She also has quite quick responses! She truly is amazing at this, and if you're looking for a partner with interesting characters and great story writing skills, you should hit her up! Love ya <3 Drives the plot forward Fast responses - ALTY_Heave

  • I've only been role playing with them for a week or two and I'm already hooked! I'm always restarting the page just to see if they've replied yet and when I see a message from them, I'm always super excited and happy to see what their response is! I definitely recommend them if your looking for a great role play partner :3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rayne_Storm

  • Bunny. Bunny. My sweetest bunnyhop. I am writing this on the phone so I hope I can get away with zero typos. But heyo to the folks reading this! You see Owl here? Yeah easily one of the best writers I’ve had the honor of writing with. Characters? Chefs kiss. Writing? Chefs kiss. Art? Chefs kiss. You literally could never be disappointed when writing with them. Like. Ever. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Kamui

  • The reigning queen of potatoes and one of my dearest friends, Sapphu is a true triple-threat in the roleplay world. Her characters are complex and charming, frail and strong all at once, woven together so effortlessly that it keeps you hanging on for every post. An immensely gifted artist and a genuine wordsmith with a heart of straight sugar, this lady is absolutely someone that everyone should get to know, and have the privilege to write with. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Twilit

  • When I enjoy responding back. I mean it! Their character is amazing and humourous at times. I enjoyed emotion they type in the responses. Mostly, I enjoy how well they go with what's going on between our characters. I recommend roleplaying with them. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Spooky_101

  • There aren't enough words to express how grateful I am that Coheed has welcomed me into the fold with open arms from the very start. Despite an intimidating character and community history, Coheed continues to exude nothing but warmth, a willingness to help in any way he can, and an unrivaled ability to make just about anyone he plays with feel special and included. A skilled writer, roleplay with him is ALWAYS exciting, and I look forward to writing the next chapter in our story together ♥ Helpful Creative ideas - Sapphu

  • Gosh...500 characters is not nearly enough to write all I want to say about Luna. You will not meet a sweeter, kinder, or more outright hilarious roleplayer. She's a shining beacon of light wherever she goes, touching hearts and minds with her unassuming wit, beautiful prose, and hauntingly lovely characters. There is so much more I want to say, but I am content to say simply that I am touched and blessed to call her a dear and close friend in and out of the game. ♥ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Sapphu

  • Patti. My dear, sweet Patti. When she's not entrancing you with her darkly charming characters, she's making you laugh until you cry with her dry wit and goofy humor. She's a mainstay of the continuity she thrives in, and for good reason: she's delightfully affable, unerringly helpful, and most importantly someone I consider a dearest and true friend. And that's not even to mention just how wonderful of a writer she is, too! Damn, girl's the full package. Play with her! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Sapphu

  • Jai is such a wonderful friend. Not only will they post with you, but they will always put their friends in front of the rp you’re in. The long post no matter how long it takes her to post is not a bad thing. It gives others a chance to get better with their own paragraphs of posts. Great friend and highly recommend posting with them. Kind and understanding Long posts - Skykitty

  • Sui-Kao Ho (played anonymously)
    Very good writer, and enjoyable to chat with. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Lost Wander is amazing with their characters Dark and void
    It’s been a few days..? I think since we started -not sure-
    But they are amazing! I wish I could add more then two best quality’s Long posts Fast responses - Osris

  • I don't know why I did this once we hit 100 message but they are amazing! Them showing emotions in the character even by the smallest detail is great! I specifically love how well done the character, 'Phantom' is. I recommend roleplaying with them. Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Spooky_101

  • Faster than lightning and armed to the teeth with an absolutely wildin' imagination, Leigh definitely is your kinda partner if you're after a fantastic game. Her cast is colorful and wonderfully chaotic and, despite only having tried one (sorta two?) of the flavors in her repertoire, I've already had a blast RPing with her. Not only that; I've been enjoying our equally funky OOC babblings a lot too, and I'm looking forward to all the epic trouble we'll get ourselves into! Cheers, mateyy! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - GarnaalProductions

  • Garn is absolutely crazy but I love it. Her OC’s are dysfunctional in the best possible way and bring chaos to the RP. I enjoy our OOC banter and IC happenings. You won’t be bored RPing with Garn! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Leighoflight

  • I can't believe we've made it one year!! AncientCatKing and I have been RP buddies for a full year, and our first RP was started this very day a year ago. It has been an adventure and I'm so thankful we met. They are by far one of the coolest people I've ever met and they are definitely the best writer I've ever had the pleasure of writing with. Thank you for an incredible year! Love you lots <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - _Apollo_

  • I don't know why I didn't give him Kudos before but I have nothing negative to say about this wonderful RPer and a friend to me! I enjoying Rping with him alot and chatting out of Rp just as much! I would defiently suggest rping with him!

    Thank you for Rping with me, Friend ^~^ <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Incubus_2

  • Amazing writer. Super creative and helpful. I've RPed with her a million times, and she replies very fast. If you get a chance to RP with her, don't miss it! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - RoyalWisdom