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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • More recently acquainted, Faun has been a source of fun and humor; creating beautiful characters with their own dashes of humor and lightheartedness. She's a treat to interact with and I highly encourage doing so if you haven't already. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Nioght

  • Over a decade's worth of friendship, between the expansion of the Zykla and her characters, she brings a grace and determination to everything she helps create and is apart of. Exhibiting a care and passion that few manage to rival, it's been a real treat being apart of her creations and getting to be on board with their growth and expansion. I'm privileged to be able to call her a close friend. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Nioght

  • Noosey's characters are some of the most diverse, creative, and well thought that I'd ever had the privilege of playing with. Each one is so unique and believable between their quirks, flaws, and personality traits, that it's really a treat and joy being able to see how she intricately brings them to life in the most realistic of ways. Every one has a depth and realism all their own. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Nioght

  • - He's pretty patient with me even though I'm usually slow to reply.
    - You never know what to expect from this guy. I mean, he threw Deadpool into an RP because why the heck not!
    - D4nte is easy to get along with too. Concise posts Fast responses - Mathunga

  • A young writer, impressive and gifted with a creative mind. Eloquent use of vocabulary and a fountain of detail concerning their character behavior and emotions. A joy to write with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - WinterBlackDraoi

  • WinterBlackDraoi is such a wonderful writer who has inspired me to take up writing again. His world, characters and story settings really come to life as he will steal your attention with twisting plots and events. He's encouraging and has a sense of humor, a wicked one, which adds to the sparkle of his stories. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DeathandtheMaiden

  • Such a perfect writer, long and descriptive with well fleshed out characters and patients to handle my dyslexia. All around my favorite RPer Wonderful writer Long-term partner - WhatIsMyLifeATGA

  • there is no way i can fit how amazing of a rp partner xenoworld is. ever since i met her for a RP it has been nothing short of an exciting adventure with something new happening just about every post! i highly recommend roleplaying with her you wont regret it!!! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - shadeslayer45

  • Template (played anonymously)
    This is a kudos & kudos's look like this. But also these templates are fire, which isn't even surprising coming from Fable. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Not only is Void an amazing writer, he's also a very sweet and friendly person! His characters are deep and interesting, and his posts are creative and detailed. I would highly recommend a roleplay with this lovely user! ^^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Archaic

  • Where do i even start? I met Advent a decade ago when i started to roleplay. He was one of my long term rp partners that helped me grow as a writer. Advent is amazing person and a writer. His characters are very well crafted some of them have years of story behind. He is also amazing when it comes to world building Roleplaying with him never gets boring or stale it's always full of surprises and plot twists. If you are looking for long ter fantasy rp give this guy a shot! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Queen_Knight

  • Honestly i dont know where to start. Cosmo is an amazing roleplayer, who always has fun and creative ideas for any rp. His characters are so well written, and personally i can see that character clearly in the roleplay. Besides of an amazing roleplayer...he is an amazing partner...he will always make sure im fine before anything else...and i appreciate him so much...totally become friends with this amazing guy Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EchoDremurr

  • Lt Donna Nickers (played anonymously)
    One of the best and only Star Trek characters around here. The history is well-conceived, especially her background. The hook of her being a surviving redshirt is such a good idea! I haven't roleplayed with this person, but I simply have to acknowledge a well-written Star Trek character. Kudos to you! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

  • Just updating how much I love this girl. Easily the best writer I've ever had the pleasure of writing with and my very bestest friend in the whole world. We met on rocky terms but years later we've never been closer. She's always there for me to listen and help, she's just a stellar lady all around. I can only hope to give her as much as she constantly gives me. A noble spirit, and a beautiful person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - oldmusic

  • So this weeb boi is pretty great. We have been writing together for almost a year now. He always has different ideas and ways to make RP interesting. He loves Kamen Rider and all other weeb things which make his writing really funny at times. Over all you're in for a treat when writing with him so totally hit him up! Great sense of humor Long-term partner - blindwoofer

  • Been long time rp partners, writes really well Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Lunarthewolf

  • Boomer (played by Claine)
    So okay, I haven't actually PLAYED with Boomer but I sure do love everything about them. From their concept to the AMAZING art!!! They are that kind of character that you hardly see but darn if finding them doesn't make your day. Thanks for making someone so unique, I can't express enough how great I think they are. <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • D4nte is a good friend and can make stories pretty funny
    I enjoy being his friend! Be his friend if you like humor!
    Happy birthday! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Scarletwolf

  • Atlas Quinn (played anonymously)
    Atlas makes me want to laugh, cry, scream and dance all at the same time. Honestly, this is one of the most in-depth, complicated and jaw-dropping characters I've come across in the entire time I've been roleplaying. I've spat my tea out way too many times while reading some of the responses from him, both from laughter and shock. I adore this him. There are so many layers and sides to Atlas, and he is portrayed fabulously in every post. I can't recommend this character enough. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Mintelle

  • Wolfgang Krüger (played by Mipps)
    I think Wolfgang is the first character I've come across with two identities before. So that alone is worthy of a kudos. It's so rare to come across characters like that. But in terms of his personality/s, Wolfgang is a very compelling character who really makes me want to know more about him with each post. He's loving and yet dangerous, an odd combination that I'm absolutely loving. His family and his history have been so well thought out. I honestly can't praise this character enough! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Mintelle