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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Dawnia deserves every kudos so gets and more. I took two of my characters to her group and I have been having a ball ever since. Great OOC and very funny. Very fast responses. If you haven’t worked a story with her…what are you waiting for? Great sense of humor Fast responses - TarnishedHalo

  • Great partner to have fun with. 10/10 IGN. We crack jokes sometimes and even before we started our RP we were chatting and enjoying ourselves. Joshie was like "I can already tell we're gonna be great partners."

    Loves a good story experience, usually romances as indicated on their profile. But even then they do that really well. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - mrwallace888

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I'd just like to say, LOTN has been just the best, and works really well with OOC planning, that has made for a great long term story!
    I recommend giving their characters a chance at a story!! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - SillySpider

  • Emeraude is a consistent and organized writer who always contributes to my big ideas with equal passion and creativity; plus, their writing is incredible and always well thought out. We've been writing together for about 3 years now and always find something new to do with our characters. They are overall a pleasure to talk to and write with, and anyone would be lucky to have them as a writing partner! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - grinland

  • Bartholomew (played anonymously)
    Amazingly creative - Anonymous

  • Jane Harper (played anonymously)
    I had the opportunity to be invited into a roleplay that Jane was writing with another character I had roleplayed with in the past. I wasn't sure how it all would play out, and it was exciting to write in-character and talk OOC with Jane's writer plotting the story! We wrote the story to a successful ending, and there are at least two offshoot/extensions started. This is what RP is all about! Jane Harper is a beautiful character and immerses themselves into the story!
    Love it!
    - Benji Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • Good world builder and writer. Helpful Creative ideas - FelineGod1

  • I was incredibly fortunate to find Josey when I made a return to RPing and I have never ever had such a successful roleplay. They are incredibly sweet, kind, and communicative IC and OOC. They take an active role in narrative and plot development - I've personally never had a character develop this much with a partner before. Their consistency is always appreciated and I value them greatly <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - fish_skele

  • Karina (played by Drake_Lie)
    hot cute adorable MUST I SAY MORE? i would totally love to chat with em more and find out more l o r e Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Warm-hearted and amazing are the two words I would use to describe Fish. They’re so considerate and creative with their ideas and are always there to talk plot. If you ever have the pleasure of Roleplaying with Fish, you will understand why I adore her. She has been the most creative and wonderful writer I have met on the site, and she consistently has me reading and rereading the stories we weave together. If I can, I plan to continue constructing these intricate stories for as long as we can. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Josey

  • Mirabell was one of the people I had the privilege of meeting when I made it onto the site. I was blessed to have them be the first person I roleplayed with on the site as they are the most compassionate, understanding, and amazing person I have met. If you ever have the opportunity to roleplay with Mirabell, take it. You will never regret roleplaying with an individual as devoted, agreeable, eager, and creative as them. Here’s to hoping that we can continue creating wonderful stories together. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Josey

  • Rain (played by Drake_Lie)
    cute adorable and i want to hug them! such lovely colors and looks- it reminds me of joy and love. Wonderful writer - Golden-Angel

  • saw the rp comment- love the details put into it- 10/10 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Golden-Angel

  • Where do I even begin? This guy is so sweet, so understanding, caring and considerate in my experience talking to him. And also quite funny! I have so much fun with our rps, and ooc chatting. He is really easy and chill to talk to. And somehow our rps just seem to flow incredibly well! Always looking forward to seeing a reply from him and getting to respond. His writing is awesome, and I very much enjoy it! I really hope we can keep it up for a long time! I'd definitely recommend rping with him. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Mirabell

  • Very creative writer who puts alot of thought into their craft. Easy to talk to out of character and drives the plot forward beautifully! If you can roleplay with them, do it ! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • A very understanding partner who also adds to the storyli e. I enjoy the interactions our characters have! Kind and understanding - Anonymous

  • Andy (played by Libertine)
    I recently reread an old log between Andy, a supposedly rotten influence on my overly apologetic Joanna, and always find myself smitten with him. Lib brought their fantastical goatman to the Decade of Excess and he is so wonderfully well written that their interactions always stand out in my mind. From jokes about 'kitten blood on tap' to holding Jo at fingerpoint to get her to stop being herself, I am writing this long overdue kudos to cement my stamp of adoration on this hilarious metalhead. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Cosmonautilus

  • Jared Ford (played anonymously)
    I want to pick all the best qualities but sadly it was only two. :( Jared is kind and understanding, he was also a wonderful writer to drives the plot forward, together with Jane, they were unstoppable! lol Jared also added some creative ideas to help with the story so thank you so much! I feel grateful to cross path with you! Helpful Drives the plot forward - jennaisante

  • Benjamin Brown (played anonymously)
    Benjamin is full of flirts! But it has been an awesome journey to have some roleplay with him. Thank you so much for being a great support for Jane! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - jennaisante

  • Mittirangi is amazing! Such a talented and creative writer, with fresh ideas and very awesome characters. He is kind and helpful, and I'm always so excited whenever I think about our role play! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Aya