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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • They are super understanding and overall a good person! I’ve had the opportunity to talk with them over the last weeks and get to know Them enough to say that they are one of the nicest, most caring and understanding people I’ve talked to on this site. Thank you so much for being a great partner and friend! I can’t wait to see what we do in the future! <3 :) Kind and understanding Creative ideas - JacksonHallow87

  • I haven't been rping with macetheace for too long but honestly, this has been one of my favorite rps that I have ever done. They are even amazing with their side characters and I am very honored to get to rp with them. So thank you Mace Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I wish I could check more boxes,she has very creative ideas for what to do next in an rp,she is a wonderful writer,sometimes its sentences,sometimes its paragraphs. She even drives the plot forward,we are currently doing an Undertale rp,and its really awesome,the character development is amazing,and I love the gore and worldly problems that are in the rp. She is very fun to talk to and she's an amazing friend. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - JetStorm

  • RachKirk is amazing and i love our Rp. one of my favorites. RachKirk knows how to make and use there characters. RachKirk is flexible and understanding. I hope our Rp last a long time. I can describe how good they are. Rp with RachKirk and be her friend. you wont regret it. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23

  • Treel is a amazing Rp person! He gives good fast pace responses. he fun and makes the Rp feel natural. I cant state how good Treel is. rp and make friends with Treel and you will see for yourself. it is like you can see it happening. he wont ghost and has great communication skills. Wonderful writer Fast responses - kungpowdragon23

  • First time hiring an artist to get a bust for a character done. Excellent experience, very helpful, and the communication was excellent! Quick work and a fine job done! Thank you for all the hard work! Kind and understanding Helpful - Fion

  • Zac is WONDERFUL to write with. He's very funny and we seem to almost be twins, haha!! His replies are top notch and are very detailed, not to mention that you can really feel everything that his character is going through. So well thought out and descriptive as well as fun to talk to! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream

  • Ramika is simply a wonderful writer. Her characters are raw, deep, real and complex. The stories we made together were gritty and emotional but with plenty of levity to keep things fresh and fun. I would highly suggest RPing with her if you're looking for a character driven story with strong emotional beats and plenty of cathartic moments. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Gear

  • Archaic is both a wonderful writer, and a wonderful person. Her characters are full of life and personality with self driving motivations who are always developing and driving the plot forward. I would definitely recommend RPing with her if you're interested in beautifully written interactions, world building, and charming characters you can really understand and empathize with. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Gear

  • Opal (played by MoonKunoichi)
    Opal is the beloved pastel dream daughter of the Malk Fam, always bringing new pranks and exciting shenanigans to any RP she is a part of. Both she and her player are a bright ray of sunshine, or rather, moonshine, into the World of Darkness. I'm excited to see what trouble she and her adoptive sad dad can get into in the nights ahead!!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - honey-and-iron

  • Erhard (played by Hierophant)
    The grand patriarch of the Malk Fam, Erhard is the grandpa we all wish we could have. Patient, caring, and fully capable of dispensing righteous anger and punishment on anyone who may hurt his children. He is the bedrock of his clan in LA and it wouldn't be the same without his presence. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - honey-and-iron

  • Miss Keller is the epitome of grace, composure, and vaguely threatening otherworldiness. Beneath the gentleness is a titan waiting to be unleashed, unexpected and awesome in the original use of the word. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - honey-and-iron

  • Venus with the mean left hook; Marisol is a stunning lady, both in appearance and in personality. Her Brujah chaos energy is contagious and I am so happy I have gotten to interact with her! She is the best platonic wife Joachim could ask for. And did you hear? She once crushed a man's skull into dust with her thighs... No, really! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - honey-and-iron

  • As beautiful and dangerous as Rosetti's "Venus Verticordia", Rosalie is more than just a one-dimensional seductress archetype. She is a multi-faceted and wonderfully rich character with secret pains and longings and very human desires-- There is always more to discover about her. She never fails to delight and surprise! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - honey-and-iron

  • Kruhee is my ride or die, a person who has endured endless hours of me over the span of so many years and somehow isn't sick of me yet. Her creativity is off the charts, her writing is fun and engaging and all encompassing. She comes up with the worst things to mix into RPs...and by the worst, I mean the best too because they add so much dynamics to stories. I'm glad that she loves to torment my chars as much as I torment her chars. Written torture aside, she's an amazing artist. <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MissPixie

  • You helped me figure this site out and I'm so thankful for that thank you sibling <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Satany

  • It's not often that Angela comes across a character more interested in being rivals than friends, but oh if Marie has not been surprise after surprise in their interactions. Their one-sided rivalry has been nothing short of fascinating to play out and I eagerly anticipate Marie's next moves and all the future glimpses into her fractured state of mind. - RoseyProsey

  • Berenice is a bright character dealing with her fair share of tragedy, but her deep emotionality is part of why she is such a fun character to bounce off of with Yvette. Together, they have a fun sisterly dynamic that I know is going to be vital to both of them in the future. - RoseyProsey

  • Kijika (played by Waldo)
    Like many of Hyp's first impressions within Garou society, things initially started off rocky with Kijika. But it has been an unexpectedly fun experience watching their initial animosity shift into a sort of friendship. He might be somewhat odd, but Kijika is braver than he thinks he is and has been a great help in Hyp growing more confident as a Garou. - RoseyProsey

  • Vilhjalmr (played by Hierophant)
    Who would have thought that a thinblood and a Tzimisce would strike up such an unlikely friendship in the name of revenge? While two very different characters, it has been a fun experience having Leona play straight man to Vilhj's alien oddball personality. With a penchant for macabre interior design and an eccentric personality, writing against this Tzimisce is never boring. - RoseyProsey