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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

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  • Starwolf is so sweet. They have such a positive attitude and it makes me feel so comfortable to talk to them. If you want someone who would always be there for ya, I recommend Starwolf.

    Love ya! ❤️ Kind and understanding Fast responses - Nene-Chan

  • she's great at typing a great friend who will stay by you even if she can't help you irl talks to you about what hobbies you do. She's super friendly and understanding! Kind and understanding Fast responses - starwolf

  • Even though we've been RPing together for a relatively short time I can confidently say that ChibiWeeb is both a good writer and cool as a person. I def recommend RPing with them! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - promqueenK

  • Wonderful person and an absolutely outstanding writer. They are an absolute gem Wonderful writer Fast responses - Ashen

  • I 'aven't been RPing with them for very long, and I'm not exactly good at literate RP as it's skill I'm still learning, but promqueenK is very interesting to RP with from what's happened so far, they usually have the time to reply even when I'm a bit late on responses, and are always long and well-written. I would most definitely recommend RPing with them, if you like Modern Day RP. Wonderful writer Long posts - ChibiWeeb

  • Ali has great characters and long, descriptive replies. It's very fun to talk to and roleplay with him. I would recommend roleplaying with him if you're interested. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Primrose-Chan

  • She's super amazing and I've only been rping with her since last night! She's fun with her responses and I look forward to each one! Definitely send her a message if you're looking for a good rp! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Xx_Ashy_Bear_xX

  • Ash has likable characters and fun ideas. Plus he's very quick to respond with detailed posts. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Lunarthewolf

  • I've only been rping with him for not even a full day, but gosh am I excited for each reply! He replies pretty quickly and is super awesome so far!! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Xx_Ashy_Bear_xX

  • Bree Dahkling (played by spirated)
    Came across Bree on a search and really like her! Interesting heritage, character traits, and backstory! Give this character page a read! Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • 500 characters is not a lot to describe Bri's writing. Bri is hands down the best writer I've ever written with and over roughly a year of RPing with her, my writing has expanded from basic 1-2 paragraph replies to large, 8+ paragraph, multi-character replies. Her writing is truly impeccable. Every reply is full of drama, lore, and intrigue. She knows how to keep a character's story a mystery until the right moment. I really can't put into words what my best friend's writing is like. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Haida

  • One of the best new RP partners I’ve come across in a while! Their responses are detailed and give me plenty to work with, not to mention the imagery. It’s like reading a published book. I’m super excited to see where our story goes and I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind for any stories in the future! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - asherb92

  • Patti is an angel and a treat. Unflinchingly positive and encouraging, she's been instrumental in my feeling accepted and welcomed in not only TGT, but the Sunbird as well. Her characters never fail to delight either, each one inspired and satisfying to engage with, and I'm always excited for the chance to post with them. The community would be visibly dimmer without her and her charm and wit. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • Kanrik Lolthsson (played by Postey)
    Kanrik has been an amazing addition to plots and though he is a pain in the butt, you cannot help but want to see how far the rabbit hole goes. He is sly and cunning which keeps you on your toes, the way he can soothe the beast is just so fascinating. I look forward to seeing how far I can push his buttons until he breaks and becomes my plaything. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Pretty_Bird

  • Homosapianmorehomo6 has been great to work with and I really enjoy their characters and ideas. They make very quick and amazing replies that are a delight to read and I always look forward to their next reply. I would really recommend working with them, you will not be disappointed at all. Creative ideas Fast responses - EvanlynDestiny

  • They're a good person, pretty creative too 😌✋ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Raccoons420

  • Xe are a wonderful person, weird as they are, but still. I don't rp with them but they do rp, obviously. Helpful Great sense of humor - homosapianmorehomo6

  • Marie is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and one of the strongest. Her wonderful, striking creativity aside she is empathetic to a fault and always willing to listen and chat--that she's a delight to plot and post with is just a bonus. She is a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to be her friend. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

  • Yeah he's got a "great" sense of humor *coughs in stabbing*, but all in all good RPer, 10/10 would kick his buttocks on Endor again Great sense of humor Long-term partner - ChibiWeeb

  • This man has been a breathe of fresh air for me ever since I met him. He's an amazing writer, and he brings so much passion and excitement to our roleplay. I enjoy talking to him, and he's the type of person whom I have felt comfortable with from the beginning. Thank you, for being such a good friend in the time I honestly need it the most. I appreciate you, and your honesty and kindness. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Stormfrost