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Goodbye, 2020!

Posted by Kim on December 31, 2020, 9:00am

Well, that was sure.... a year.

To celebrate getting through it, you'll be able to find fireworks randomly throughout the main site from now through the weekend. Launch them on your friend's profiles to give them a show! You can combine different kinds of fireworks at once for larger and more colorful displays. :)

Fireworks displays last for 15 minutes, and don't start until the recipient becomes active on the site. If you're just typing, not clicking, the fireworks will eventually die down on a given page to make it less distracting while you're trying to post. ;)

firework-red-image.png firework-blue-image.png firework-yellow-image.png

If you can't wait to find free ones laying around the site, you can grab them in packs of five from the store. :)

Looking back at this year on the RPR, this was our first full year on the new 2.0 codebase. We came a long way, wildly battling lag, fixing hundreds of bugs, even managing to launch yet more new features -- but what stands out most of all to me was that we held more community events than ever before!

On January 1st, before I knew how much time so many of us would have to spend in our houses this year, I announced that my main focus this year would be community events, both IC and OOC. We managed to run nine official events this year: Meet cute, Summer bash, collaborative OC building, collaborative world-building, Epic Week, Trick or Treat the Forums, Living Library AMA, the Winter Mascarade and, of course, FOBETEO. :)

What are you proud of in your 2020? What are you feeling all the feels about?



January 4, 2021

I read a lot of great books this year, and found som new fandoms, and I'm on my way to making some new friends. I lost one of my own, a family member who understood me unbelievably well, and wants to understand me more. I've spent a large part of the year grieving and finding hope in new things, and being extremely erratic on occasion. Hah... And I've also been finding interests and getting into the groove of things, and helping people, and trying to help myself too.
I hope we all have a very good year, and continue on with our lives. Live well and with lots of love! <3


January 1, 2021

Its over. Thank God it is OVER! But now...we need to survive this year. I can't imagine what will come our way, but I'm willing to keep moving so long as we can keep looking forward with hope.


December 31, 2020

Hello to all you still in 2020 from 2021!

Hoping this year sees the world on the mend. Been having fun with the fireworks targeting some of my fav people, snd have been enjoying the displays!

Twenty Twenty is now hindsight and it’s twenty-twenty.

Excellent work on the site by the way.


December 31, 2020

The fireworks are so lovely. I spent lastnight and most of today in the hospital so I really needed a happy thing. Happy New Year πŸ’•πŸŽ‡


December 31, 2020

It's hard to decide what I like better - the fireworks or the glitter.

Thanks for all your work this year, Kim!

Cheers to a better 2021 for everyone! <3


December 31, 2020


The dragon and phoenix fireworks are especially my favorite designs to look at.

Thank you so very much, Kim, for all your hard work. And thank you to the RPR mods, for their hard work as well.

Here's to 2021, and hopefully my being a bit more active than I have been lately!


December 31, 2020



December 31, 2020

I got a question about how to combine firework colors, so here's a clarification: Launch a second or third color at the same person within the 15 minute time limit of the first one you launched -- it'll change the color and size of explosion they are seeing. :)

They don't even need to be launched by the same person, just AT the same person, if that makes sense. :)


December 31, 2020

I'm really sad I didn't have the energy to join in on the community events, but I'm going to try to fix that in 2021 because they looked just far too fun to miss out on!

Thank you so much for all the work you put in, Kim. I can't wait to start pestering friends with the fireworks!


December 31, 2020

Thank-you for everyone on RPR Mod. teams amazing work. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and and thank-you for the fireworks!


December 31, 2020

You've baited me since 12 in the morning EST... Thank you for the beautiful fireworks.