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Thanks for Trick or Treating the Forums!

Posted by Kim on November 2, 2022, 8:20pm

An adorable green-skinned alien child, dressed in a princess costume with a pink frilly dress and pointed cap. They are holding up a plastic pumpkin bucket full of candy.Thank you to all participants of this year's trick or treat the forums! :D

Many of the candy and jack-o-lantern accolades have already been given out. There was a much higher than normal number of anonymous characters in the mix this year, so I'm still waiting to hear back from a lot of people about whether they want their accolades. But so far, this amount have been given out:

Candy AppleCandy CornLit Jack-o-LanternLit Jack-o-LanternCandy AppleCandy CornCandy AppleCandy AppleCandy CornCandy CornLit Jack-o-LanternCandy CornCandy AppleHalloween CandyHalloween CandyCandy CornCandy CornHalloween CandyLit Jack-o-LanternCandy AppleCandy CornHalloween CandyCandy AppleHalloween CandyLit Jack-o-LanternHalloween CandyCandy CornCandy AppleCandy AppleCandy CornCandy CornCandy CornLit Jack-o-LanternCandy CornCandy AppleHalloween CandyLit Jack-o-LanternLit Jack-o-LanternLit Jack-o-LanternCandy CornCandy AppleHalloween CandyHalloween CandyCandy CornHalloween CandyLit Jack-o-LanternCandy CornHalloween CandyCandy CornHalloween CandyHalloween CandyCandy CornCandy CornHalloween CandyLit Jack-o-LanternHalloween CandyCandy AppleHalloween CandyHalloween CandyLit Jack-o-LanternCandy CornHalloween CandyCandy CornHalloween CandyCandy AppleHalloween CandyCandy CornCandy AppleHalloween Candy

That's 69 trick or treat accolades as of this writing. Niiiice. ;)

There's still more to go - check your PMs, you might have one from me asking about how you want your candies!

If you think I've missed you, please let me know via PM! Just shoot me the link to the topic that you're in, and the name of the character I should be looking at. With so many of you participating, it's entirely possible I've overlooked some intrepid trick or treaters!

Stay tuned, this is a busy month. We've got fall leaves, the start of another art trade, and my office hours coming up in the next few weeks. :D



November 3, 2022

First treat or trick and I enjoyed.


November 3, 2022

I hope y'all have a wonderful thanksgiving!


November 3, 2022

I enjoyed it thoroughly! I have been a member of RPR for yeaaaaars and these last few have been so much fun for me! I've really had a blast getting to actually participate and do things I missed out on in previous times.

Getting to host an event was very intimidating for me, but the passersby were all a pleasure to get to interact with. I hope to get my favorite candy next year: Candy Corn!

Thank you for having these delightful little events!


November 3, 2022



November 2, 2022

I had so much fun! Definitely one of my favorite events on the site.

Thanks to everyone who hosted!


November 2, 2022

thank you for everyone who trick-or-treated, and everyone who ran threads! such a fun event


November 2, 2022

Snrk, obligatory "nice."

I don't know how much longer my trick-or-treat thread will be going, but I know I need to reply for the sake of whoever wants to keep partying in the desert. XD