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  • The Moderators

    If you need help or have a question, feel free to contact these friendly people. They are here to help!
    • Auberon:
      Resident green faerie, reporting for duty! I've had my hands in community management and moderation for the past fifteen years, and I love encouraging people to come together and find commonality. You'll mostly see me skulking around the Arts & Creativity forum, as I'm a freelance illustrator with a love for the arts in all forms. I'm also the Epic Week cake slice maker, and I've done the pixel icons several accolades and items -- like the fancy audacious phoenixes flying around the RPR. My hope is to continue to help nourish the beautiful creativity of this awesome community however I'm able. Also, I have a cat named Dr. Pumpkin, and yes, you can absolutely see pictures of him. Just shoot me a PM as you like!

    • Ben:
      I'm the RP guru! I write character development guides, advise people about the content of their profiles, and chat about popular rules and regulations on RP communities such as Furcadia. If you've got any questions about roleplaying, or running a roleplay group, I'm your man! I joined the mod team in an odd series of little events but I couldn't be happier to be serving the community. If I can help you with anything at all, toss a PM my way.

    • Cass:
      Hello, my name is Cass. I’m an outgoing and social woman who has adored writing for as long as I can remember! Roleplay has been an important part of my life. I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited onto the moderator team; It’s in my nature to help others and I am glad I can do so in a community that shares the same passions that I do. Send me a PM anytime - I'd love to hear from you.

    • Copper_Dragon:
      Hi there! I'm the resident friendly dragon moderator with a hoard full of character ideas. I've been on the RPR for long enough now, and I love the site because it's a grand place to show off all my creativity and see the awesome creativity of others as well! I joined the moderator team because I love helping folks, whether it's showing them how the site works or making sure profiles and roleplays are safe and fun for everyone.

    • Darth_Angelus:
      I'm the RP Repository's British Sith Lord Moderator. As a long time friend of Kim's, when she told me about RPR I was very excited to sign up and see what she had created. This was before there were moderators but I still enjoyed helping people learn to use the site and overcome any problems they had. So when the moderating team was formed, I was glad to be part of it, it meant I could do more to make everyone's RPR experience better.

      If you find yourself with questions or getting stuck on something, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always happy to help!

      Oh and sometimes I make videos for the site.

    • Dragonfire:
      Hey there, Dragonfire at your service! While I might have a bit of a reputation for being a puzzle hoarder and riddle solver (especially during the fantabulous blast that is Epic Week!), I've also been roleplaying for decades in both written and tabletop formats, and am perfectly happy to chatter your ear off about any of those topics. Moderation and mediation are two other things that I've got years of experience in, and I'm definitely happy to help you with any questions you might have about the site's rules, getting along with other folks, or communication practices.

      And when I'm not doing the above things, you might find me baking up a storm of delicious pastries, or getting my crafting skills on. A dragon has a lot of room for all kinds of esoteric things in her hoard!

    • Keke:
      Hi, y’all! I’m Keke, and I love all things creative—from writing to art and everything in between! Writing is easily my favorite hobby and something I am super passionate about, and character creation is what I have the most fun with. I became a moderator because I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much joy, and I endeavor to do so by being kind, helpful, and fair always. If you ever need someone to talk to or hash out plots with, please feel free to reach out!

    • Libertine:
      Lib here! I've been relying on the Repository as a character cache for years. No matter what galaxy far far away my pages travel to, linked in games and forums across the web, RPR has always been home base. The community nurtured my favorite hobby: being a part of it has made me a better writer, so I've rallied with its overseers to pay it back. I'm dedicated to keeping the site safe and secure for all of my literary neighbors. While I'm happy to help with any issue, I also love to discuss writing any chance I get. Hit me up some time to talk shop!

    • Loki:
      Hello everyone! I'm the mod teams mischief maker! I love role-playing, so when I was introduced to this site I immediately loved it. The community here is so friendly, it makes it a really great place to be. I love being a moderator here because I can help out all you lovely people. I really love making new friends, so don't hesitate to message me with anything! Mischief Managed!

    • MadRatBird:
      Hey hi! I'm MadRatBird or Toby, whichever you'd like to call me. I'm an artist by trade, though writing has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid. Like everyone else here, I have a bit of a soft spot for role-play, but character creation has to be my favorite part of the brainstorming process. RPR's been a home away from home for a good few years for me now, and watching it grow has been amazing! I've always been fond of helping where I can, so I wanted to do just that on a site I've loved for a while now. If I can help in any way, definitely shoot a PM my direction! Whether it's just to chat, discuss role-play, something that's concerning you, or something entirely different, I'm open ears! Er, eyes.

    • Sanne:
      I'm the tall Dutch moderator who adores cats and knitting. :D I have been on RPR since its early days in 2010, and continue to find it a home away from home with the warmest and most caring community. That's why I feel very invested in contributing to this place however I can, whether that's by helping new members settle in, running a support group for our lovely users, or moderating to help everybody have the best time possible! I'm always open to PMs, and am happy to help out to the best of my abilities. :)

  • What can a moderator help me with?

    The moderators deal with almost everything on the site. If you need a forum topic moved or closed, you have a question about how to use the site or what the rules mean, or if another user is harassing you, a moderator can give you a helping hand.

    Questions or concerns about billing, bug reports, or security issues should go through the official contact form.

  • Why isn't Kim on the list of moderators?

    Kim is not actually a moderator. She is the site administrator, which means that she does everything that the mods do and more; she programs new features, fixes bugs, handles legal matters, pays bills, and answers phones.

    You are free to ask Kim for help. In fact, there are many cases where she's the person to go to, such as if you have a question about billing or need to report a bug. But otherwise, she may help you get in touch with a moderator so that she can focus on keeping the site up and running.