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  • The Moderators

    If you need help or have a question, feel free to contact these friendly people. They are here to help!
    • Ben:
      I'm the RP guru! I write character development guides, advise people about the content of their profiles, and chat about popular rules and regulations on RP communities such as Furcadia. If you've got any questions about roleplaying, or running a roleplay group, I'm your man! I joined the mod team in an odd series of little events but I couldn't be happier to be serving the community. If I can help you with anything at all, toss a PM my way.

    • Cass:
      Hello, my name is Cass. I’m an outgoing and social woman who has adored writing for as long as I can remember! Roleplay has been an important part of my life. I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited onto the moderator team; It’s in my nature to help others and I am glad I can do so in a community that shares the same passions that I do. Send me a PM anytime - I'd love to hear from you.

    • Darth_Angelus:
      I'm the RP Repository's British Sith Lord Moderator. As a long time friend of Kim's, when she told me about RPR I was very excited to sign up and see what she had created. This was before there were moderators but I still enjoyed helping people learn to use the site and overcome any problems they had. So when the moderating team was formed, I was glad to be part of it, it meant I could do more to make everyone's RPR experience better.

      If you find yourself with questions or getting stuck on something, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always happy to help!

      Oh and sometimes I make videos for the site.

    • Copper_Dragon:
      Hi there! I'm the resident friendly dragon moderator with a hoard full of character ideas. I've been on the RPR for long enough now, and I love the site because it's a grand place to show off all my creativity and see the awesome creativity of others as well! I joined the moderator team because I love helping folks, whether it's showing them how the site works or making sure profiles and roleplays are safe and fun for everyone.

    • Loki:
      Hello everyone! I'm the mod teams mischief maker! I love role-playing, so when I was introduced to this site I immediately loved it. The community here is so friendly, it makes it a really great place to be. I love being a moderator here because I can help out all you lovely people. I really love making new friends, so don't hesitate to message me with anything! Mischief Managed!

  • What can a moderator help me with?

    The moderators deal with almost everything on the site. If you need a forum topic moved or closed, you have a question about how to use the site or what the rules mean, or if another user is harassing you, a moderator can give you a helping hand.

    Questions or concerns about billing, bug reports, or security issues should go through the official contact form.

  • Why isn't Kim on the list of moderators?

    Kim is not actually a moderator. She is the site administrator, which means that she does everything that the mods do and more; she programs new features, fixes bugs, handles legal matters, pays bills, and answers phones.

    You are free to ask Kim for help. In fact, there are many cases where she's the person to go to, such as if you have a question about billing or need to report a bug. But otherwise, she may help you get in touch with a moderator so that she can focus on keeping the site up and running.