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Heimdall Moderator

We've all had 'em: those glorious RPs that stand shining in your memory for some reason or another. Maybe it was the creativity, the elegance of the posts, the breadth of the plot. And if anyone's like me, they like to blather on about them, too. So come in and share! What RPs have you had that stand the test of time?

The one I remember most is a combat I had in 2007. While the story behind it is rather shallow (some random big dragon guy came to attack the castle my character was a part of), it was the single most enjoyable combat I've ever had. The posts were fast, yet contained exactly as much detail as was needed to make sense and read well. Blows were taken and given on all sides, and everyone got to play an epic, dramatic part. My character, also a dragon, was locked in close combat with the enemy, while someone else buffed her. When she finally disengaged because her face was on fire, her partner took over. The best part was that there wasn't a single word of OOC complaint, misunderstanding, or any of that nasty nonsense that often breeds in RPed fights between OOC strangers. There was OOC goodwill all around. My character lost half of her face in this combat, and I was proud to have her wear that for the rest of her RP career. It was one of the best RP nights of my life!

Then I was in an RP today where a different character of mine decided to take revenge on the local wizard guild for rejecting her. She brought her pet drake in and had him take a poo at their front door... but then she got caught, and chaos ensued!

So what about you? What sorts of crazy, interesting RPs have you been in lately? Give us some ideas! ;P
The most epic group roleplay I've ever been in was more a group of people playing the one-sentence game with full posts. We all got to make up the story as we went. The GM was pretty strict about people getting too out of hand, but we managed to have so much fun, and I got one of my most interesting female characters. Another player and I managed to link our characters and give them an amazingly detailed backstory without even actually talking to each other until halfway through. It's where I got the idea for one of my favorite species, even, and the character with reality-warping abilities was realistically handicapped and never used them to godmode.

It sadly died because the GM lost internet access for two months and one of the other players got a new job that didn't leave her with enough time to play, but it was awesome while it lasted.
These experiences sound really awesome! I have got to put in one of my own. 8D

I think the best roleplay I have ever participated in was one of the final plots the guild Northkeep ever had before its closing. The keep had been under attack by a malicious shaman for quite a while, and the plot revolved around a group of brave (or not-so-brave) adventurers riding out to the shaman's twisted, icy tower to bring an end to him and his game.

The plot itself was astoundingly well-crafted, and everything about it drew you in and then rewarded you for both your interest and your creativity. (Heimdall is, in fact, the one who wrote up and orchestrated it all.) The characters that turned up were all really well done, too, and it was a treat to observe so many of them, all in the same place, facing the same challenges, but displaying very different reactions and attempting all sorts of ways to overcome obstacles.

The plot, after a few IRL days, eventually culminated in a great battle with the shaman himself, in which one of our party was believed to be dead--it was so well done that my heart twisted, even though I barely knew the character or her player at the Time. As it was, though, she was not, and the shaman's great victory was foiled by an unlikely turn of the tables! (Courtesy yours truly, actually--that one bit alone was a very cool turning point for my main character when it came to a lot of things. The whole plot had induced a lot of development in him that I'd never expected to see.) The victory was dampened for our characters because the shaman did strike Northkeep from the mountains and into a pocket dimension, but for me and, I'm sure, most of the other players, it was one of the most satisfying, dramatic and epic experiences we had ever had.

Icing on the cake of splendid: A dream was built, patched and coded just for this plot, by Heimdall. It was exceedingly beautiful and helped enhance the feel of everything. I sometimes wish I could see it again!
I have no idea what half of that even means and I wish I could have seen it. o.o
@ trinfan: Haha, same.

You guys are lucky to have lived something this epic through your characters... the most promising roleplays I've ever had, ended after a maximum of six posts. It wasn't because it was bad, but... my partner never ended up showing back up. :( It really frustrates me, since that happened to me a handful of times.

On another note, were your roleplay gems forum-based or chat-based? Just trying to get an idea where the best roleplaying experience lies in people's opinion.
Mine was in the roleplaying forum at GaiaOnline. You have to really look to find good roleplays there, but they do exist.
Heimdall Topic Starter Moderator

You flatter me so much, Ed. You're going to bloat my ego to ridonkulous proportions. <3

All my best RPs were on the game Furcadia--then again, that's where I've been doing pretty much ALL my RP for the past five years. The five years before that were a blend of Furcadia and forums. (I've had some epic stuff go down on forums too, but they're a bit hazier in my mind!)
If not for browser bookmarks, I'd probably be pretty hazy on my old roleplays, too. XD

But work like that deserves flattery! And ego-stroking! And back-patting, and fangirl/boying!
You're ego deserves stroking for that plot, Heimderp. It was a damn good plot. Not to mention Ulrin discovered a new use for rope thanks to it ;D
So yeah, my RP gem is the same as Wizard's. And I'm hoping we'll be plenty of others like it in Skuldhellir!
Dragonfire Moderator

Hmm. Probably the best tidbit of RP that I've participated in on Furc was a long-term plot run by a friend of mine in a kitsune-themed dream. The villian was in disguise, made very good friends with my priest character, generally set himself up to be seen as a totally nice guy - and no one actually saw or recognized, OOCly, that he'd been the one pulling the strings behind the malicious attacks that had been going on until he finally launched his minions, destroyed a good section of the dream, and killed his good-hearted wife all in one blow. That my priest had been kinda crushing on the wife since before she'd gotten married/mated to the villian was just another twist of the knife, ahah.
There was a lot of neat things going on throughout that storyline, though, including taking a curse off the aforementioned wife (before she was killed, of course) that involved getting fourteen different roleplayers together and posting, all at the same time, hehe.

The game that I originally played Rhaetia in was a great one, too - it held together for years, reached a logical conclusion, and everyone enjoyed the ride along the way. Unfortunately, my favourite storyline probably would take ages to explain, so I'll just have to assure you that some awesome stuff went down, chairs and goblets of lemonade were smashed, people were shipped in boxes across borders, and no one important died from the great hulking demonic undead monstrosity.
I've had quite a few favorite RPs, actually.

One of them involved my character's plot to take down the Commander of the guard force in the keep she lived at. He also happened to be her boss. It all started when she started getting chummy with evil warlocks. She got in a fight with her Commander about it, complained to one of the warlocks, then he sent a gruesome warning to the Commander in the form of a decapitated head with a note stuck to it. That led to my character getting arrested and threatened with execution, as a bluff to draw out her protector. It worked, and he got beheaded and exploded. :D

Then after that, the Commander got turned into a tiny pixie, and my character happened upon him somewhere outside the borders of the fort. She seized the opportunity- and him- and tormented him along with her lich master. Then his mate came along and it got ugly, with her backed in a corner threatening to bite his head off. Then she tossed him and his mate beat the living snot out of her. Good times.

Then, also, there was the siege by the undead army. Fighting during the siege was fun. My character got cool burn scars from the experience and actually managed to hack down an enemy.

I also liked the brief plot I had where my character was blood nursing a vampire.

Oh, oh! And then there was an RP where my character met a lich and a light mage in the woods, and they accidentally uncovered an undead chaos bird-beast that attacked them. The battle was epic, and then they found a tomb full of treasure underneath it, including blood magic books, which led to an interesting rivalry between my character and the master of the light mage tower. He confiscated the books from her- which she allowed him to do, mercifully, because she didn't feel like killing anyone- and then she kidnapped his apprentice in order to get the books back. Lots of drama in that one. She tricked him into thinking she had buried his apprentice in a grave with the use of illusions, and she made him cry. :)

Hahaha, very tl;dr.
Ben Moderator

I think my favourite RP ever was conducted on a forum, rather than in-game. It was a forum for a Furcadia dream, though. The plot was so large, that forums were the only way to play it out.

Some furc players may or may not remember the Darkarma family, some may or may not remember Spellcarver. Well, he decided to invade a Kingdom belonging to a member of said family, a Kingdom that I happened to be roleplaying in at the time. The force that Spellcarver attacked with was overwhelming - he fielded 10,000, made up of undead foot soldiers, demon cavalry, and mortal magi. He broke through the magical defenses that he himself designed, and all in all, things were looking pretty grim for the Kingdom of Ki'Est. It had good defenders, but the size of the force was small. So one day Narsuun, my character, disappeared on his giant bird mount, a Scarhawk.

Just before the siege begun, Narsuun returned alongside 950 Raptor Knights riding Scarhawks, and seven airships filled with ballistae, and groups of magi. Because it was done through forum posts, Spellcarver and I engaged in a complex battle of tactics with our NPCs, while PC members of the dream got stuck in to the fight and advanced the plot. We played a chess game over the forums, that affected, and was supplemented by in-game roleplays between characters, epic bursts of combat, and an overarching plot to find the only thing that could defeat Spellcarver before Narsuun's forces were finally overrun. In the end the opposing army was forced to retreat and Narsuun sent his troops home 500 lighter, though enemy losses numbered in the multiples of thousands. It is one of the fondest memories I have of any roleplay I've done in a Furcadia continuity.
Some of my most treasured RP experiences are the simplest and most mundane everyday events ever. A father bonding with a troubled step-son while sharing manual labor preparing for winter; a step-daughter finally bridging the gap between herself and her step-mother after two years of tense gameplay; children coming to terms with the fact that their parents are not who they thought they were. I think family dynamics are often overlooked and ignored in roleplay in favor of grander, more epic plotlines that, while exciting, don't quite help me bond to my characters. And there's gotta be a bond there... otherwise I'm not going to care what happens to 'em. :P
Ben Moderator

Oh, I definitely agree there. But you don't get the epic RPs very often - that's part of what makes them epic, and what makes them stand out. Moments of emotional truth, I find, are also a little harder to come by, so I do see where you're coming from. A little part of myself goes into all my characters, even the evil bastards.
Kim Site Admin

thoreau wrote:
I think family dynamics are often overlooked and ignored in roleplay in favor of grander, more epic plotlines that, while exciting, don't quite help me bond to my characters. And there's gotta be a bond there... otherwise I'm not going to care what happens to 'em. :P

I. ADORE. family dynamics in RP. Especially when they're a little bit weird and even if they're lovey dovey, still contain tensions here and there. Perfection is boring. ;)
I once did a short-lived (by which I mean it didn't even get a full two pages, she was a very slow replier) roleplay in which I played a little girl and my partner played a grown man. Her character was mentally deficient, mine was six years old and abandoned, and they were adorable together, since she took care of him more than the other way around. I love playing children- they have such an odd and wonderful way of looking at the world. I really like the plot we used and I'd like to play that one through to the end someday- I bet that would be a real gem. ^^

That, and I just adore Symphony. Really. She's so cute. X3
Kicking this thread up to reply. Couldn't help it. xD

I have had many awesome role plays with my character Unoma ( Feral role play). Her story itself is just epic.

First off, she was turned into a vampire only to have her creators fight against her when she tried to kill her brother since he killed their father. Which ended in her brother going crazy and kidnapping one of the vampires and disappearing into a Shadow Realm.
Then after she joined up with the vampires to fight with them they are attacked by others a part of an enemy pack called Evil Wind which lead to her showing her true Demon form and opening a level of hell, killing the main enemy but only for her enemy to trick Death and come back to life. There are two pages of a comic made into that. I'm not sure if she is going to finish the comic of that fight, but it was epic.

Then after all that Cerberus the Queen of Hell finds out she is helping the vampires and is ordered to kill them, but instead the leader of the Vampires finds out about it and Unoma doesn't fight back which leads to her death.
Of course that isn't all, she was reborn in a new body and started something called the Army of the Forbidden which was a group of nasty, hell hounds and sadistic killers. She lead that group for a while till she tried to go home and Death turned her into a Statue saying she was to powerful so now she is frozen as a statue.

I have had many others. Like one time I made a plot to where the wolves ( This was a straight wolf forum, all humans were dead) went back into time and were transferred into human bodies. It died out, but the plot itself has it's own forum now that someone else created.

I have way to many to count. They were all so much fun.
Remedial tank crew RP. It was between me and my friend and it still makes me happy to think of it. We had a stoner driver, a gunner-chick with 12 accounts or arson and one account of murder (He didn't move fast enough) A radio guy with terrets, a ammo tech with add and the sane guy holding them all togeather. It was glorious! SO VERY GLORIOUS.
What a gem to find at the bottom of the Marianas trench!

RPs that stand the test of time.... there were a few back 'in the old days' on The One Ring. Shadow Over Arnor... The Nameless Inn... The Hidden City... The Fords of Isen... so many! It was where I first interacted with the woman who would become my wife eight years later, and we were just talking just a bit ago as we wrote in a Gondor Kin Strife RP about how we 'met' online and the many RPs we have written together over the years! We go back and read some of that stuff and some of it was a bit shallow, but it was all memorable blocks, along with the Lord of the Rings movies, that helped build our beautiful loving relationship that stands the test of time!
There were a few that I did a while ago on Discord, mostly the Orion plot I was running. It had a lot of unique locations and really spooky moments too. Though I can't quite seem to keep anyone, I managed to make it into quite a good time. Especially when there was a little plot twist that was quite suprising!

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