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Things happened!

So, essentially, Twitter banned me and I got big sad so I went searching for RP sites. ...Annnnnnnnnnnnd, I dunno how to use this one! I'm used to rping on Twitter/Facebook formatted sites, so, the whole Forum thing just has me confused, and this seems like an intro Fourm, so, imma fill it.

I'll learn this eventually.

For now, hi, to all who see this, I'm going to by Cyan, and do the things that I'm gonna do.

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Hi and welcome to RPR!
Cyan Topic Starter

Thanks, hopefully I pick things up well enough.
Welcome! The strength of RP Repository is the character slots where you can get really creative. You can RP in a chat as well as Private message or on the public forum. Hope you have fun here!
Cyan Topic Starter

I thank you for you wisdom!
Welcome to the family! I hope you find what you are looking for here.
Cyan Topic Starter

Hey man, if I can find friends, I will, regardless of platform, you know?
Hello and welcome! I hope you make a lot of new friends and have a ton of fun RPs!
Cyan Topic Starter

I hope.

I think I'm getting hang of the fourm part
Hello Cyan and welcome to RPR! I hope you find friends amongst our continually growing community!
Cyan Topic Starter

I will try.
People RP on Twitter? I had no idea... Welcome though, I’m new too. This site seems pretty easy to get used to.
Is anyone there
Cyan Topic Starter

Yes, to Twitter.

And yes to being here,
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3
Kim Site Admin


Did you know you can turn any forum topic into a chat? :D It's true! Use the "launch chat" button at the top. :D

When it comes to starting RPs, most people start in the Looking For RP forum to find some other players. There's also a search tool that will help you find what you're looking for within that forum - click "Find RP" in the top menu, then "join game" then scroll to the bottom to adjust your preferences for game types. If you want more info on using that search tool, here's a handy help article.

If you end up joining someone else's RP, they'll let you know the details about how to join in.

If you're starting up your own RP, you have a few choices about how to proceed once you've found a RP partner or two.
  1. You can just create a RP topic on one of our 3 public RP forums: General Roleplay, Sci-Fi Roleplay and Fantasy RP. Keep in mind that because these areas are public, you'll have to make sure the RP stays in the PG-13ish range.
  2. You can choose to RP via private messages, and just create a new conversation thread with all your RP partners as recipients. Since this is private, the only rules that tend to apply are not to do OOC illegal things and be nice to your RP partners OOC.
  3. If you're going to have a whole lot of people in your RP, or the RP setting is going to be very strictly defined and you want to have a place to store world building information alongside it, you might consider starting your own group. This gives you access to profile building tools for the group, but also to creating your very own forums!
  4. In some cases, you and your RP partner might even decide to use some other messenger or game to RP on.
Heya, welcome to RPR. You'll find lots of awesome people, places, things, verbs, adjectives, nouns.... you name it! Happy gaming!! See ya around! <3
Well, that was quick.
Rogue-Scribe wrote:
Well, that was quick.

Yep, your totally right.

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