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Hello, dearest members of RPrepository,

I am LilyGrace, a new member that is happy to greet you! I generally enjoy romance roleplays with elegant characters, my favorite being Princess Peach (who was already made as my first character). If you have any interest in conversing with me, I'd be happy to talk with anyone!

To let you know, I'm quite a Nintendo fan, so if you wish to discuss anything with me about the subject I'd be elated. You can also talk with me about playing a Nintendo role, as I would be surely happy to play as many.

Also, I tend to be well versed in a number of geeky topics. I have played DnD, I read manga, and I follow along with popular comic culture to a degree. Feel free to chat or reach out for a role-play with me anytime!

Thank you very much for your attention. I look forward to interacting with this community.
Hello and welcome LilyGrace! Princess Peach looks Peachy!
May you find much fun and friends many here on RP Repository!
LilyGrace Topic Starter

"Thank you kindly! She is always looking Peachy, haha!"

I'm happy about your fast reply! It makes me feel very welcome despite it being 3am. I hope for many fun adventures for your characters in this place as well.
Good morning then! It's good getting new members who love to write! I'm in Australia so it's only 7PM Saturday.
I've managed to have some great adventures here and storys many have been made.
LilyGrace Topic Starter

Ah! How fascinating. I did not expect this to reach individuals on the other side of the globe. I'm just up late in the United States.

That sounds lovely, I'm happy you are enjoying yourself. I heard the community here was lovely. So I thought I'd check it out.
Hello and welcome to the site! I hope you're finding your way around okay.

If you're ready to find people to write with, you can always use the Find RP tool or check out the Looking for RP forum.

Cheers to making new friends and finding lots of fun RPs to be a part of!
LilyGrace Topic Starter

Thank you MissPixie.
I adore your magic potato. I'll be sure to utilize those tools at a more reasonable hour for people.
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!!!!<3<3<3<3

And welcome to RPR~

There are plenty of people all around the globe here~ It is quite the hotspot. There are plenty of people from all corners and walks of life with their own unique stories and characters to show off and tell~ I hope you stay awhile and let us see what you have in store!
Hey there, welcome to RPR! I hope you have a lot of fun here! Be sure to check out the forums once you're ready!
LilyGrace Topic Starter

Hello, Thank you everyone for all your welcomes while I was away!
Hello! Welcome to RPR. I hope you'll have a lovely-wonderful time here! :)

There are plenty of things to do in the forums, and there are threads to show what's what. There are also Groups, which are fun, and there are various areas where you can find different fans of different things. :P The Find RP and Looking For RP tool and forum, respectively, are pretty useful for that sorta thing. :) :) Also, there are plenty of helpful things in the dropdown menu, including a Help section with a directory of sorts, a forum, and I believe even an FAQ somewhere. Or something. Huhuhuh. :P :) :D
I also like Nintendo! Hehe. I enjoy Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and some Mario games, as well as Super Smash and a couple StarFox games and Gauntlet... Yeah. :D :3 :) ;) :D
How about you, do you like many Nintendo games besides the ones with Princess Peach? 👑 🌺 🍑 Hehe!
I always loved Yoshi a little. Hahahaha. But Peach is pretty great too, and Mario and the others. As characters, I mean. I think. I didn't play a whole lot of those games.
Ahh, let's see... As a nerd, I'm into reading, DnD as well (yay!), and a few other things like anime, magazines (manga and stuff woo!), and some other stuff. >.> :) :P :P :)
Uhhmmmm, well, let's see... If you ever want to talk, I'm available sometimes on here and I can do that if you want. Just throw ideas about a bit, gently, and talk about... Like... Juice and stuff. I don't know. Glitter confetti? Mario doodles? Haha. Uh, let's see, if you ever wanna check out any of my RPs for some reason, let me know and I'll show you around my groups or whatever. This is super presumptuous of course. Hahaha. Uhhh. There's a Halloween event going on right now! You could check that out if you're interested. They're very fun on here, from my experience. :) Anyway, I guess I might see you around! I mean we might not, but we'll see what we'll see, huh? Anyway! That's about it from me!

Have a great time, be kind, let your creativity go all shawooom shawoosh shabam, press the mod request button if you want to request a mod, and just generally have fun! Be good, stay cool! Warm! Whatever you prefer! Hahaha. See you around (or not), hope you make some friends here (if you want to), and..... Yeah! :P Now, byebye! :) :) :) :) :) :) :P :D ;D :3 :) :P :) :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Hello and Welcome to the RPR!!!

If you need any help with anything of just want to goof off send me a PM!!

Welcome to the community!

Honestly everyone here is really kind and there are a bunch of creative people !

I deeply enjoy romantic roleplays as well, and would love to try my hand at more enchanting romances if you would ever wish to delight in that with me. I'd love to create a new guy and try it out! ^^

Regardless warmest welcomes!
Hello! Welcome to RPR!
Oh dear. It seems I am quite late welcoming you to RPR! Please excuse my tardiness. You seem like an absolutely lovely person, and I am a Nintendo fan myself! Recently I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Sword and Animal Crossing New Horizons. I hope you enjoy your stay! <3

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