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Kudos for Jenamore

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Jenamore is an extraordinarily welcoming and friendly presence in any community. She creates and drives excellent plot, and plays complex characters who are both lovable and hatable in the best ways! Everything she does is for the good of the story, and that is THE COOLEST. - Ben

  • I've been given the opportunity to work with Jena on several occasions, and though we haven't RPed, I've become intimately familiar with a few of her characters through art. She has some awesome designs -- I really love Rexington especially. He's a ton of fun to draw, but it's also great to see older characters running around. I look forward to hopefully getting the chance to know her better in the future, as I love what I've seen so far! :) - Auberon

  • REXINGTON (played by Jenamore)
    I love Rex. I hate Rex. I love to hate Rex. He's disgusting, crass and improprietous—but it's just so wonderful to watch him push your characters' buttons time and time again with laser-guided, heat-seeking precision. - Billie

  • While Jena's prowess as a writer is undeniable in all aspects, her greatest strength—in my humble opinion—is her characterization. Though incredibly lovely out-of-character, you'll find her grumpy, hunky men delightfully hateable from the word go! So few writers can cleanly separate themselves from the characters they portray and the traits they exude, and it's really refreshing to see in action. - Billie

  • Jen's very talented at playing a wide variety of character types and her posts are ones you always look forward to as you're never too sure how exactly her characters are going to respond. It's just a shame I can hardly catch her for RP these days, but timezones likely play a big part in that! - FishyFi

  • Well thought out characters with engaging and often unexpected posts to go along with them! It's amazing how she can realistically portray so many different characters -- they all seem so 'human', with all those complexities instead of just fitting neatly into clichés. RP with her definitely tends to have some bends in the road! - Rose

  • REXINGTON (played by Jenamore)
    Jenamore really brings what you can tell is her favorite character truly to life. She stays true to a character that time and time again surprises me. I absolutely love rping with him and can't wait for the next adventure! - Paliana

  • There is something I just love about interacting with Jenamore. In character and out she inspires me to improve my abilities and better my characters!

    Thanks Jena! You're the best! - Paliana

  • Jenamore is straight up amazing. There aren't many people that have made me LITERALLY laugh out loud during RP, but she has many many times. Each time I RP with her I get inspired to RP better myself. And as a person she's just as wonderful. She's among those that have made me feel welcome since returning from a long Furc hiatus and I always look forward to RPing with her. Seriously, RP with her if you get the chance! You won't regret it. - Lolitaris

  • Whilst I haven't known Jenamore for very long, every RP with her is fun, whether it's confrontational or not - In the case of Rexi-poo, it usually is! And whilst her character may be pretty angry, she is lovely!

    This girl is amazing and you should RP with her ASAP. - Tetttiva

  • Jenamore is so awesome. As a person, and as a roleplayer. She is eloquent, funny, and I'm sure she smells fabulous! Every single encounter with her is incredibly entertaining, and always something I look forward to. Jenamore is the best of the best. <3 - PookaPanda