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Status Update


7/7/20- Doing better. Still struggling occasionally to get all my responses out due to having started too many rps and loving them all too much to drop any. But just personally, day to day, I'm doing better. Oh, I also bought several cheap puzzle games on the Steam summer sale so...yea. >.>


Additional Update: I am currently accepting/seeking out new rps but very conditionally. If you and I had an old rp that got lost in the chaos of an infant that refused to sleep and you want to continue it, hit me up. We'll see if I'm still feeling it. If you have an rp idea for one of my characters, hit me up. We'll see if I'm feeling it. For now though unless I message you first, the answer is most likely going to be a polite 'No' unless you can really really wow/tempt me.

About Me

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I'm a working mother of a ridiculous four year old and his precocious baby sister which limits my ability to game in person, so I'm here to get my fix! I'm experienced in 3.5 DnD, Pathfinder and Gurps. I did tons of free form rp in World of Warcraft and just with online friends. I'm all about character and storytelling (which is good because dice/rngs hate me for unknown reasons).

If you are interested, below are links to a few of my favorite short stories, just as a sample of my writing. These are pretty old, but it may at least give you an idea of my level of creativity.

The White Room - Semi-autobiographical in nature

Glory - NSFW Fantasy

Closure in Thief's Clothing - Something that started as an experiment in dialogue, Fantasy

Rp Preferences

It's all in here.

I enjoy all genres though my preferred are fantasy and romance and to a lesser extent sci fi. I also consider myself a member of most nerdy fandoms though I prefer OC's to cannon characters. I'm willing to do smut if it serves the story but I don't do non-consent and, due to that silly 'being a mom' thing, I don't like to include the harming or molestation of children in my rps. If that's a part of your character's backstory, that's fine. That's character building. I just don't want to actively participate in that sort of rp. It makes my heart hurt.

If you would like to rp but don't see a character that speaks to you or fits a story idea you have, still feel free to contact me. I'm always willing to try something or someone new. Just ask!

When You Can Expect to Hear from Me

Questions answered!

I'm generally available during the day most days (that's PST) unless my husband has the day off. When will that be, you ask?


OC ideas so I don't forget

Chinchilla Anthro?
Centaur of...some kind (Nightmare maybe?)

Rave Reviews

Dndmama is an excellent writer. The RP we have going on right now is dense and interesting, full of drama and suspense without a single boring moment. This is due to how active she is moving the plot forward. She's excellent when it comes to OOC communication, always open to discuss plot points and even roll for some scenarios, adding even more mystery to our mystery RP. If you want a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat then definitely RP with her! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Gear
No clue how this person doesn't have more than a single kudos on her page. She's not only an incredible writer, excelling in many areas, but she's also one of the most genuinely kind people I have met. I mean, she is just phenomenal at depicting her characters and letting their personalities shine. Not only that, she is great at coming up with ideas that will have you anticipating them days or weeks ahead of their implementation. Anybody reading this, message her! You won't regret it! - OkaruAudo

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