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Kudos for Kamizombie

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Kamizombe is a very good roleplay. I have multiple roleplays going on with them. A lot of characters to choose from! Creative ideas Long posts - Duskblade

  • Very fun and detailed roleplays, very considerate and has great characters.
    Very friendly and easy to get along with, but also very mature and responsible. Wonderful writer Concise posts - PunkTown

  • Kamizombie is an amazing writer who gives just the right amount of detail to drive the plot forward but not overwhelm. Her replies are well worth waiting for. If you’re considering RPing with her, shoot her a PM, she is helpful and kind during the planning stage. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I just started RPing with Kami--but let me say, I already adore their writing style. How does someone write so perfectly and leave me on the edge of my seat even when no action is happening?! Kami is also very sweet and nice out of RP and very interactive and always helps with brainstorming. I honestly think they are a great person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KilNi

  • Kami is one of my oldest and dearest friends and has RP'd with me for going on 8 years. We had one RP go for 7 full years and I am enjoying every time we work on an RP. He's wonderful, he's wise and he's one of the best writers I know. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Gaeilge_Banrion

  • Kami is one of my longest and best rps friends for such a long time. They are patient and a great role player with a wide variation of roleplays and its always exciting to see what happens next in their replies ^^ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - LyricalPanda

  • Bless Kami for sticking around for so long! I've known him for a while now, and the stories we've written have varied much over the years. Despite that, he places strong importance on the plot and the development of the characters, leaving a lot of space to be explored in each interaction. This is a great feat to be found in a writer, although it doesn't mean he can't do more humorous takes as well. I'm also grateful for his patience, quite frankly. He's a great partner to begin any story with! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - MerAkko

  • For seven wonderful years, I've had the honor to RP with Kamizombie on 5 different platforms. He's diverse, considerate and one of the best writers I know. There is no greater gift on this planet than a fantastic partner, and Kami has set the bar for optimal RP partners very high. If you are looking for a great RP with a long term story, please consider RPing with my dear friend, Kamizombie. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Gaeilge_Banrion

  • The embodiment of a challenge, Kami keeps me on my toes when it comes to artistic products. The biggest reason to my new experiences, sending me to new heights. Not only this, but also a person with an imagination unbound. Unafraid of the unknown, Kami is an awesome person to bounce ideas to. Often finding yourself far from where you started or didnt know you'd go. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - SilentSybil

  • I am so grateful to have such a fun writing partner. I have been writing with Kami the longest, and I can easily call him a good friend. I adore getting to come up with creative storylines with him, and even more so I enjoy his friendship. He is up front, honest, and straight forward. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Hadeslicious

  • Orochi is someone I consider to be a close friend. He is magical in many ways, and he is a great writer. He can make a character for literally anything, it boggles my mind. But the best part is getting the pleasure of making this man laugh and turning him into a giggling schoolgirl. You are the best, my Dude! We've been through some stuff and I am so glad to still have you close, get to joke, game, and watch you grow. I adore you. <3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Demilicious

  • I've given Kami kudos before in the past, but you know what, he deserves more. He's really a great and understanding person, and he deals with my long reply times and the times where my writing quality wavers horribly without any complaints. He's patient, and creative, and can craft fun and interesting worlds and ideas. I'd definitely suggest giving a story with him a try. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - PrinceLacrima

  • Kami has been an amazing rp partner and client. His characters are well thought out and filled with a deep lore. It always surprises me how hes able to keep so much information in that brain of his. His writing is very good and at first I was a little overwhelmed but he was very patient with me and we were able to work out one of my favorite rps so far. As a client he is very patient and willing to let me take artistic initiatives on things. Please rp with kami Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - InquisitorCat

  • What's funny is the fact that you probably already know Kami!!! They are one of the most outgoing and engaging individuals I think I have ever seen on RPR! Every day they are pumping out new characters, new RP prompts, and just fun topics of conversation among the network of RP partners they have created! Then finally, the RP's themselves?! This is one dedicated and creative individual with no lack of material for any scene, across all genres! Keep it cruising, Kami! RockStar! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - EnkeliAgon

  • I've encountered Kami mainly through the unofficial RPR Discord chat and they're brilliantly hilarious, amusing, and always nice. They offer advice if people need it and they always add great commentary to any conversation that's going on. Looking at their roster of characters, it's impressive and I loved reading through each of them as they're really well-written. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - MissPixie

  • He has been one of my longest online friends. I have known him since 2005. He has a vast creative spirit and the patience to match. Kami makes sure to check in on people and see how they are doing. He is always willing to work with people on ideas and move the plot along. His characters are all fantastic and he is a joy to write with. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Krispythekritter

  • It has been great to be able to roleplay in settings I never have before with this player. Being able to scratch an itch when it comes to settings I've been a fan of for some time has been very gratifying. This writer has awesome ideas and plots, and their characters are beautifully written. Their posts are always a treat, and give plenty of fodder for my own response. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - JustaBitEvil

  • This man is a powerhouse of roleplay, and has an immense reservoir of creativity to draw from. I have always been impressed by his ability to juggle so many characters and writing partners and recently I have come to see his wisdom in how he manages his replies and stories. Kudos for experience and dedication! :D Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - DorianM

  • Started an RP with this one and havent regretted it one moment! Responses are always quality and Im having a fun time with the RP we have going.

    Things sure do look quite intresting in the rp and Im so psyched to see where its headed. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - JoJoApples

  • Though we've had a bit of trouble getting ourselves and characters together to have a long term and well standing RP, I think we've got it pretty good now even if it's just at the beginning. They might take a bit longer to post than most but when they do it's always worth the wait. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - MercyInReach