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Kudos for Highjinx

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Oh my wonderful Jinx. She has such a wild imagination and is so great at creating not just characters but whole settings/worlds/stories. There is always something new coming out of this leopards mind. On top of her fantastic writing skills she is an amazing artist. She has done so many beautiful pieces for me. I just want her to draw my entire list for me! So whether you are looking for a brilliant artist or a fantastic story've come to the right place. - TornBySanity

  • It was purely by chance that we got to meet and from day one, we simply clicked. It is true that we have simply not had the pleasure of putting together our muses to see the wonderful tales that result but I can vouch that our occasional conversations are certainly some of the most delightful. You have been nothing but wonderful and quite insightful yourself. Your characters are some of the most well-written I have come across that I believe we should definitely RP someday soon.~ - Silverspeare

  • Highjinx is a gifted artist who's always producing stunning artwork! I'm always excited to see what she's drawing next. :) Besides her art she's also got a massive collection of characters; I'm certain she's got something for everyone in there! She's super friendly and approachable, so don't be afraid to give her a call and see if she's up for a game. :D - Sanne

  • I met Jinx through RPR and boy was I glad I did! She is a wonderful artist with such a vivid imagination. She really brings your characters to life through her magic. As an added bonus she is wicked fun to RP with! She has such a vast amount of characters and so many well thought out ideas you can't help but enjoy the stories you create together. - TornBySanity

  • Fabulous is what you may call Jinxers, lady of details and backstory thinker, but I and others agree that she is also rather gracious! Free of stress and any sort of mess, no RP or commission can be without success! - Limeface

  • I had an RP with Jinx before, and it was so much fun. Her characters are so diverse and interact well. I miss RPing with her, and I recommend her highly for anyone who is looking for a great story. - kuroi_neko

  • This wonderful artist here is good at just about everything! (Except taking compliments perhaps). All of her characters are very well thought out with back stories for the readers entertainment and details that just bring the character alive in your mind. Plus she does amazing work drawing those characters (as well as other peoples!) and bringing you face to face with the image she'd painted with words. Plus who doesn't want a snuggly snow leopard for a friend when you need great cuddles!? - TornBySanity

  • What a wonderful Snow Leopard you are! A talented artist, creator of simply fantastic characters, and friendly person to chat with, everyone who calls you a friend is lucky to have you around! - Strangedisease

  • My dearest leopard of the snow, what a talented artist she is! Not only with her drawing abilities, but the characters and backstories she crafts! One of my favorite people, the downest of days always turn around when I get to chat with her! <3 - Luvable

  • Highjinx has an array of extremely deeply developed characters. Just reading through their profiles, you feel like you know them before your first post. She's an extremely talented writer and it shows in every piece of our RPR experience with her! Not only that, but she does her homework! She's very knowledgeable on what's important to her characters and it shows. - f0x1nth3b0x

  • Jinx is an amazing person that I have had the pleasure of meeting through RPR. She's always fun to chat with, has the most amusing pics to link to, and her characters are so deep and well-thought out that any RP is an adventure to embark upon. I've really enjoyed getting to know her and I know you will too! (And for a snow leopard, she types amazingly well!) <3 - PenGryphon2007

  • Jinxy cat jinxy cat..I <3 you! Anyway. So this woman here..she will always give you wonderful and thought out RPs! There will be things you'd never even thought of!! She always makes you feel like you are delving deep into the story with her RPs - TornBySanity

  • Jinx is a very talented artist, and is super good at capturing the little details on your characters. I love commissioning her when I have the chance! She's also got some of the most well put together profiles I've seen. Each character has a little story that gives you just enough information so that you want to know what happened next! <3 - Loki

  • Highjinx is awesome to RP with! Bursting with ideas, and awesomesauce characters, the trouble isn't finding a character to play with, it's finding just one! - Strangedisease

  • Jinx is am amazingly talented artist and a super friendly person. I love roleplaying with her and just chatting. She has extremely well laid out profiles that make it easy and fun to find out information on her characters. - f0x1nth3b0x

  • Jinx is an amazing person, friendly, fun, and engaging to chat with that I couldn't wait to RP with her. Her characters are amazingly indepth and I don't think you could pick a bad one if you tried! The detail she includes in her posts only accentuates her characters and makes for a grand time! Keep it up, Jinx! <3 - PenGryphon2007

  • Herro! I want to RP with Jinx so bad but I haz not yet. She's so considerate of others even when she's busy!! I hope I get the honor of actually RPing with you Jinx! <3 - DontBeTrippin

  • Jinx is an awesome chat, and has some incredibly well thought out characters as well, worth checking out! - Strangedisease

  • Highjinx is one of the most talented rpers I know, and her characters are all fabulously well created. If you rp with her, you wont ever regret it. <3 - Limeface

  • Although Highjinx hasn't even been around the site for a month, she's been a total sweetheart by welcoming new members and being actively involved with... well, everything! :D - Sanne