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Everyone's got baggage!

Indeed. I'll have to make a character sheet of myself some time. xD

Oh wow. I have kudos! Thanks. ^^

For me it just sucks cause my personality is absolutely not a good match for my dad's views. When he says "Suck it up, man up and keep going no matter what", what I actually need is "Slow down, sit down, talk about it and let's work on dealing with this rather than ignoring it". It's one of the big reasons I'm in therapy because I spent all my life suppressing everything that bothered me rather than deal with it.

You're welcome!

Was he a military man? I often encounter that "carry on" mentality in ex-soldiers.

Now I often don't know what to do when I'm stressed, I can't push on like my dad tells me and then I'm stuck and just spiral downwards.

He served in the army, yeah.

I remember talking to Reima about something similar the other day, actually. There was a TED Talk discussing recent findings on depression, and typically, the people who acknowledged their unhappiness were the ones who were better at managing it.

Soldiering on, typically, doesn't work very well for most people.

It's probably why I'm so open about it now. I don't feel shame in my conditions, I have them, but they don't define me. Most people won't know something's wrong unless I tell them. I'm very aware of how I function and by educating people close to me on how I work, it helps them to better work with me too.

When you consider that supposedly 50% of people will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime, it's kind of ridiculous that we still tread so lightly around the topic.

My boyfriend's never really had to deal with mental and physical long-term illnesses and he often doesn't really get why I'm frequently so low, so I make it a point to be transparent about how I feel and why I feel that way. It helps so massively in maintaining a good relationship. Same with all my friends.

Yeah, there's a huge stigma surrounding mental illness to the point where friends of an ill person try to convince them they're not ill, there's nothing wrong with them etc. Ultimately making it worse.

It's a bit like that with my wife too. She's been very patient over the years, and learned how my anxiety works. It was a very alien concept for her to begin with.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)