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Hiya to ya both! :D

And maybe. I dunno, I can't remember of another more unhuman character (apart from the Lady of the Lake) in this Mythos. But yeah, Elis is only a side character. And also obviously neutrally aligned.

I'm fine. Worrying about plots.

Pretty good. Procrastinating as usual. ^^;

Its hard to find some simple RPs.

Is shipping time in between the US and Europe measured in days or weeks?

Max - what do you mean?

No idea ^^; I don't order much from the US. I once ordered a few (sort of ^^;...) books from America and it took a couple of weeks to get here.

In my case it has been weeks.

Its hard to find RPs that get my interest.


Max - what are your interests?

Guys, if I go silent, it's probably because my internet's going wild. But yeah, what're your interest, Max? :)


*glomps Mist*



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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)