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mega farfetch'd too would be glorious.

I remember that some people get upset when discussions about Pokemon take over chats so I figured I'd revive the Pokemon thread so we can geek the heck out there. c:

Well that's helpful. Don't know if I'd talk there, though. I', more comfortable talking to with you guys

I'm sure if it's just us nobody minds. ;) But when more people pop into chat I'd hate to have the topic be only Pokemon that leaves non-players out


it's a good suggestion, and i mean nothing personal with this, but i feel that if moving somewhere else would stifle conversation here it might be best to wait to move when more people show up. there's been times in chat where discussions between two people about very specific topics have spanned several pages, and having a chat here about a topic that's popular right now might encourage new members to drop in.

i say this because i've been in situations where fandom talk has bored me, but the chat were only for general life stuff and not the occasional fandom talk we'd fragment into tiny interest-related groups instead of mingling.

apologies for the small essay, just something that i've had a think about before and i'd be interested to hear opinions on.

Sounds good to me

I've also been on the end where I didn't join a chat conversation because a topic had been spanning pages and I didn't want to interfere. I think both sides are totally legit. :)

Also I'm pretty sure I always laugh more at these because of Mark's laughter than the videos being actually funny. XD

Preemptive warning that there might be strong language in the video. Not 100%. <.<

oh, that's my POV too, i tend to come back later when that happens. i was mentioning that there's been times where two-person discussions that would have been better suited to PMs has happened in chat so i could compare with a pokemon talk that involves more people, but i personally prefer either way that it keeps the chat active rather than empty.

the issue with directing people to specific threads for chatter i feel is it might discourage people from speaking here out of worry they're isolating others with their mentions of fandoms, and newbies tend to have a lot of anxiety about joining chats to begin with.

this video still gets me - (possible swears also)

i have such a love-hate relationship with glitter. i'm trying to use it for christmas fimo charms and even when i try not to breathe there's more on the sofa and floor than the clay. >.>

Well I'll have to disagree with that, as I've personally only seen the situation I mentioned happen, where people got discouraged from joining chat because they were unable to inject their own geeking out into a long winding discussion. It's happened to me plenty and it feels crappy, so I don't want anyone else to feel that way. Having a dedicated topic to a specific subject is what the forum topics are for. They are just as easily turned into chats, so I genuinely don't see the issue.

Oh my god I haven't seen the Photobooth video yet.

there's a second one too, they're one of his finest moments imo.

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