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Oh, daylight saving time went away so the site had some issues with things that were posted shortly before the switch

ah thanks

Can you do us a favor and send a bug report about it to Kim? It probably only happens once a year but if people are unable to use the site properly in that hour it's something worth bringing up

I'll do what I can :)

You can submit it here, it helps linking to the PM convo where it happened too. :)

alright. but first lemme finish my LoL game :d

No rush XD

bb quotes are dangerous tho

I can just write anything in the quote and say that it is a quote :v

What are bb quotes?

bb is the textformating system rpr uses

Ooh, I think they call it BBCode

same you see in games like tribal wars or other browser based games. Yes, but BB is shorter :3

Man I wish there was a knitting skill in the Sims. At least I can knit plenty during loading screens lol

but can Kim even see the message if I link it?

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)