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I'm not sure how time zone and school fit together for that. <.< But yay school!

Hi Nova :D


Don't mind me. Just updating legal policies... in pieces, since I gotta HTML it ll up... so boring... x.x



I'm just knitting. My arms are super sore.

I'm doing nuffing

*rubs Sanne's arms to un-sore-ify them*

Scribe - I could give ya my work. :D

(Actually no I can't. I could prolly be sued if I did.)

And I'd have no idea what to do.

I'm just a measly widdle student.

I'm sore but I'm surprisingly relaxed. I started knitting the moment I woke up, and I've been knitting all day long. It's 10:20pm now and I'm still going. I'm waiting for Ross to come home and consider loading up on more caffeine so I can do some work later still.

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