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Timing! >.<

And yeah, writing on phones kinda sucks. :/

Well, that fancy drinking cup is hopefully back on track!

Also, I finished Tom.

About time, too.



Sorry if I disappear from time to time, playing .

Sorry, I keep forgetting I'm on the chat.

I know that feel. XD

I hate to complain, but this early summer isn't being very kind.

I had to call in the cavalry of Mountain Dew.

XD This kid took me ages to write out. Villains are fun, though.


Ugh, this summer is too much for me.

Sometimes I wish I lived in Sweden.

I've always been more a goody-two-shoes with my characters. The farthest I'll go is chaotic neutral.

Norway is colder. ;)

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)