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Sorry I was cooking dinner. Back!

Nice to meet y'all. :D I'm new here.

Welcome welcome! Nice to meet you too!

Welcome back, and nice to meet you too! Are you finding your way around the site well?

:D Yes, I am! It's a lovely site y'all got here, I'm really enjoying it!

I really missed the old Rping days, so I'm very happy with this! I didnt know there was a whole community out here. :D

There are tons of RPing communities, but RPR is regarded as one of the friendliest! ;)

Indeed! <3 We pride ourselves on our friendliness, ehehe!

That's awesome! I've been on sites where there are a bunch of *ssholes. Predjudice, too.

Brb I'm going to put the leftovers in a bag so I can freeze it later

Oh goodness! Such is the internet, but I can assure you we work very hard to correct bad behavior and point people in the right directions! <3

And okie, Sanne!

Are there certain age limits on here? I've seen them on many other sites. I'm 17, and some websites dont like that. xD

The site is for 13 years and up. :)

Yikes! The only age limit we have overall is that you have to be at least 13 years of age or older to be on the site, for legal reasons (we can't keep any information regarding people younger than 13--it's just the law).

Beyond that, people can set up their own age restrictions in their groups--some groups around here are adult oriented, so they only allow people +18, but we frown upon this and remove such things from the public forum. Public forums for all eyes. you can see, I am The Rambler. I'll answer your questions with too many details. >_>

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)