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So am I, it sounds fun.

But.. But...

*takes teddy* Will do, Cinders, Guardy.

I could possibly fit a younger Nazli into that concept.

Yay! Father, I made the teddy just for you. Look, it's got your name and face on its shirt.

But Woodsprings high.. ;-;

Maybe! I imagine there'd be a lot of camp and irreverence in such a thing

If you do plan on making it a group as well, Jay, I got a boy who I would love to cause some friendly trouble... I mean, add some humour to the classes!

Bhaltair is adorable. Sometimes I lurk on his profile just to admire him.

Okay, clearly interest is high. But I think that there would be a long way to go as far as DMing, stories, and whatnot.

And what about Woodsprings High?

Its a school in the middle of an enchanted forest.. Only those with powers can go into the school grounds.. Humans are allowed.. But only if they have powers.. Or if they think they do..

"Oh, yes! Please, admire me all you want!"

I have a mermaid there. *nods*

But awwwww thank you! :D

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)