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I'm on the ps4 right now watching YouTube's.

Nice kitty. Sleepy kitty.

....*wants pets too* ;w;

*pats the Lucree*

Terrorist guy kills everyone in his way because he desperately wants to find a miraculous cure to his furry waifu who's in coma due to a cancer in her brain.

Space kingdom wants to assimilate half of mankind into their semi-sentient cyber army in order to protect everything and rule the galaxy. They also hate and torture dragon guys.

Dragon guys wants to "enslave" everything they see. In the end, when they do colonize your planet, they're just a bunch of sassy, festive monsters which the enslavers being the real bad dudes. Lots of trade and protection too. Hates space kingdom.

"The Government" strives for peace between all nations and civilizations through shady means like assassinations, mass murders and etc. While they do achieve their objectives here and there and their "peace sells" policy often quite works.

Super capitalistic alliance just wants to sell. For them, peace literally sells.

Pseudosovietic socialist guy have an actual stable socialist community with actual happy people living on it. But they want to enforce change unto everything.

Who's the villain? :c


*pats self*

*purrs loudly* >w< Much better.

How would one pet the Light?

Ok, going back to sleep now. Nini

Simple get a tool

*pets the Church* ....Another question is how does one pet the Church?

I wanna do a Pokémon RP, but I've got absolutely no ideas for one XD

I like Pokemon

Sleep well Teko.

I was trying to come up with a pun related to light but couldn't think of one

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