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Wait what?

Also my phone is being a very slow and unresponsive jerk

I'll say again. WHAT?!

Copper asked a question I answered...?

Oh, not directed to me... NEVERMIND. IGNORE ME!!!

Oh dear, I guess they haven't lined up well! :C Well, I'm here now and you're here now--if you're up to it, Sanne, shall we go yammer details somewhere?

What's that clip from?

I'm stuck in bed for the time being. I have to be up in five hours.

Oh, well nevermind then. Another time.

Its from Venture Brothers. Its a Hanna Barbara spoof show.

Ooh. Is it any good?

Kinda crude but I found the show hilarious.

Will you be around tomorrow, Sanne? Which, uh... *rough math* afternoon/evening your time, I believe, which is... morning/middle of the day for me I think?

Maybe I should watch a couple episodes!

Its on Netflix and Adult Swim~

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)