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I wanna have one of those :D

That is one fancy fish.

Not sure if I got this right, but... I tried XD

What did you do?

I made my first kudo thingy I guess

I give it a 5/7!

Where can I find those after posting? I just see the ones made for users.

Kudos show up on the main kudos page after moderators approve them. In the meantime they can be found on a user's page (for both them and their public characters). Anon characters need a widget in their profile to show them

Ahh thank you! It's a good thing that mods have to check first but I didn't think about that possibility :)

Kudos are still visible all the time, mods just approve them for the kudos page (Community > Kudos) to make sure that all kudos shown there follow the rules/people can amend them before they're shown. :)

*flails* Only here for a moment or so, sitting at McDonalds for Wifi.

And the wifi sucks

*poofs in*



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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)