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>.> Oops.


How're you?

Alright, you?

Meh. I should be doing something, but I'm on the wrong computer >.< Apart from that, I'm fine.

I just finished my work for today, so I'm just chillaxing now.

I see. I'm basically arranging character profiles now. *shrugs* And playing Civ 5, I'm going to try the Asoiaf Setting :D

Nice :D

Dorne FTW!

I've only played Civ 4 and Colonization, but I had amazing fun with both of them.

Civ 5's my first game of the franchise. (I've already been nuked hundreds of times by Ghandi, though. And Isabella, oh god, ISABELLA... *shudders*)

Oh Ghandi. I think in the first game he was super peaceful but a modifier made his aggression go under the cap and loop back up to max, so he was just a warmonger. It was hilarious so they kept it that way in every game since.

dnqxrzdmsdkud7fmsqyp.jpg Uh.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)