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What ho, my good fellow! Spiffing day is it not?

Aye, I've had fair winds.

I've been painting a rock. t14w4gd.jpg

Mori I hope you liked that link I sent you

The darklight thing? It was awesome!


+10 to GriffinJay

I guess that makes me RavenMor?

Nah, if we were doing that, I'd be more like the other one. The snake one

SlytherJay doesn't have the same feel, I think.


Coincidentally, while I've had a history of being placed in Ravenclaw, a growing number of the recent ones have placed me in Slytherin.

Not gonna lie, was going to hope that you were going to fall for my joke set up.
But I totally understand that feel. Used to be a real heroic, Gryffindor type. No I plot genocide


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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)