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I think the appeal of my story is that it isn't taken seriously. A lot of weird stuff happens in it.

Mmph. My Internet just had a heart attack.

Give it CPR!

Oh, it's better now, thanks to the router's medical intervention.

Or lack thereof.

By the way, Rynh, you ever heard of out of context DnD?

*hides in Le corner*


I may have. Sounds familliar. Is it the tumblr thing where they gather quotes from D&D players?

*wasn't aware that the chat had corners *


It's hilarious.

I've read a few, there's a couple of hilarious ones I'm not sure I can even quote in this chat

True, true XD

GM: I step away for a few minutes and now the party wants cannibalistic rugs.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)