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Alright. Back. Got my kids all set up.

I still have to finish Bioshock 1

We have two more classes together, and then we have exams. I'm gonna miss these guys.

Ew, exams there a creative writing final?

..So hey, curious to know about the final, but..what kinda groups do you guys recommend? Just joined this site, been poking my nose in a couple of them.

Yeah. I make them write a letter reflecting on their 4 years here. At least that's what I do with the seniors.

I'm still kinda new too, so I got no recommendations yet

That honestly kinda reminds me of a thing I did in English during my senior year

But I don't exactly remember since that was about 3 years ago

I've been on here for a bit and haven't found any RP yet, but the people who chat in here are super nice.

I just don't know if people are interested in my characters. -shrug- I don't have but two of them that are really fleshed out.

Groups on here are kind of a hit or miss, really. There are some that appeal, there are some that don't. You would probably be best asking about groups in the Looking for RP forum and specify what you're looking for in terms of RP settings. C:

yeah? O: ive got some ideas, nothin' really put to paper yet though

I have to get around to fleshing out my characters, but time is a thing I lack

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)