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Hello everyone.

Hi guys! How's it going?

Hey Copper!
Finally finished Jack, so I just might join that roleplay of yours.

Aw man, unfortunately I may have to decline that for now, Loren. :C I'm already juggling 5 players, so I've closed off the RP to new folks for the time being.

It's okay, Copper. More than five players can get complicated.

May okay-ness seems to have killed the chat.

D> Nah, sorry! Got caught up in an online battle. Gotta go pew pew giant dragons and bugs.

XD Oh?

Yup. Was playin' some more Monster Hunter! Took down...
Seltas Queen, Rathalos, Gravios, & was soundly defeated by a Brachydios for my troubles.

Anyone on? I'm bored and want to RP!

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)