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Okay. Feeling a little... Lost? Overwhelmed? Unsteady? I am not really sure how to explain this feeling accurately! But basically my company (day job, not RPR) is expanding, such that I just hired the third of three people today and now I find myself in the position of managing.

Oh dayum! That's going fast!

The problem with true nonsense is that it doesn't make any sense, so no one will "get it" and everyone will be confused. Sort of by definition. ;)

that's the way by which people should be able to come to understanding of it, then

understand that there's no ulterior meaning and that it's just me being stupid

In other news, I found the perfect automobile for my giant amazoness self


To all of that.

Yeah, uh. I did not expect it to go so fast. I basically wrote the job descriptions up and then was SLAMMED by applications and suddenly have people faster than expected, which is AWESOME but also means I need to be producing work for them to do. Which is... I don't have a lack of things for them to do, it just turns out communicating what you want someone to do clearly enough for them to do it without being a mind reader is its own big job on its own. Especially for a programmer. So I'm scrambling to generate instructions for everyone that's starting. I'm sort of reeling.

I'll mail you some Essence of Sanne to help that process along!

XD I meant a confused "huh" to all of that but Kim's message. Which is awesome.

Not that the other messages aren't. But. You know. Confusing.

loren you are clearly looking way too deeply into my inane ramblings /DIES

GF, maybe people are just trying to give you the benefit of the doubt!

Wow, the internet in this coffee shop is TERRIBLE. Sorry for long pauses!

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