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i actually got super embarrassed about watching it because it was so different from what i'd seen before. i wasn't sure if i would get in trouble or not, LOL.

there was one episode where the pharaoh yugi showed up - he doesn't wear a shirt - and it felt so taboo that from then i'd sneakily record the episodes and then hide the tapes in my room to watch later. XD

he didn't even have nipples!

*cries* XD

I love you rat.

i think the next anime i watched after that was naruto. i'm pretty sure i have doodles of my OC somewhere in that pile of shame. >.>

i was a sheltered kid. XD

Sadly, a lot of my shame was lost when my last pc decided to die on me. I'd love to actually see more of my earlier drawings.

ahhh, yeah. same happened to most of my first MS paint stuff. it was on floppy disks and they vanished.

i was really self destructive with my art too, partly from self esteem issues but also because i was worried people would see my anime drawings and think it was weird. my mum was very proud of me for being 'creative' (making terrible self-insert OCs) but it made things worse, because when she noticed i was tossing stuff into the bin she'd salvage it and hide it. eventually i found the stash and started using the paper shredder. Dx

I spotted Yu Gi Oh talk.
I miss playing that game.

I only started hiding stuff when it became fandom specific, but beside that I've always kinda had an inflated ego when it came to my work. So I've actually managed to largely avoid the whole "my work is bad" pitfall.

Except that one time I found some kid on da a year younger than me who actually drew significantly better than me. But, even then, I have to admit I wasn't feeling too bad. To an extent it even furled me, since I became dead-set on surpassing them.

there's a yugioh series for the DS called world championship i think, where each card summoned a little 3D model of the monster. it was really cute.

i've been there, and i still fight that envy at times, but so long as my art makes people happy and i'm having fun, it doesn't really matter where i am in comparison to others!

I can always help artists to get better if they want to~

and yeah, envy to an extent is actually healthy. it gives motivation to improve. the important thing there is to set reasonable goals, or it can end up leading to burnout. every single drawing is something new learned, so the worst thing to do is stop.

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