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Hmmm. I think either would be fine. You could put a note in there that you know you're not an expert and you'd appreciate help to get the information correct if someone notices.

It might be easier for people to play with something that is based on 'real groups' versus ones you made up yourself.

Yeaah..thanks for the advice, Sanne

My fiancé and I actually do a lot of research into different militant branches and use them as a basis. Like, the air force compared to the Navy has a different kind of ranking system. So if you do want to base it off of real life, the best thing you can do, if that is your primary concern, is to devote a lot of time and write notes about what the differences are between each organisation.

Making them up is fine, of course. o: Even so, I would pour time and effort into brushing up.

I second using reality as a basis. I've been in a couple of RP groups in FFXIV, and they took research on actual military divisions and adapted it so that it would fit the world. More of a structure thing, and less an actual word for word taking.

I don't think I'll ever get fully used to kitties coughing lol

awwh, no ;w;

see yall later, off to finish an exam

Aww bye!

Hope to see you soon again :D


Hi Loren!

C'est moi

What's up?

You just reminded me I need to go back to my French studies.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)