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I'm going to guess Sanne stepped away--unless you mean where in the world is she, in which case, Netherlands!

A lot of our activity kicks up around the mid to late afternoons, looking at things from perspective of the USA. We have a pretty big player base here, but we also have all sorts of members from all across the globe.

Sorry, I was kicking some stupid people's asses.

D: Welcome back!


I see, I'm USA Central time. So it's 2:00 here. :D
Sanne: O_O lol What happened?

People argued against me on a FB post. When I provided resources backing up my claims, they tried to divert attention from the fact they had no resources of their own. They put focus on me being rude when they were insulting me, but funnily enough they never provided any studies that disproved mine.

I think by definition that means I won the argument. XD

*gently rolls her eyes* There's a reason I don't FB--and that's about it. XD Good on you though, Sanne!

The only reason I use FB is because a lot of friends of mine use it.

If they didn't I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

In other news, can it be Wednesday yet?

Congrats on the win! People are idiots. I have a FB, but I try my best to avoid the ignorance. *shrug* Stupid people

Nooo don't be Wednesday yet! I'm enjoying my parents being out of town!

But but but. Then I get to have Douwe all to myself for 4 hours!

Weekends are the days my dad is gone. I need these precious moments!

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