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Yes, I've noticed it's hard to get an actual salsa lesson around here. 90% of the time I turn up for something advertised as salsa only to find they're teaching another style and don't see the problem.

Cubans especially will teach you well, since that's the birthplace of Salsa. I uh, wouldn't go alone though. You'll get hit on about once every 30 seconds, and sometimes they just don't want to take no for an answer.

Believe me, I love my people and my fellow Caribbeans, but... Machismo is still a thing, and while many can be respectful, you'll always find a few that go a little too far. Especially with physical, close activities like dancing.

That's true of any style, really. Most people are wonderful, and then there's a few that sincerely do not get it. I ran into it when I used to do tango, and swing, and lindy. And of course bellydance, even though it's not a partner thing, there's now and again audience members that don't understand what's happening and what they're supposed to do. Luckily, the ratio of duds to dancers is pretty excellent in Portland. Some places are much worse.

Luckily I'm dating a cuban, so I have someone to take who will not be a deer in headlights about the whole thing when I pick it back up. ;)

Awesome! Even better! He should have salsa.exe pre-installed! Be warned though, sometimes the hardware can't run the software correctly... Like me dancing Merengue XD

It's a lot easier, but a lot faster.

THIS is salsa, just watching these two makes me wanna get up and dance. Look at that rhythm, that flow, that whole body involvement. It's awesome!

Yeah, that looks super duper fun. And yes, I know he used to salsa, but it's been a very long time, so I don't think he'll object to a handful of lessons with me.

But first he has to recover from food poisoning and we have to move to our new place and I need to attend & pass my b-dance bootcamp/certification course and then epic week.

So basically, business as usual with you :D

I wanna take some classes with Brandi, but I'm wondering if I should take therm here or just go back a month to PR to do so. If I'm going to learn it, might as well learn it right.

With Brandi?

Of course!

That sounds absurdly fun.

I'm kinda sorta thinking about going to Cuba now that the travel bans are being lifted.

It's a great place to visit, unless you're on a diet.


You don't go to Cuba or Puerto Rico and not eat, it's an essential part of the experience!

Actually that's my main worry about such a trip... I've been to a number of cuban restaurants now, and have yet to find anything I care for at all. I'm half worried I'd starve. :P

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)