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Hai Bones

Boney! Are you any better?

*Fabulously late checking the forum after Facebook.* YO guys. Yeah Mori, I'm doing pretty good today. Slept around 10 hours, and I plan on pulling a lazy and doing doing nothing this week. Maybe some car stuff but that's something I actually want to do ;)


Hi Pen!

I have a question for the computer brainy ones!

I'm all ears!

So, a recent update for Sims 3 made it possible to disable Expansion Packs, if you just want to play certain EPs or just want your game to run smoother. I am really thinking about doing so, because there is an EP I can't run at all, and I thought I might be able to do so with the others disabled. BUT! I'm scared what might happen to my saved games. I know The content will be removed, but if I activate the games again, will it then be as if I never disabled them?

I can ask my Sims friend. She's quite knowledgable on it.

That would be really nice of you, Mori!

I'll PM you her response, if she doesn't answer in a few hours or so. Sound good?

Fine by me, thanks a lot! I considered writing EA a mail, but it might be overkill...

If you try to load a save with EP disabled it might crash. Otherwise the things that are part of the EP will just be removed from the save itself, the same way new things are added when you add a new EP and load an existing game.

Best to backup your save files by making a copy and trying it out. That way your games will be safe and sound and you can experiment with throw-away copies :)

I might try that, Sanne. How do I make a backup?

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)