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I think when I roleplay, I don't remember that everyone isn't as open with roleplay subjects and stuff.

So, it sometimes gets really awkward.

I wouldn't call them 'fandoms', but I have a few characters existing in universes of some works I didn't come up with. Mostly videogames.

I could never play an established canon character, though. Too much to keep in mind, and then the fact that it's not even someone I came up with, but someone else's brainchild.


Is it weird that I have to put things in my no list that most people don't rp anyways?

Can't be too prepared!

I doubt anyone would wanna do an rp. Ughw.jaref

You'd be suprised with the, er, things come up with these day... O.o



Oh jesus.

Watersports = peeing on someone.



I mean, I've only tried it once because I'm a VERY open person, but basically the person ruined anything related to it. Scat was just a not htough.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)