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Just don't steal images. If you find something you love, at least make an effort to get permission to use it. ^^; You aren't likely to get in trouble, usually, but it is possible, and it's just generally rude to not ask.

And it's illegal in most cases too. <.<

Well that makes me feel like shit now

Hence the possible to get in trouble.

Looks like I gotta go back to Google Images and find out where that came from


Found it

If it's any consolation, I know tons of design students who've broken rules like that without a thought. It's actually worse for them, because it means they have to remove good works from their portfolios because it's just not legal.

Aww mannnn it's starting to look like a motherfreaking bag. *winning*


I'm knitting a bag.

In one of my last classes, I was actually the only person in the room who could honestly deny having any unlicensed items in my portfolio, because I've always been stupid careful about that.

Awesome, Sanne. :)

You take an art class?

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