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Alexander Velvet

Sweet_Little_Sock Male I’ve been risen above all of you, so you are doomed to live under my shadow for how every long I stay the king of my chess board...

Jilaiya Soula

Sweet_Little_Sock Male " I don’t need luck to help me get what. I get what I want because I deserve what I get. If it was a slap to the face or a million dollars. I got it because I deserved it... luck is fake”


Anonymous Transgender Female


Vinters Male Knowledge above all else

Antares Sand

TheRealRedHood Male “Correct, I am Death.”

Vivian Garnet

Anonymous Intersex Abandoned absol educated hirself

Tobias Whitmore

RPJEANS Male A washed-up showman and animal trainer who has literally NEVER done a wrong thing in his life.

Aria Camena

Anonymous Female Curious Siren exploring the world.

Kante Wolfe

AdamLee Male A Timid Coyote looking for Peace. Kante is a Demiromantic, and hopes to find friends who can be there for him.

Zac Scelus

hollow Male warning: might steal your girl, your mom, your dad and your third cousin twice removed, and then bathe in your tears [w.i.p.]


hollow Gender Nonconforming the son of loki with absolutely no chill and way too much time on his hands [w.i.p.]

Morgan Hunter

BeccaE Female The half-fae seeking to improve herself and her magic

Nintendo OCs

ConnanBell Male For those who want a romp in the Nintendo worlds, these fellas are just what you need!

Noah Boon

Anonymous Male The man with a silent voice who saw the colors behind the veil


Flareanthia A opportunistic human with the ability to control fire, who could befriend a lowlife like Skuz?

Torres Moralka Rubiter

Anonymous Male Ancient vampire pining for a woman he knows is not his true mate

Amaya Kirei

Elysian-Wolf Female Young inugami with an unhealthy interest of mortals. Runs off into trouble more often than she should be capable.

Kimiko Amari

DyingEmbers Female An astronomical Stand user with a fierce determination


Anonymous Female

Daniel James Logan

AgentMilkshake Male Looking for game- see character history page for details!

Seumas Cuilean Rubiter

Anonymous Male Immortal Irishman who loves booze

Helki Rubiter

Anonymous Male Vampire brave wanting a peaceful existence

Axel Gwent

maxd234 Male A vampire that hunts ferals to keep order


Anonymous Gender Variant An alien species who end up on earth to seek human master


Anonymous Male Serio


gambit Male Once the little prince. Now the lord of rats

Solstice Ulysses

Anonymous Gender Fluid What would you sell for perfection?