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theemotionalgay Female A lonely girl looking for a place to belong

Roy Boyle

Samiakki Cisgender Male "I've got your back to the very end."

Connor Hunt

Samiakki Cisgender Male "I've thought about it. I'll consider your offer if I can trade you mine."

Aluel Deng

Samiakki Cisgender Female "I wouldn't try that if I were you."

Gerallt Mattox

_Apollo_ Male Blacksmith turned Soul Harvester


yamashta Male Pulvis et umbra sumus


MoleArtt Non-binary Born into servitude, his goal is to earn his freedom by making contracts with and serving humans.


Marzhipan Hermaphrodite


Anonymous Cisgender Male There is nothing sexier than terror.


MoleArtt Transgender Man


MoleArtt Non-binary


Anonymous Female


theliquidtoad Demiboy A sweet little alien who's fond of insects and smaller creatures.

Winter Colins

Anonymous Male

Cepheus XIII

Samiakki Transgender Male "Y'all just gonna walk on past without sayin' 'yeehaw'?"

Captain Anastasiya Panina

Samiakki Cisgender Female "Run if you like. You can erase your digital tracks, but you can't destroy a physical memory."


CatNoLastName Transgender Female The new roadie is a demon?

Gunter Luxemburg

Yesugei Male A Bauhaus noble, trying to make his way in the world!