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Drake_Lie Hermaphrodite Wanna join my pets?

Brian Grimme

Anonymous Male

Izal Lizola

Seri_Moon Gender Fluid A excitable high schooler who would love to make new friends and explore the world!

Kiri Isthaid

OrionCeleste Cisgender Female I wonder what it would feel like, if all of my dreams came true?

Umeki Tsukasa

Too_Many_Beans Hermaphrodite A tanuki botanist from a small island who loves meeting new people.


maxd234 Male It doesn’t get any *Betta* than this

Carew Langford

TwylaFalaCaddell Male A silent man who only has one thing on his mind; but what is it?

Blake Cameron

GarnaalProductions Male A charismatic Vault Chief with a fierce vendetta against all of Therionkind

Zarana, Freelance Assassin

Volty5 Female "An elven outcast in search of her sister, trained in the stealth arts. A master assassin that will kill anyone for a price. Never missing her mark"

Number 309

Volty5 Female "A girl estranged from her life, now broken and put on display for anyone to view. A perfect option, except her elven descent deters most people."

Atlas Quinn

Volty5 Male "Leader of the Quinn family, a dominant and powerful man hellbent on spending his life in luxury, surrounded by hot models"

Eleanor Brookes

Anonymous Cisgender Woman Florist worth the Thorns

William Green

LazyBird0025 Male Just a goofy guy who likes playing games with his friends, but if it came to it he would not hesitate to respond to the call of action.

Kuyari Frost Strick

Anonymous Female Hyper inteligent Scientist sorcerers with a nack for "dont care if it breaks the law, i want to know if this works" kinda work.

Yang Xiao Long

Anonymous Female Oops


Samiakki Cisgender Female "I will do anything for my kingdom. Then again, I will do anything that is just and righteous."

Zakla Withertooth

GarnaalProductions Female An unliving Therion-hunting tribal witch with a lust for mortal blood


MothGremlin Agender A rogue AI with the world at their fingertips. The ideal supervillain or hero, but without the desire to do anything more than entertain themself.

Geoliticus Artificiale

Anonymous Male A spirited cat with a troubled past... He seems to have a gentle, solemn expression.

Taylor Shin

BloodLightning74 Female CEO of Odin Security Corps.


SillySpider Cisgender Male An Android constantly in with the bad crowd

Ricky Spence

Mittirangi Male Criminal With a Code


Anonymous Female Fixer


Anonymous Female Mystery Child