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Wheldon Luce

danmanmun Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female Princess of the North

Toki Sakuza

Ratpression Female An orphan that was adopted by two gay men and later becomes a detective as her full time career.


Anonymous Male An Artist, A Man, A Failure... Must Proceed.


Anonymous Male

Cameron Bryant

Admiral_Jesus Cisgender Female



Delphine Chassé

Falyn Cisgender Woman A survivor above all else.

Shana Kisaragi

Anonymous Female A ninja seeking to rid her family of a corrupt father.

Lua Kimi

Eliteeric Female I must become stronger.

Takauji Ogasawara

Star_Strings_Yori Female Puppeteer of Bones

Brunwulf the Beast

Wardrake Male A Half-Orc barbarian forced to be a mercenary under penalty of death, until a mysterious scroll revealed to him the identity of a sword that could change his life forever.


CandyKiss1369 Female An orphaned rogue shifter with elemental power of ice looking for a home

none of your business

LostWanderer n̴̶̵̶̴̨̲̘͌᷾̔ͬ︢͢͟ơ̸̸̴̵̷̧̨͇̟͚̔̈̆ͣ

Arthur Euangelos

jolybean Male Accidental God of the Dead


Anonymous Female "Hello again! Or is this... the first time?"

Tristan Gale

Falyn Cisgender Man "A different Language is a different vision of life." - Federico Fellini


TristyPixie Cisgender Female "I can only get along with cats! I hate humans! And I also hate devils!"

Eleanor Octavius

Anonymous Female The prodigal scientist whose one and only aim is furthering the March of progress- By any means necessary


TristyPixie Cisgender Male "I will be your sword."

Terrible Tornado

TristyPixie Cisgender Female "You disgust me. Leave."

Zell Axiro

xedite Other A young, alien peacekeeping officer with a burning desire to prove himself under the weight of an overbearing family legacy.

Midir Alder

WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male Teach me how to fight. I have a grievance to settle.