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Asha Volkov

-nova-core- Female rebel werewolf

The Alabaster Princess

Zelphyr Female Elegant, polite, commanding, adventurous


Anonymous Female The Grey Lady


princebubbleyum Gender Nonconforming If all you own is poison in your heart, then this place isn't for you.

Mia Snowflake

thefool309 Non-binary An Arctic Fox looking for a lost lover.


kadesthetic Cisgender Female A rabbit dealt the wrong deck.


Anonymous Female Cursed Forseer of Death


TheNekoNinjaYT Female Kunoichi Kitsune judging the wicked and foolish with her bloodied blade.

Belinda Baleful

Anonymous Female A vicious spiteful Paladin sworn to rid the world of evil wherever it may lie. Nothing will escape her, and no wrong doer is safe.


TristyPixie Cisgender Female I must defeat Sin! I will defeat Sin!

Runa Ebonhand

Silverymage Female An assassin with a heart of gold.


Ashes00 Male A regular open-minded guy looking for adventure.

Prince Digby

Pinata Transgender Male good morning everyone, akadi has let me live another day and i'm about to make it everyone's problem.


Anonymous Male "Day and night cannot dwell together. I take on this path so no others have to."

Dana Wyne

Dawnia Cisgender Woman A small girl in a big world

Ástráðr Alhborn

xedite Male Prodigal nobleman sorcerer seeks immortality, finds it at the end of the world


PossitivelyNoOne Demiboy He just wants cuddles.

Athena Davidson

promqueenK Female If you know her, no you don't


Anonymous Male A young and very hardworking man.


Anonymous Male Ranger #12 of the Thirty who came to the aid of Aragorn

Alisa Bifrost

Anonymous Female A woman too angry to die

Eryx Atwater

Anonymous Male A man cursed into a Hellhound; bound to Hades to track down deliquents and give them their just desserts.


WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male One simple rule for long term relationships: Never lie.


Anonymous Androgynous


Anonymous Cisgender Man