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Quillan Xerxes

Sonpi-Chan Male A young alien prince living on earth trying to recapture his lost memories.


Anonymous Female


Cocoroach Female


Aether Female

Riiko Kitase

kuroi_neko Female A curious Neko-Hume, looking to expand her magical knowledge.


Ishiga-san Male A anthro with a anarchistic streak

Anneliese Dachroeden

princeofwrong Female A female sniper living on the Arctic tundra.


Ophelia Female Make sweet music with me~

Jai Ling

Jade Female May I serve you?


Pancake-chan Male A military commander who dresses in visual-kei.

Elizabeth Hensworth

AsiaJonelle Female A young Duchess who yerns to truly live and to have the freedom to love on her own.


AshCon Female

Thaelia Lannister

SkadiGhost Female L I O N E S S


xkaiotic Female

Serin Peth

lazer Male The old man probably just lost his way.

Iris VII Valour

EllyBelle Female A young girl forced into many painful and emotionally scaring situations throughout her life.


Ophelia Unknown I will crawl on hands and knees for you

Lucifer Van Grey

PandySan Female A bounty hunter who rids a city of evil on the streets.

Torm the Toymaker

Anonymous Male "Tick-tock, tick-tock, lookit how they walk! Tick-tock, tick-tock, now they run amok!"

Tsuin-guchi Yuki

Anonymous Female This mouth WILL bite the hand that feeds..

Ricca Adri' Thiakria

Anonymous Female As if me telling you anything about me would enable you to know or appreciate me.