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Myra Marshall Ross

Anonymous Cisgender Woman When calling for a hero, no one means a florist


Carnconnor Male Caused the loss of all he knew because of his own dark excess, now that is all he has

Apple Slices





Holly_Whisper Cisgender Female Who Is She? Immortal She~

Imani Moorse Hayes

SpicyFire Cisgender Woman 'A Fiery Soul'

Mary Boggs

Anonymous Cisgender Female

B-Sides Pico

killedtheradio Genderqueer It's not a phase.


XIII Female

The Magister

Hooke Cisgender Male An amoral Telvanni necromancer with very few living friends.

Conway Glynn

WinterBlackDraoi Cisgender Male Fomorian heritage granting him some supernatural abilities.

Feyre Nynaeve Zephyr

Anonymous Cisgender Female


XIII Female A girl spared of her death and cursed with eternal youth.

Vanyel Threpp

bearclaw Male A perfectly extraordinary human bard.


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Female Let me take you on a little trip, my supersonic ship's at your disposal if you feel so inclined. Well alright. We're gonna travel faster than light.


Ragnaroktheunchosen Agender Wish I could see you again!

Luke Veturius

Anonymous Cisgender Male


Anonymous Female

Joseph 'Sab' Nash

_Skylark_ Male "The way I see it, there ain't no use livin' for owt but yasen."

Laena X Roydon

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Charlotte Indigo Nash

_Skylark_ Female "Alright - maybe don't get too close just yet."

The Ashen Demon

SolSilva Male Byleth Eisner