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Denki Chuusei

TalIsNotGone Cisgender Female


Anonymous Cisgender Man

Maria - Evol Bolide

Xenoworlds_Inhabitan Female Don’t call her short.

Noel - Love So Blue

Xenoworlds_Inhabitan Female Try to outrun this demon to get left in the dust.

Asuna - Gun-Toting Halo

Xenoworlds_Inhabitan Female Takes shots, deals the end

Clarissa Lucard

Spider Intersex A born vampire unafraid of the sun with powers of flame and an affection to fighting, tasked with ending the war between angels and demons.


Rayne_Storm Demiboy A very quiet and shy boy with a fragile heart that's been broken too many times...

Kelly Suzoky

Anonymous Female Shining leader seeking to restore her family's greatness

Theo Thackeray

Tar Male A world hopping historian bard and trickster spirit of music exploring the cosmos, claiming a journey of archival and adventure.


crypticmoth Female


Anonymous Female


Stormie Female Haunted Collector


Anonymous Cisgender Female One can dance in the sky, but one must land upon the earth.

Rubedo Sanguis

Lumaslily Female Everything I do is for my own enjoyment.


Anonymous Female


Anonymous Male

Acolyte Hytima

Anonymous Male


Cxrsed Female


Anonymous Transgender Male i see the dangers, i acknowledge that they're there, and then i completely ignore them.

Talyndra Silverstrike

Silverymage Female As gentle as clouds but fierce as a storm.

Adora Felarre

Dawnstar14 Female The noblewoman, who gave up all for the gleam of a sword


Kotomi657 Female Curious Being

Lucinda Smith

Kotomi657 Female Cute Foodie