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Gael María Bolívar

Nico Cisgender Man

Kai Nakamura

milktea_dollie Male An aloof student who isn't all he seems.

Victor Armitage

Nico Cisgender Man

Sakura Shio

milktea_dollie Male An intelligent programmer and student with a spicy attitude.

Odette Lucienne Adair

Anonymous Cisgender Female

William Masen X

Anonymous Cisgender Male

Rylee Azalea Marshall

Anonymous Cisgender Female


RireYouLikeThis Gender Fluid The Infinity Gauntlet


Anonymous Male

Alexandra Roman

Anonymous Female

Tosh na-Febor

Anonymous Male Kur'jar Clansmen, ready and able!

Axel Virinial

Anonymous Male The salvation of the Bastosi

Charlotte Evergrande

Lumaslily Female A devilishly exotic beauty gifted in the art of song.


Anonymous Male Goliath Barbarian


Anonymous Intersex A bite happy snake

Étienne Florin Lecomte

Anonymous Cisgender Man

Andreas Zima

Nico Cisgender Man

Yasha Isaev

Nico Cisgender Man

The Saladpants Twins

ChebaTheBee Male slyvari twins who joined a bounty hunter group


Riik Agender Cheerful and cuddly; not quite as naïve as they act

The Unruly Herd

Anonymous Other

Elias Phenexson

Darkmier Male "The Flames within me, shall always burn brighter and deadlier than the flames that surround Me"

Yuka Sato

a-bit-batty Female Young but determined


JetStorm Male The Knight