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Robyn Female 6 inches tall with something to prove beyond the secrets of generations before her. Aspiring Illusionist.

Arfast Kollsson

warstrider Cisgender Male An ancient vampire whose goal in life is creating a family he can be proud of.


Danaros Cisgender Female


Robyn Female An Infernal future Ruler learning to navigate the Court.


Anonymous Male Fiery spearman searching for his next fight


Robyn Female Bonus creations gathered in a toybox.


Robyn Female Mother of Souls, Conductor of The Inbetween.


Jooters Cisgender Male A cuddly autistic itty bitty kitty with a love of fun and high fantasy


Jooters Cisgender Man TH3 3DG13ST W0LF 4L1V3!!!

Krepta Eve Walker

Jabberwookie Gender Fluid Child of the Multiverse. The only heir to a secret war.

Jordan DeShay

EquineGurl23 Cisgender Male People aren't worth the effort sometimes

Brendant Banvien

AncientDis Male Just a normal guy, trying to live a normal life.

Severine Volkova

Anonymous Cisgender Female

Kazimir Decorte

Anonymous Male The Criminal Prodigy

Ja'vassa Anair

KansasVenomoth Male The Undead Dragonborn

Mine Laru

Jooters Cisgender Man A cold popstar who also does work on machines on the side. He's also a shark.

Cole and Axel

Jooters Cisgender Male Overworked father, young son who makes him happy.

F-Live - Lacan and Fila

Jooters Cisgender Man The two oldest members of the furry idol group F-Live!

Acer Flos

RoleplayWithTheGay Cisgender Male Never take what you have for granted.


Anonymous Female Hobbesian Hobgoblin

Lucinda Smith

Anonymous Female Lonely foodie trying to escape her mafia family.

Constance L'adel

Kotomi657 Female Skateboarder who secretly likes nail art and getting lost in the woods.

Fina Clark

Kotomi657 Female Toughest (scaredest) queen you'll ever meet

Rucas Anouilh

Anonymous Male Playful Ruu

Ophelia B.

Anonymous Female Ex Royal turned orphan mother

Lucas Broderick

Anonymous Male Uber cool babysitter

Jane Eclair

Anonymous Female Unlucky Clutz