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Anonymous Female


Mairearad Female A born slave.

Arig Vartrium

Anonymous Male


DoomStapler Female

Anika Anderson

Anonymous Female


Anonymous Female

Ayako Takagi

Adyson Female An average girl with nothing else to give to the table.

Jules Demi

Iam_J Neutrois An Agender kid gains the power of electrokinesis


undertale4life Female "AGHHHHHHHHHHH"

Nozomi Tojo

Anonymous Female A student in a music group, looking to win the next big competition at any cost.

The Fjordtress



Kalcakes Female


Anonymous Male

Mike Hack

Mut0h Male A geek who enjoys entertaining the masses or bingo halls.

Dean Zuckerburg

NannyCanes Male A demigod born from his own mortally fatal misjudgements

Andie Cooke

Harambes_Child Male A man that decided to leave his family to take an adventure around the world.

lilian jhonston

lily255 Female hated by her family thrown out to fight for her life