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"Welcome, Dr. Stroud, to the north wing." The man leading Gavin around the facilities smiled back at the young trainee. "Here is where you will be spending most of your time, monitoring the test subjects." He walked down the hallway and flashed his id card, opening a door labeled 'TRUE ORGANISMS' and began walking down that hallway.

It was Gavin's first day at Bonusapien Industries... He had been chosen at age 12 to go into BI's special institute to train their scientists from a young age. Gavin was very capable and very intelligent, especially in the field he had chosen--biochemistry. He was aware of how the body worked, how to alter it, and what was needed to make it do as one wished. Thus, he was assigned to work with the completely organic test subjects, as opposed to machines or machines installed onto and into organic bodies.

"Dr. Chambers will be your mentor," the man continued. "You will follow everything he says; he will guide you." There were many rooms on either side of him, all labeled with the names of the men that worked there, with their apprentice's names beneath. They eventually came to a door with Dr. Chester W. Chambers' and Dr. Patrick G. Strouds' names on it. "Only your and Dr. Chambers' id cards will work here," the man said. "Do not lose your id card... But especially do not lose your band." He gestured to Gavin's wrist, where he had a simple rubber grey bracelet on. "That holds all your files, be them on your test subjects or on yourself." He nodded seriously, before gesturing to the door. "Dr. Chambers will assist you with anything else you need." With that, he left, leaving Gavin outside the door. After a few moments, he flashed his id card, and the door opened.

"Dr. Chambers? I'm Gavin Stroud, your assistant--"

Dr. Chambers was a Jamaican man, bent over his work. He was middle-aged, with salt-and-pepper hair. When he noticed Gavin, he brightened and immediately walked out the door, grabbing Gavin's arm to bring him along.

"Ah, Patrick! Come! No time to waste! You must be introduced to our subject at once! She should be waking up soon!"

Gavin, surprised by the man's enthusiasm, was pulled down the hall towards another set of doors.

Test subject after test subject were kept here, with one-way windows. While Gavin could peer into the bedroom-like rooms, the test subjects were only met with a black mirror on the wall. They went continually down the hall (How many long hallways are there in this building?!) until they came to the one labeled 'EXPERIMENT 9806'. Gavin blinked, looking at his mentor, who was looking excitedly into the window. Gavin cleared his throat slightly and looking in as well, trying to make out what humanoid he would be working with.

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Within this chamber, there lay a white-furred cat, a female. The most notable difference between her and other felines was that... Well, she looked human. She was had the height and figure of a 16 year old girl: about 5'6" and with smallish breasts and developing curves. She didn't seem to be malnourished in any way, but her facial expression made it clear she was depressed and scared. Aside from her body shape, there wasn't too much else about her that was human. Her legs were humanesque until you got to her calves. Her shin bones were shorter than a normal human's and her feet were long. It appeared that like any feral cat she walked on the balls of her feet, and there were soft pink pads on her toes, the balls of her feet and a small one on each heel.
Her head was humanoid in shape, but she had a feline snout and cat ears atop her head, which were surrounded in smooth, blonde hair. She had the full capability to create human facial expressions, and she kept on looking around with fear in her eyes as she sat curled up and held her long, fluffy tail and gently stroked her fingers through the fur.
Gavin's eyes widened. "...oh my god..." he whispered, watching his subject in disbelief

"Beautiful, isn't she?" Dr. Chambers asked, smiling proudly. "Out of the five human fetuses we attempted to do this with, she's the only one that survived. Three parts human, one part cat. Her fur feels like cat fur, not human body hair. She has full use of her ears and tail, and her teeth are a mix of humanoid and feline. She's my pride and joy." He set his hand against the glass, sighing happily. "Would you like to meet her?"

Gavin blinked. "Meet...her? But we aren't allowed to have personal connections with the--"

"Oh, hush. Is that what they teach you in the academy? Nonsense. Time for her morning tests, anyways." Dr. Chambers smiled, and swiped his id card. The door opened with an electronic hiss, and entered, gesturing for Gavin to follow. "Good morning, Mariah," he greeted cheerfully, as he did every morning when he came in to check on her. "I've brought a guest." He tapped a few buttons on the wall and some equipment lowered on a "desk" from the ceiling.

Gavin stood at the door, hesitating as the door shut behind him. He watched the cat-human-thing for a moment, then glanced away uncomfortably. You weren't supposed to make contavt with the test subjects. It was against the rules!
She let out a sigh of relief when the Jamaican entered; she liked him more than any of the other doctors or their aids.
"H-hello," she stuttered. Her voice was soft and sweet; she could probably sing if given the opportunity. "Who's this?" she asked, looking shyly at Gavin.
"My new assistant, Patrick." Dr. Chambers gestured for her to come, and he began the daily physical examination.

"...Gavin, actually. Gavin Stroud," he murmured, hooking his hand behind his neck as he stole a glance at the cat-girl. He obviously was feeling uncmfortable. He had been expecting...well, he wasn't sure, but definitely not the likes of her.
She slowly stood on shaky legs and walked towards him. She stood straight and shyly glanced up at Gavin then at Dr. Chambers.
"I-It's nice to meet you," she said politely. She had a very faint Jamaican accent, which she picked up from the time she spent with the doctor.
Gavin merely nodded in response, keeping his attention on the doctor.

Dr. Chambers hummed quietly as he took note of her condition. Healthy, as always. She was his pride and joy. Since he couldn't have children, he had sort of taken Mariah in as a daughter, despite the rules of Bonusapien Industries. He hadn't had an apprentice before, but now with Dr. Chambers reaching his sixties, he needed a younger helper with a sharper mind.
She allowed the doctor to perform the daily tests and then she sat down in the corner again, feeling much more comfortable with the doctor around.
{Plot twist, Gavin is unknowingly part of an experiment to find if a relationship can form between a 'normal' human and an altered one, in the same age group, such as Mariah? x3}

"We'll be running another test today," the doctor said simply, putting up the tools and recording his findings. "Patrick, how about you help out with the physical test today?"

"Mm?" Gavin looked up.

"You'll need to learnt he ropes. Why not do things in order to learn, rather than me simply telling you? Experience is learning, dear boy." He smiled. "If that's alright with you, Mariah?"
(Sure :))

Mariah blushed a little bit, though it was hard to tell beneath her white fur. "O-okay..." she nodded her consent.
"Very good! I have paper work to do... Getting a new assistant is a lot of work!" The doctor cleared his throat. "Now then..." He typed in a code on the holographic keypad on the wall, and a door opened from the opposite wall, leading into the testing room. "Mariah knows the drill. Just record what appears on the screen. So sorry to leave you like this, Mariah, but I need to get this in by lunch." With that, the older man walked out, leaving the two teens to work.

Gavin watched Dr. Chambers leave, then turned to Mariah, tensing up slightly. "...yes. Well, let's get to it, then." He walked to the new door, and into the testing room. Inside were equipment to test Mariah's strength, stamina, and agility, such a treadmill and what looked like a gymnastics area. Gavin wasn't quite sure how on earth his mentor expected him to do anything on such a vague set of instructions... But he would just have to make do, he supposed.
She nodded and walked into the cardio room then stepped onto the treadmill. She didn't know what Dr. Chambers took note on, so she couldn't assist Gavin; she just assumed he knew what to do anyways and she started taking off her shirt and pants then put electrodes on her body in certain places. She used a special tape that would stick to her fur until she pulled it off, and it would lose it's stickiness from the force of being pulled so that it wouldn't tear out her fur.
She got onto the treadmill and set it to a jog and started moving.
Gavin stood by, taking a nearby notebook and pen in which Dr. Chambers recorded her stats. So he waited, poised, for the screen to flicker up stats at time intervals.

After a minute or two, he cleared his throat. "So...ah...Mariah," he said slowly. His voice had the slightest hint of a Scottish accent. "Where are you from?" If his mentor wanted him to get to know her, he might as well start now.
"What... Do... You... Mean?" she panted as she took a drink from a water bottle. "I've always been here."
"Oh." Gavin cleared his throat. "Of course." She had been in the labs since birth? Obviously! She was mostly cat, for goodness sake! "You've lived here... Do you get an education?" Most likely. Dr. Chambers wouldn't pass up the chance to see if the feline genes altered Mariah's learning ability.
"Yes... He says I'm slightly above the average for Highschool girls," she shrugged and climbed onto the stationary bike.
"What are you learning now?" Gavin asked, moving with her so he could record the numbers appearing on the screen. He glanced at her. Only sixteen... Poor thing probably had never been outside the walls of her room and this testing room.
"Pre Calculus, American Literature, Physics and American history," she answered through deep breaths.
"I see." Gavin glanced up at the screen and recorded the stats. He cleared his throat. "I went to the BI Academy since I was twelve... I didn't get much literature or history in. Mostly science and math."
"I dunno what that is..." she said with a slight shrug and finally stopped, "But I like literature a lot... I... Think that I'd like to write... Dr. Chambers sometimes gives me a pencil and paper to write with... He gives me books sometimes too, but I want to do that stuff more."

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