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A story is only as good as its villain! Who are some of your favorite villains that are underrated or not as appreciated as they should be? (Note: I'm aware that many of these aren't exactly unpopular villains, I'm just saying I feel like they deserve more recognition)

Syndrome (The Incredibles): I feel like though the movie is a masterpiece, people often ignore the main villain of the story. This is just what I think, but I feel he represents toxic fan culture, basically, fans that are overly obsessed with something or someone, and when it disappoints them or don't live up to their expectations, they declare war on it and could possibly even lash violently, against the writers, actors or other fans. So, he's a metaphor, for a very problematic group of people.

Barty Crouch Jr. (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire): At number two we got Barty Crouch Jr. who disguised himself as their DADA teacher Mad-Eye Moody for an entire term. I feel like his connection with Harry is just completely ignored or pushed aside, let's not forget this dude managed to gain Harry's trust, and even his admiration, all while pretending. He even taught students, and managed to fool Albus Dumbledore himself. Barty is so badass, and his most dangerous skills aren't even his magical abilities. He fooled everyone, and convincingly taught students for entire year despite not even being a real teacher!

Jafar (Aladdin 2019): While the live action remake of Aladdin was generally liked by fans, many said that the worst part of the movie was Jafar (portrayed by Marwan Kenzari), they said he just wasn't menacing enough, and his voice sounds way too soft to be a scary villain. I agree to some point, his acting could use some work. However, I found it interesting that they would make the villain much more physically attractive than the hero, other than constantly following this: "All the good guys are beautiful, all the bad guys are ugly!" trope commonly found in fantasy films. He acts as a foil to Aladdin, they grew up in very similar circumstances and Aladdin could have turned out to be like him if he didn't have Abu, Genie and Jasmine. It's also nice that he has a backstory now, a reason to be evil. I think he's much more vile and menacing than the classic, cartoon Jafar, because this guy murdered someone by pushing them to their deaths during his first scene, and he wanted to marry Jasmine out of spite and to punish her father rather than lust and attraction (I'm not saying that's better or anything, I'm just saying it's a change), and his: "Steal an apple and you're a thief, steal a kingdom and you're a statesman." quote is pretty dark for a Disney movie, but sadly also reflects on the real world.

Ghost (Ant-Man and the Wasp): I felt like Ava Starr was totally underrated, yes she's genderbent, but I feel like that actually made her character so much more interesting. She has really cool powers, she's literally like a ghost, she phases through walls and could turn invisible, not to mention she's an assassin/spy too. I feel like she was totally wasted character that could have had so much more potential.

Ally Allston (Superman and Lois): Okay, I didn't reach the final few episodes of season 2, but I did watch some clips on it. So, I'll be judging Ally based on the first few times I've seen her in the show, and why I think that she's a villain that is not only very cunning, but someone who could be found all around us in real life too. She represents those awful, greedy people that just want to make profit out of other's suffering and sadness, she reminds of those people on the internet that reach out to people in unfortunate situations not because she genuinely wants to help, but she just wants everyone to know how kind and helpful she is, it's all just for attention and good public image. She also reminds me of people who would come to you at your lowest point, and try to take advantage of you in some way, all for their own gain. Plus, most importantly, she's very smart, she could cover her tracks, she makes depressed and mentally unstable people completely dependant on her, she does so by isolating them from others and making herself seem like Jesus or something. Not to mention, also gaslighting, using social media to target people she dislikes (usually unfairly) and gathering scandals and lies about you for blackmail.

Amber Bennett (Invincible): Well... yes, she's not exactly a villain, but as I watched the show, I felt like there were so many moments where she was completely awful, and even more unlikable than some villains, if that's possible. I know that Mark isn't the best boyfriend, and he's constantly a no-show, which would make me angry too, but even after she discovered that he's a superhero, she still gave him hell about being late or disappearing. Girl, there are people dying, the world might be destroyed, and you're mad that your boyfriend couldn't show up to your lunch date because he was too busy saving the planet? I'm disappointed, I actually started off really liking Amber, I felt like she was a cool and spunky character. Not anymore!

O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill): Can we take a moment to appreciate how awesome Lucy Liu is? She plays an ex assassin and Yakuza boss that was downright terrifying but also very graceful and elegant. Whenever I see a list of Scariest female villains I almost never see her up there, which is very disappointing to me. Honestly, she smokes all the other female villains on the list, and not to mention she's a tough and reasonable leader for the gang, she declared that her advisors should never be afraid to ask any sort of questions, and they're allowed to disagree with her on anything, the only thing they can't talk about is her heritage.

There's definitely more than that, but these are just the ones that come to mind. I'd like to hear some of your opinions on villains!
Killmonger from Black Panther. He didn't have good methods but he brought up a lot of good points about the oppression of people who looked like them around the world.

Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective. I know it's obscure, but I loved this movie as a child and he was clever, sadistic and insane.

Carmilla, Striga, Lenore and Morana in Castlevania. I especially liked Striga, she was powerful and spoke bluntly.

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