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Let's say that I've sneakily dosed your characters - and mine - with truth serums (sorry!). They can ask one question for the character who answers next. In return, they have to truthfully answer the question above.

These can be absolutely anything at all, just keep it safe for work. Hope everyone enjoys it!

My first question for the character below (and I'll join in too if this gets going) is:

What is your most embarrassing memory?
DJ Rockwell (played by Cynical)

Thinks for a long moment before one comes to mind, since there's so many to choose from. "I have to say... Drunkenly singing in a pub while pulling random people out of their seats to dance with."

"Same question to you then. What's you're most embarrassing moment?"
Jack Wright (played by _Skylark_) Topic Starter

"That doesn't sound too bad," Jack gives a quick and fluttery smile. "I guess mine are, er, mostly cooking-related, if I'm honest. You know how sausages are meant to be cooked in a pan instead of just... you know... on the wire rack thingy? Well, I didn't. Turns out sausage grease catches fire really easily, too."

He pauses, scratching at the back of his neck.

"I, um, haven't heard the end of that one, yet. Someone is still mad at me for burning the kitchen, and someone else still makes fun of me for it every time we have sausages."

My next question for the character below: what makes you happier than anything else in the world?
Jack Steele (played anonymously)

After a moment of thought, Jack folds his hands as he sits down, "A quiet, simple life in a house built with my own hands next to a lake and a beautiful waterfall. But that's a pipe dream. No way is it ever coming true." He says mournfully.

Then he asks a question, "If you could have all my powers and abilities, would you?"
Raz Ahmud (played by Lanx12)

Raz smirked as he leaned forward in his chair.

"No..Ones own powers defines ones own skills...Why Would I want someone elses power when it wouldn't define who I am? I am Raz Ahmud Master of the realms of Anor...One of the holders of Create magic...That is who I am..."

He then leaned back and smirked. "Now the question to ask is this....Would you give up everything you held dear if it meant saving someone close to you?"
A'sallit (played by hexblading)

A'sallit's tufted ears twitched in curiosity, a hand pinching his chin in thought. "Ah, extremes; you ask me to pit two treasures against each other and forsake one of them. While the nomenclature of the former is impossibly vague, I assume you mean the worst scenario, to which I will respect for sake of brevity."

"You ask of a large sacrifice in exchange for a life I would stop at nothing to save. I would give it without hesitation if given no other recourse, but what makes you think I wouldn't claw it back from you? What makes you think, in the first place, that this wasn't something within my power to take, rather than beg on my knees for?"

"Well, surely those remain hypotheticals." The Miqo'te smiled to himself, starting to pace.

"Have you ever entertained thoughts of anarchy?"
Varian Rüdiger (played by varian)

"Truth serum-" He said surprised at what _SkyLark_ had told him, "Ah..well..Not..Not my first time." He nervously laughed.

He looked to A'sallit and when he was asked this question, he was compelled to tell the truth. "I assume that means causing chaos, and in my past? Yes. I have. I..messed up a lot of things, even got myself locked in the dungeons for about..uh..6 months? Was it? Maybe a little less."

"So.." Varian looked down, almost a bit disappointed in himself.

"Do you have a crush on anyone?"
Cécile (played by Claine)

No, a crush would be... very unwise. It would be very dangerous to both myself and the other person. What if bounty hunters captured them, and gave me an ultimatum - my life or theirs. I'd hate to be put in that situation. The inverse could happen too, what if they were offered riches in exchange for my life. As callous as it sounds, everyone has a price. I feel like I could never truly trust anyone.

And if I ever return to my kingdom -- no, I mustn't think like that -- when I return to my kingdom, I'd be expected to enter a relationship with one of my own race. A marriage with an outsider would never be sanctioned, and it would break my heart to be forced to turn by back upon them.

So, if I did ever feel that way, I would simply have to ignore it. In the long term, it is for the best.

My question is:

Would you turn against your morals for $1,000,000
DJ Rockwell (played by Cynical)

"Would I turn against my morals for money? Never. Not even if it was for a lot more, I never would. I live by a code of conduct. To have morals sets a certain level of standards I go by each day. To abandon my morals isn't something I could bring myself to do. I shudder to think what would happen if I ever did."

"This leads me to a question of my own."

If you planned to make a date with someone, only to have them turn around behind your back and go on a date with someone else, how would you feel?
Dean Patrick (played anonymously)

Lousy, no other way to say it. I would hope that I'm mature enough to ultimately accept the rejection. Not gonna lie, for a few hours, I'm gonna be fuming.

Truth: Have you ever committed a crime and got away with it?
"Oh, for sure! Several crimes, in fact!" Mixie cackled, almost proud of herself and her so-called 'accomplishments'. "Let's see, hmmmm... There's first-degree murder, second-degree murder, trespassin', theft, aggravated assault... and I've heard that cannibalism isn't actually illegal in a lot of places, buuut there's a lot of laws that'll stop you from obtainin' human meat... so I might as well toss that in there too, y'know?"

Mixie pauses, falling silent for but a moment. "...What? Hey, he was the one who asked!"

"Okay, okay, my question, goin' off the last one: Have you ever caused anyone serious physical harm?"
Luhtun (played by Samiakki)

". . . . . . . "

A truth serum? Those surely didn't actually exist, did they? Swirled pupils stared down at the vial for a moment too long before the entire container is flung over their shoulder. It crash-landed somewhere with a pathetic, short shattering noise. This was easily ignored by Luhtun.

"I have. Even those who lived." Their lips thinned for a moment. "Have I regretted it? I think so. Their life was not worthless. No life is worthless. Or needing to be ruined. When you hurt others. You take responsibility. It can be pride." They gestured to Mixie with an open palm. "Or it can be shame. I never take pride. I just needed to live.

See. I was seriously harmed. Someone has to be responsible."

Their gaze followed the horizon out of a window for a moment. Without turning away, they posed their question.

"Answer truthfully. Do you hate a family member? Right now?"
Joseph 'Sab' Nash (played by _Skylark_) Topic Starter

The truth serum wasn't particularly needed, although telling Sab it was a drink on the house was a good bit of misdirection nonetheless.

Straight down the hatch.

He'd been lounging until now, feet up on the coffee table, watching the goings-on with laconic amusement. At least, that is, until the question directed at him: his expression slammed shut like a door during an argument. He regarded Luhtun with a narrow look: 'you did this on purpose', said the furrow of his brows, despite him not knowing the other at all.

"Listen," he started, lip curling, "I don't even wanna be here. I'm knackered, it's loud, you lot make me bloody nervous, you do. Nevermind the fact that some of you look like you're gonna eat me. Not in a good way, either."

There was a moment of belligerent silence. Did it always feel like each gaze on him weighed a thousand pounds? His palms and spine prickled with sweat. That was the funny thing about truth serums, you see: they worked from the inside out. Not so great for people who have a nasty habit of denial.

"And anyway, no," it was sudden, blurted out in a way that seemed to surprise even him, "I don't hate 'em. I say I do - 'cause it's power, init? Say there's two kids, they're mates, one says he hates the other - the other's gonna go, yeah, well I never liked you anyway! Makes it hurt less, don't it?"
at this, he looked away - shrugged, "easier, right? To say I hate you back than, you know, acceptin' you deserve it. I don't believe in the whole family is family, shtick, mind you - blood or not, sometimes you gotta look out for number one. Still, I'd never've been the one to say it first. I don't think hate was really used, like- well, maybe with Charlz, but--"

Sab bit his bottom lip at that, and sighed at length. Furtively, he shot the room at large another chary look.

"Anyway. Bloody hell. What was in that drink, eh?" His laugh was forced, overly loud; his smile was taut around the edges. "And I know I gotta ask summat, too, so here goes: have you ever tried to fix something, only for it to get a whole lot worse?"

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