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hey everyone! i'm bored and i want to know everyone's favorite band XD

it doesnt neccesarily have to be a band either- it can just be a singular artist!

Slams hands down on our metaphorical table
Set it off. I generally like just one to three songs of a single artist/band, but really love so many of their songs. From the words to the main singer's voice to the beats themselves. Some of the ones I've been listening to a lot lately are these✨

And these are older ones that- I'm picking sort of randomly because-- I want to share more😅

If you already listen to them, wellllll... You ever heard any of the ones I've selected? 'XD What are some songs/a band you're into right now?
HIM! They've always been my favourite band. I don't think they have one bad song. Plus, I never get tired of their music.
My favorite bands are Men At Work and Disturbed.

I also really like this artist, though this probably doesn't count since she isn't technically a band:


Either Tally Hall or Set it Off.

Set it Off's Cinematics album has some straight bangers
I'm an "I listen to Mother Mother" kind of enby 🤷 I have a lot of other favourite bands too; I'm so indecisive that I can almost never pick a favourite anything. I was going to list a few favourite Mother Mother songs but I can't even decide which ones, I love too many of them.

i really love fleet foxes

I love Five For Fighting, but my favorite band of all time? That’s a hard one.
I have to admit, Set It Off is my current darling too. Desperate to see them live, again! Cody has such a stage presence, though I do think their newest album is... so-so? I agree with GigaBit - Cinematics for the win.

Also sorry to go on but the band themselves are such lovely people and their songs have gotten me through so many tough times... And been the soundtrack to so many wonderful ones. Just so excited to see other SiO fans here!!
Listening to my friend's music at the moment, the Levellers. So, yep. they are my favourite this season. :)
I'm one of those annoyingly indecisive people who can never pick a favourite.

Muse and Anathema are a couple of my top bands.

Arcturus is also one I enjoy, though with the caveat that they're offshot from the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, and whilst I haven't been able to find anything controversial about any of the members of Arcturus (barring one musician who was only with the band for a couple years in the 90s and dropped after he burned down a church), they're not really a band I'm attached to outside of their music.

I like Nightwish, but for whatever reason I never end up getting hold of much of their music.
After that awesome concert last week, Heilung!
The Cranberries.

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