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Hey. Lately, I've seen some "My pet as a human" memes, and got an idea for a forum game.
The rules are simple, you take one of your characters & imagine what kind of these things they would be. You can post a picture or try to describe how they would look, and why. Or both. You can skip some if nothing comes to your mind. Just keep stuff PG-13. :)

Your character as...
  1. A feral animal (for feral animal OCs: as a human/humanoid)
  2. A flower/plant/fungus
  3. A dish/drink
  4. A song!
  5. An emoji
  6. Opposite gender. (If they are outside the binary, you can skip, or imagine them as any other gender)
  7. A dinosaur/any prehistoric creature
Keiko as a flower would be a......

A King Protea! They symbolize a beauty that stands out, embracing uniqueness and diversity, and the boldness to create and accept the inevitable change.
Red Hood (played anonymously)

Red Hood as a dish/drink would be a cheap whiskey

He's sour and only cantankerous, bitter people like me can appreciate him
Arkanite (played by GU7TMUNCH3RZ)

Arkanite as a song would be a punk song, very aggro, only intense people would listen
break out. (played by Sohrryu)

© Torchie (played by SillySpider)

2. A flower/plant/fungus

I think Torchie would be the Forever Susan Asiatic Lily!
Schrödinger (played anonymously)

Ohhh this is a cute game! ❣️

Going to roll a d8 since I'm indecisive.


What would Schrö be as...

5.) An emoji.

Interesting! If not one of the many cat emojis, I'd imagine he'd probably be one of the little sleepy emojis 🥱. I feel they're pretty cat-like and open to interpretation.
rolled 1d8 and got a natural 5.

Note: 🕺

Geist (played by hexblading)

I've been waiting for something like this.
Geist as a song, nay an entire playlist:

((Ooh I like this! I'm gonna roll a d8 for both cuz I have exactly 8 charas for once 👀 I've randomised the list, so let's see... (If I get an 8 for the questions I'll just pick a random one lmao)

That didn't work how I thought it would lmaoo. Let's use a number tool to split the 13 randomly into... 6 and 7. That was way more complicated than I needed to make it 🥲 Editing in a moment...))

I don't get the chance to use Charlie much, but I think she'd feel an affinity to the Phorusrhacos. Not for any deeper reason than I really do think 'giant flightless terror bird' is right up her alley.
rolled 2d8 and got a natural 13.
7 6
Varian Rüdiger (played by varian)

1 Raccoon
2 Water Lily
3 Hot Chocolate
4 Anything sung by Jeremy Jordan
5 🧪
Hunter (played by Sunstruck)

1. Wolf, obviously (he loves them <3 )

2. Dahlia (represents change and growth)

4. Boys Will Be Bugs - Cavetown, Rät - Penelope Scott, Are You Satisfied? - MARINA

5. 🐺 (I couldn’t think of anything else :sob: /lh)
Martyr Daeva-Lazarus (played anonymously)

Alright, let's see...


1.) A feral animal.

Uh, well. 😳 I actually have no idea! Something about Martyr reeks opossum, but I could definitely see her as some sort of reptile too like a horned lizard, or a rhinoceros pit viper. That's a tricky one!
rolled 1d8 and got a natural 1.

Note: Violent dice rattling

the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)


Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Sterling Silver Rose
Earl Grey Tea
"I am the Butler and You are the Earl" - Tango on the Campania
Gigi Glamour (played anonymously)

7.) A dinosaur/any prehistoric creature


Not me running off to go research dinos real quick. 🙈

Okay, I think it's a tie between a Torvosaurus and some sort of feathered raptor like a Zhenyuanlong suni. I can't picture Gigi as anything herbivorous, she's got that carnivore sass, and I feel like even if she'd be a giant scaly lizard she'd still would want to look pretty with some nice plumage or cool patterning. Can't rule the prehistoric ages if you don't look cute. ✨💅
rolled 1d8 and got a natural 7.
Schrödinger (played anonymously)

Double dipping, as I have no shame.


6.) Opposite gender.

I always act surprised when I realize I don't have a good answer for a question.

There wouldn't be too much variation if Schro was female. Appearance wise, I imagine he may be shorter and a little bit slimmer in the face. Rather than suits he'd likely take to wearing cute sun dresses or simple, sleeved gowns. As far as personality goes, I really only imagine him being more meticulous about how things look/cleanliness than he is now; though he'd fully embrace his nanny role with a motherly streak. That's really about it. He would still be a Good Little Guy™ regardless.
rolled 1d8 and got a natural 6.
Xailah Alptraum (played anonymously)

1.) A feral animal (for feral animal OCs: as a human/humanoid)

Oop, got this one with Marty already, doing a quick switcharoo.


There we go. 😌

Xail actually has two "feral" forms already; a big panther and a little house cat thing. But if she was an animal starting out? I'd think she'd be a little cat. Sure she may talk the talk and walk the walk of a bigger apex creature; but deep down, I really think she's just a defiant lap kitty.
rolled 1d8 and got a natural 1.

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