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The clouds over Gotham were lit up by the bat signal, as they often were. Comissioner Gordon stood on the roof of the GCPD building, next to the spot light. He took a sip from his coffee, before glancing to his watch. "Taking longer than usual." He said, taking another sip. "I dunno about Batman but I got here quicker than I sued to." Came a voice. Gordon looked over to see a young girl sitting on the helipad. She wore a white and black short dress. The sleeves fully covered her arms and hands, her left wrist having a high tech watch on it. Under her dress were a pair of tights that merged with her boots. A domino mask hid her eyes and some of her freckled face. Her skin was tan and her red hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail. She hopped off the helipad and walked over to Gordon.

"Multi-girl? Didn't know you were back." Gordon said. Multi-girl shrugged. "Came back to town about a month ago but had a bunch of stuff I needed to get cleared if I wanted to use some new toys I got." She said. "So where's Batman?" Gordon asked. "He's preoccupied. What's up?" Multi-girl asked. "A few weeks ago Blackgate had a prison break kickstarted by Dr. Animo. We got some reports earlier tonight of strange activity coming from one one of his old hide outs. He's likely already started work on building another transfor-mogrifier or whatever he calls that contraption he uses. Address is 4983 Redwood Avenue." Gordon answered.

"Gross the old swamp lab that had the mutant slugs in it?" Multi-girl questioned. "Unfortunately." Gordon said. Multi-girl shuddered with a grimace. "Hated those things." She grumbled, before sighing. "I'll check it out." She said. Gordon nodded, turning to switch off the bat signal. "Be careful. That place is perfect for his frog, Moose." He said, turning back to Multi-girl. Multi-girl perked. "Was that my que to sneak off like Batman always does?" She asked. "Frankly it's what I was expecting." Gordon replied. Multi-girl shrugged. "I always thought that was kinda rude y'know?" She asked, taking out her grappling hook and swinging off.

"Ain't you two freaks supposed to leave when you see that light on?" Questioned a large burly man, tied up by the tethers of a grappling hook. "We got it covered." Robin retorted, looking over to Batman. A man wiggled in Batman's grip, dangled over the streets several stories below.

"L-Look I'd love to tell you guys where we got these, Bats, but the guy who sold the weapons to us he's-he's huge! L-Like twice your size man! If he finds out one of us snitched we're dead!" The man blurted. "Yeah, I swear the guy was like twelve feet tall!" Spoke a third man, also tied up and sitting next to the first. Robin glanced to him. "Sounds kinda like Bane." He said. "Bigger. Guy made Bane look like a light weight." Spoke the first, as Robin picked up one of the weapons the three had used. It was clearly alien in design.
Davi (played by Dreath)

It was only meant to be a quick job. In and out. After all he was just retrieving what belonged to him, or well his family. A couple simple divination spells and the simplest of illusions got him in. His heart pounded as he found what he needed. Hidden in the GCPD Evidence Locker amongst all sorts of strange items, umbrellas with 'highly dangerous' tapped to them, a jar continaing a flower with a biohazard warning on it. What kind of weirdos were in this town? He wondered as he found what he needed. A staff and small sachel bag. This little job was the previous night. Davi had made his way out with little trouble. But a light on his exit led to a chase and narrow escape in the woods. Hiding out he finally found a spot to practice his arcane arts.

It was an ok place to hide. A small hut in the swamp. Surpringly maintained inside. The floors were plastered with hard wood and despite the location a shocking lack of mould lingered on the surface. A small hatch that must have led to some form of basement was burnt shut and wouldn't budge. An old generator or something. Who'd be mad enough to build a basement in a murky swamp? Davi shifted these thoughts. He was young. His hair was messy and short, frizzled around the sides with a fringe narrowly staying out of his light purple eyes. They certainly stood out if you noticed. He wrapped his body in a deep crimson coat he kept tightly pulled around his neck. Underneath were some old fashioned black clothes. A buttoned up shirt and pants that looked like they crawled out of someones grandparents closet.

Clearing the tables in the room to the side Davi made a clear space on the floor. He tapped it to test. Getting an idea for the stability. The room was lit by candles as he dug through a black sachel bag in the corner. He pulled out some chalk and a small notebook. Flicking along he found a page of handwritten notes labelled 'attunement'. On the bottom was a circle pattern with various runes around it. He looked between the notes and floor. Slowly he began to draw it out. The runes were simple. Resembling letters with slight alterations. A deep concentration etched onto his face as he drew it on. He compared it to the notes. The drawing was servicable but far from quality art. He stood up and pulled a small blue stone from his pocket. He looked between it and the staff sitting by the bag. Taking it up he sat crosslegged in the centre of the circle. The stone clenched tightly in his fist he stood the staff up. Resting it in front of him but still within the chalk ring. He took a deep breath and began chanting.

The chalk runes flicker and began to glow. A light that burns brighter as he speaks. His eyes remain closed in concentration. A chilled wind rushed through the room. Flickering out candles and tickling his neck. His hairs stand up but he remains true to his cause. Wind swirls and the swamp seems to whistle at him as the staff flickers to life with the energy before it. The same as the runes. His eye cracks open and a gleeful gasp breaks the chant. Sparks flicker from the staff and a shockwave shoots ot knocking him flat and blowing out the candles as well as smudging the lines.
"Damn it!" Davi sulks. He sits up and begins to collect his things. Standing up candles and unaware of the sounds of motion outside.

Batman crouched to reach the eyes of the man they had bound.
"Then if you're so scared of him why did you tell that much?" He smirked. The man went even paler. "You can answer this at least. Where these weapons." He holds up one of them. "From the maker or a seller? Was it a middleman?" His eyes seemed pale and empty. Disguised by the mask and cowel he wore. His tone was the same. It was something criminals feared and one that his allies and enemies knew too well. Direct and purposeful.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Outside the small building, several men had gathered up. One opened the door as they entered, fortunately for Davi in a separate room from him. Once the door was closed, each reached up to their face and pulled it off. They're forms flickered and shined shifting from normal humans, to identical, bulky aliens. Their skin was a shiny bronze color, apart from their heads and stomachs which were purplish. Their hands and feet ended in three sharp digits, and had black coloration. Their faces had a single large green eye at the center of their head. The top had what appeared to be exposed brains. Their mouth was small was made of retracted tendrils. Lastly, their guts looked like they had exposed intestines, though really these were just tendrils coiled around each other.

"Has the prototype proved functional?" Spoke one of the strange beings in a raspy voice. "Hypothetically, yes but we haven't been able to produce one that works in practice. Frankly I think we should find an expert on this kind of thing." Spoke another, placing a device on an empty table. It projected a hologram of some sort of structure. "We're going to need specialized equipment for the prototypes as well. Cyronic technology would work best, but we don't have any. At least not anything more subtle than the standard weather tower design." They added. Another stepped forward. "We have identified a few places we can find the necessary equipment, but with the Batman, obtaining it will prove difficult, and may expose ourselves." They said. The first nodded. "We'll need to hire some middle men for that then."

Unbenownst to the strange aliens, they had been followed. A young girl quietly crept through the swamp. She wore a full face motorcycle helmet, a black biker jacket and pants, and a purple shirt. The helmet had cat ears ontop of it. The girl crept up to the door, peering in through a window, she quickly spotted the strange aliens, grimacing under her helmet. "Thaaaat's weird." She said to herself, moving out of sight. She headed around to the back, and moved to the back door. "Okay, you've practiced shifting-" She began, placing her hand on the knob. Soon, a coating of metal spread over her hand and half way up her fore arm. "-and making a key our of your finger shouldn't be too hard." She said, holding her finger up. She eyed it, then the door, it just occurring to her that she didn't know the shape of the key needed to open it. "What're you doing out here?" Came a voice. The Girl suddenly jolted, jumping back and landing on her butt. She looked up to see Multi-girl sat on the roof. "M-Multi-girl! I didn't know you were back in town. L-Look I'm not trying to steal anything I swear!" She blurted. "No duh, place is supposed to be abandoned, what's there to steal?" Multi-girl asked, pushing herself off the roof and landing on the ground.

"But, if you're not here to steal, what are you doing out in the swamp in the middle of the night?" Multi-girl asked. "I... I think my Dad's in trouble. He hasn't been home in a while, and last time he was home some guys from a gang you to steal for showed up for something. I dunno what. Went snooping around, found them, and followed them here." The Girl explained. "Also I think they're aliens." She added.

"W-What else would they be?" The man questioned. "I-I dunno if the guy we got 'em from was the one who made 'em he just sold 'em to us." He said. Robin picked another one of the devices up. It almost looked like a ball weight. "Seriously? This is a weapon?" He asked, turning to the men. They immediately tensed. "Don't point that at us!" One of them yelped.
Davi (played by Dreath)

Clicking a small dark green lighter Davi grimaced.
"Come on. Stupid cheap piece of..." He stopped mid sentence when he heard something. The door in the adjacent room, the kitchen he thought opened. Voices spoke. They were raspy kinda like they were muffled. Davi quickly put his stuff into his bag, leaving the ruined runes and candles about. "Guess this place wasn't abandoned. Unless they're police." He froze up. "Maybe if I get out the window." He says to himself Leaning onto the window frame the wood creaks under his weight. A sudden screech leaves him to bumping his head on the window. He rubs it and turns. Standing in the now open doorway was a hideous creature. Tall and broad they were some kind of cyclopean humanoids. They let out aggressive screeches. Their mouths unhurled to open into several tentacles as they renched back. A sudden shot of gunk flew from their mouths.

Davi screamed and fell through the window. The gunk hit the windowframe with some force. It rattled and visibly moved as it grew firm. A wail came from inside as Davi fumbled to his feet. Clawed hands grabbed for him as one grasped the base of his coat. Panicked he tried to escape but feeling the creature pulling him in he grasped the staff. With a swing he smacked the creature in the headto a hiss. He fumbled and ran. Taking off into the swamp as another shot of gunk flew by him. This time it hit his shoulder narrowly. Most fell to the water but a large amount stuck to his shoulder. It oozed like a stain as the creature let out a cry into the night.

The sound of sirens marked the end of the interrogation. Batman gave a nod as he glared at the men. A faint gesture and they suddenly dropped. Falling rapidly down the building and screaming as the ground approached. Suddenly their fall was cut short and they felt like they took a punch to the gut. A firmness around ones chest the man could tell the bonds on him were tought. He dangled around six feet from the ground as his friend did a foot lower. They swung into eachother with light tapping. Looking up several GCPD Officers approached the two, lights shinning in their panicked eyes. As their lights shone up the building the figures above were gone. On a nearby ledge watching the arrest.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Regarding experts, I believe Victor Fries would prove useful-" Began one of the aliens, before they heard sound from the other room. One of them immediately went to investigate, finding Davi. There was a ruckus as it tried to drag Davi back in, to no avail. "There was someone here!" The Alien blurted from the room, before shoving through the window to give chase. "Get out there and capture that intruder! We can't afford to have anyone aware of our operations!" Shouted another, as the rest of the aliens rushed out of the front door.

"What gang?" Multi-girl asked putting her hands on her hips. "Uh... Rupert Thorne's. I-I don't think he's doing any work for them. At least not willingly. He got out of blackgate three months ago on parole. No way he'd throw that away for-" Copycat began, before hte sudden screeches of the aliens were heard. She and Multi-girl spotted Davi running off into the swamp, before the Alien came into view chasing after him.

Multi-girl frowned. "Get out of here. I dunno what kind of trouble getting involved with this might get you into." Multi-girl said, raising her arm. She activated the Omnitrix. "Machspeed should do the trick." Multi-girl said. "Wait now hold on, I'm not giving up on this until I-" Copycat began, as Multi-girl pressed the face of the Omnitrix down. It gave out a series of low pitched bleeps. "-find my dad." She finished, pausing when nothing happened. Multi-girl blinked. "I said, Machspeed would do the trick." She grumbled, reactivating the Omnitrix and pressing the face back in. To the same result. "Oh come on you were working just fine last week!" She said. "You break it or something?" Copycat asked. Multi-girl sighed, looking to Coypcat as she got her grappling. "I'm not entirely sure this thing was ever not broken." She grumbled, before firing off the grappling hook. She took off into a tree, swinging from it to close the gap between her, and the alien, now aliens, chasing Davi.

Copycat watched, looking to her metal coated hand. The plating began to crack and crumble before falling away. She glanced to a large rock, going over and lifting the helmet's visor. "Like I said, not leaving until I find my dad." She said to herself, placing her hands on the stone. As with before, a coating of stone began to spread over her body. After a few moments, she looked like a living statue, and moved to follow the aliens.

One of the aliens pulled their head back, about to spit another wad of the goop, before a small grey ball dropped to the ground in front of them. They looked down, jumping slightly when the ball suddenly erupted into smoke. Several more smoke bombs went off amongst the aliens, before Multi-girl swung down from the trees. She wrapped her free arm around Davi, swinging back up into the trees. "You okay?" She asked when they landed on a branch, pausing when she noticed the satchel and staff. Both magical items belonging to a pair of criminals named Hex and Charmcaster. "Where'd you get those?" Multi-girl asked, eyes narrowed.

The men screamed as they were pushed off the building and fell. One of them fainted when they suddenly stopped several feet off the ground. Robin looked down at them as several police cars pulled up, before turning his attention back to the weapons. "Y'know, this'd be the perfect time to go to that one contact you got in Lower Gotham. Bet he could help figure out who made these." Robin said with a grin. He'd never been to Lower Gotham before, and was always trying to find one excuse or another to go there.
Davi (played by Dreath)

Narrowly dodging another glob of goo Davi panted in gasped panic as he ran along. Feet splashing in muck as he moved with limited visibiliy. Coming face to face with another one he watched it raise its clawed hand. Pale at the sight he was quickly blinded by a series of explosions and puff of smoke. He shut his eyes as he then felt himself pulled into the air. He hugged onto the one that grabbed him before looking over to see a girl with a narrow eyed glare. Focused on his sachel and staff. His face ran cold from guilt.
"Well I..." He spoke before flinging himself back and falling.

From the corner of his eye he noticed an alien leap up. Its claws slashed into bark and splinted through the wood like paper. He hit the ground with a thud. Rubbing his back he saw the creature in the tree lunge at the girl. Claws out it swipped at Multi-girl seemingly with every intent to kill. It was frenzied slashes with no real focus. Davi crawled to his feet and went to run before a glob of the goop hit his foot. It stuck him into the roots of the tree and he had to pull his shoe off. Fleeing again as an alien followed.

He turned to Robin. Looking to the orb his stoic gaze shifted to the street below.
"I'll take a look. Though I wouldn't mind if you could follow at a distance. Something as private and wanted as this wouldn't go missing without someone noticing." He traced his finger down the side. A faint rim just off the center. Inside his mask his visor scanned it. Reading showed up detailing a mix of steel, titanium and traces of copper but the inside was unreadable with his current, portable scans.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Multi-girl caught a glimpse of one of the aliens jumping and slashing into the branch they stood on. Between the slash, and their combined weight, the tree branch snapped, both falling into the muddy ground below. Multi-girl quickly got to her feet, narrowly avoiding a swipe from the alien's claws. She dodged several more blows, before dropping under another. She swung her leg into the Alien's, knocking it over and face first into the mud. She lanced back, managing to dodge a glob of goo that splattered onto the alien she'd just knocked over. "What is that? Snot?" She questioned.

She managed to avoid another glob, before one hit. It hit her in the arm pinning her to the tree. She tried to pull herself free, before delivering a swift kick into an approaching alien's gut, throwing it back. "COM'N THROUGH!" Came Copycat's voice. She held a rather large broken tree branch in her arms. She swung it side to side as she ran, slamming it into aliens and knocking them to the ground. One Alien approached Davi, only to be hit by the tree branch Copycat held, which had been lobbed at it. The Alien flew back hit another tree. "Keep 'em busy!" Multi-girl shotued, getting a batarang out with her free hand and beginning to cut through the goo keeping her stuck to the tree.

Despite Copycat being smaller and slimmer than the aliens, surprisingly she through them around with little difficulty. And thanks to her stone coating, hit surprisingly hard to. "Any clue what these things are? I mean you're the one always fighting aliens!" Copycat said, after decking an Alien and knocking it to the ground. "No idea!" Multi-girl replied.

"Well, let's get going!" Robin said excitedly.
Davi (played by Dreath)

The ruckas behind him began to fade. Swallowed by the damp air of the swamp. Davi came to a stop by a tree. He panted heavily.
"What is with the freaks in this city?" His breaths were deep and fast. He coughed, feeling the adrenaline in his body die down. Fading away as he began to crash. "Should I. Help?" He asks himself. "Don't be stupid. It's not like you're meant to get involved with those freaky things. I should just take my things and go." He patted his bag. The staff was there but something was missing. His eyes widened as he pat himself down. "Her bag... Did that girl take it?" He squirmed nervously. "You're an idiot." He grumbles to himself before running back.

When he returned a new girl had shown up. She seemed to be made of stone and swung a large branch around. Devi was ever more confused by the insanity he witnessed. He searched the ground. It was dark and he had to remain low. Keep out of sight from the monsters. Moving tree to tree he kept his eyes peeled. But nothing could be seen from this distance. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small stone from earlier.
"Find me the bad." He whispers to it and clasps his eyes shut. The stone lets out a soft glow and his eyes copy. He follows a trail on the ground. Leading him to the faintly glowing bag buried in the mud by the fighting individuals.

Delight is taken away by panic as the faint glow of his eyes and stone gives him away. A creature leaps at him, knocking him down. Raising the staff to block a strike he flails.
"Get back!" He screams in a panic. From the staff a spark of energy shoots off. A glowing blob of energy hits the creature point blank and throws it back several feet. Davi stares in awe. Did he just? He wonders before seeing the creature start to pull itself up. He quickly moves to the small sachel bag. Scooping it up and once more trying to make his escape.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

As Davi ran, the Alien that was getting to its feet spat another glob of goo, this time hitting the staff and sticking it to a tree.

Mlti-girl finally yanked her hand free, glancing to Copycat as she fought the aliens. She glanced back to see the Alien approaching Davi. She charged forward, leaping into the air and slamming her feet into the Alien's back, sending it face first into the tree. It fell into the water with a loud sploosh. There was a thud as an alien hit a tree, thrown by Copycat. She threw another Alien into the group before goin over to Davi and Multi-girl.

"You got anymore of those smoke bombs?" She asked. Multi-girl shook her head. "Great." She said, looking to the Aliens as they got back up. "Go get the weapons. Forget capturing them." One of the Aliens ordered. Another nodded and split off, heading back to the cabin. "Even better. Get that watch working, we could use literally anyone right now." Copycat said, raising her fists as the Aliens approached. "Except Amphibrain. Don't turn into Amphibrain. We're screwed if you do." She added. "Thanks for the vote of confidence." Multi-girl grumbled. She handed Davi a batarang so he could cut the staff free. "If you know how to use Hex's staff, now would be a great time to use it." She said, before beginning to fiddle with the Omnitrix.
Davi (played by Dreath)

Jostling the staff to try and free is Davi felt the strength of the substance. He went red from trying to peel it off when he was handed a blade. He took it as he noticed it was the shape of a bat. The design was odd, he thought before he went to saw at the goop. Though when Multi-girl mentioned Hex he froze. How did she know him? The cries of the creatures to get weapons was enough to snap him from his daze. Whatever these people were on about was unrelated to him and he just wanted to be gone. Sawing like mad it soon came off. Davi tripped back and grinned.
"I got it!" He said excitedly. He looked back to Multi-girl as she fiddled with the devise. He pulled himself to his feet and looked to their attackers and the staff. He shook it aggressively. "Fire!" He commanded to no response.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Copycat glanced from Davi to Multi-girl when he simply shouted 'fire' and nothing happened. "Multi-girl shrugged. "My thing's aliens, not magic." She said. Copycat looked forward, just in time to dodge a blast of goo. She threw a punch when one of the Aliens lunged for her, throwing him back. "Any news on that watch?" Copycat asked, punching another. She could see the alien returning with a crate under one arm, and some sort of silver alien weapon in its free hand. "Cause we REALLY could use like Crystalstrike or Hotshot right now!" Copycat said.

"Yeah I knwo that! The stupid thing isn't respond-" Multi-girl began before there were a series of bleeps. The Omnitrix went black as green, glowing, circuit patterns formed over it. Portions of the alien watch shifted, or came apart. The core and face spun as they lowered down into the now smaller, more compact form as it soon seemed to solidify. The core popped up, now displaying a hologram. "That's new." Multi-girl said, ducking just a blaster shot fired. "Get to cover now!" Multi-girl ordered. She didn't have time to look through her aliens. She didn't recognize the one she currently had, but hoped it was better than nothing. She pressed the core down, before being engulfed in a green flash.

In an instant, green vines grew from the where the Omnitrix sat on her wrist, coating it and her arm as they spread up across her body. The vines merged forming a layer of thick, root-like skin. Small thorn-like growths appeared on her fore arms, as red formed on her shoulders. Her head was engulfed by the plant-like material, which solidified into a dark solid carapace, red and orange petals sprouting out around it like hair.

The flash faded, and standing where Multi-girl was, was now the tall, plant-like being she had become. "That one's new." Copycat said, peering out from a tree she had moved behind. Several of the Aliens had grabbed blasters and opened fire on Multi-girl. Several hit her body, the blaster fire going straight through her and singing the trees behind her. Multi-girl blinked, looking down at the holes in her torso, seemingly no worse for wear. The Aliens were clearly as surprised as she was. "You guys are gonna regret that." She said, in a nasally voice. She shot forward, swinging her fist into one of the aliens, sending it hurtling back and into a boulder.
Davi (played by Dreath)

Davi swung it side to side. Up and down. Twirling it around and shouting various words.
"Kablam!" No response. "Help!" Nothing. "Blast!" Nothing yet again. A bright flash from Multi-girl left a tall humanoid, plant creature standing in her place. Davi looked on stunned. He leapt away as the creatures opened fire. Shooting through Multi-girl to no effect. The shots sizzled the tree behind her but she seemed unharmed. Small holes reforming on her body. Davi looked on in pure shock. What was she? She leapt to action as another creature slashed him. Falling forward he managed to role to look up at his attacker. The single eye glared down at him with pure, sizzling spite. Talons raised it went to stab down as Davi screamed. Crackling energy burst from the staff like a concussive blast and the creature flew into the air. Past the canopy, there was a moment of shock. A moment later the creature smacked into trees several feet away. Smashing through branches and collapsing in the mud. It seemed wounded. It's chest seemed bruised from the blast as it struggled to pull itself up. Another sprinted from the darkness to retrieve them. They hissed back as Davi before making a retreat. Davi stood shocked. He looked at the staff. "How do you work..." He wondered amongst the chaos.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Several of the aliens attempted to tackle Multi-girl but she stayed up right, grabbing and throwing them off one at a time. She grabbed one by the ankle, swinging them through the air like a club. She bashed them into another Alien, then another. "Y'know, I think I like this new alien!" She said, clobbering yet another Alien with the one she held.

As the Aliens fought with Multi-girl, Copycat, and Davi, two had taken cover behind a tree. "This isn't good. Our blasters are useless on Multi-girl, and the other human seems to have magic of some kind." One said. "W-We should fall back." It said. "And risk bringing Batman down on us?" Asked the other. "If we kill her and the other two, he'll likely come down on us regardless. She has no idea of our wider objective, we'll just risk ourselves more if we continue." The first added. The second was quiet, looking to the fight. They let out a growl. "GRAB THE WOUNDED, AND FALL BACK!" They shouted, taking aim and beginning to lay down some covering fire to keep Jackie, Copycat, and Davi from chasing them.
Davi (played by Dreath)

As the retreat was sounded Davi let off a sigh before kneeling over in pain. He rubbed his hand over his side. Did he break a rib? Fracture something? Was he in trouble? He wondered before settling down. He stood up with some soreness. Peeking under his clothing he saw his bruises. Some nasty hits but nothing past surface level. Still the pain remained. As the mysterious creatures ran off in a panic they quickly dissapeared into the hazy murk. Davi looked up to the one called 'Multi-girl' and her supposed friend. Gently he took a step, hoping to sneak off as the battle subsided.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Multi-girl let out a sigh as the Aliens fled, glaring at them as they left. The stone coating Copycat's body began to crack before falling away and crumbling to dust. "So, got a new alien huh? What's it do?" She asked, flipping her visor down. Multi-girl turned to her, giving a shrug. "No clue." She said, looking to Davi.

She came over and crossed her arms. "That bag and staff are supposed to be in GCPD's lock up. How'd you get them?" She questioned.
Davi (played by Dreath)

Freezing like a deer in headlights Davi turned slowly.
"Oh you mean these?" He indicates the staff and bag. "Well that's odd cause these are ugh mine. Yea family heirlooms I inherited." He smiles. Lips quivering at the thinely veiled lie. "So ugh. Thanks for helping with those monsters but I should really be going now. Ok bye." He immediately went to run away from the two.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Davi didn't get a chance to go anywhere before a hand shot out, catching him by the back of his coat and hoisting him in the air. "Those belonged to a pair of magicians named Hex and Charmcaster." Multi-girl asked, holding Davi up to eye level. "I'm only asking one more time. How'd you get them?" She asked.
Davi (played by Dreath)

Davi cowered into his coat. Why'd he bother staying near this freak city?
"I simply. Retrieved them. I was just claiming back what was owed. Besides they're dangerous and could have anything in them." He fiddled into the bag and through something out. "Like this!" He cries and tosses something. A piece of chalk hits Multi-girls chest. A moment of silence passes as they just stare at one another. "Really?" He says in a whimpered voice.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Multi-girl blinked, looking down to the chalk. She looked back to Davi. "You've got no clue how to use those do you?" She asked. She didn't wait for an answer before simply yanking the staff out of his hands. "Hold this." Multi-girl said, passing the staff to Copycat. Copycat eyed the staff, before looking up to Davi. "Hold on." She said to Multi-girl, stepping forward. "How do you know Hex and Charmcaster?" She asked.
Davi (played by Dreath)

His eyes darted from the items to Multi-girl. Sighing he went limp.
"Like I said. Family heirlooms. Just not... Well not the best with them yet." Sweat began to trickle down his face. "Could you maybe. Put me down Mrs Fire Tree lady?" His eyes kept returning to the staff. His anxiety for the moment seeming to grow once the items left his possession.

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