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Here are the rules:

1) Post something with good vibes. A pic of your pet, a GIF of a cat, a story you heard or experienced with a happy ending, a short video that makes you smile, a pretty picture, or even something that happened in an RP that makes you happy. Anything you want that warms your heart.

2) You can post as many times as you want, whenever you want.

3) This is a co-op game, the goal is to fill as many pages with happiness as possible.

Kruhee Topic Starter

Here's one, this boy makes my day, every day.

I don't about y'all, but... Eugene and Rapunzel! :D


Found this a while back when trying to find piano tutorials for this song.
Spoilers for video: I was not expecting Epel to start 'playing' the song 🥺🥺 So cute omgggggg
This is probably the only place where random strangers will request items on the general board and other random strangers will just give them out for free...

It makes me happy every time I see it happen. It's like something out of one of those feelgood kid's shows except it's actually real and actually happens somewhere in the world.

Finny (played anonymously)

Finny can do no wrong, only destroy almost the entire garden (which including tearing entire trees up from the ground) 🥰🥰

Whoopsie-Daisy! :(
A nice lil gif from a game I adore <3


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