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With every new RP we as creators of these written worlds have to account for quite a lot in the World Building aspect. Town names, NPC names, crucial events and so on. Would there be a way to create a Notes section within the DMs themselves for us to reference? I know we very well could simply use Notepad or Sticky Notes to use in lieu, but for some people who run their RPs from multiple devices, it could help some to be able to open a Notes section and see the highlights that they've jotted down for their own reference.

It's entirely a QOL function and for those who take long breaks or, if the RPs have been going on for some time[or not] and the person may want to keep a catalogue of things that may matter down the line. Or, for instance, not remembering a name right when you're wanting to bring it up in your writing but you can't recall so you're readying the RP in reverse to try and find it.

The Notes would not be something shared, but entirely individual to each Account involved.
This is legit, the reason why I started creating a private Group for almost every single one of my RPs.
You get literally pages to put reference and media regarding your RP, and can create multiple threads for the RP itself for multiple parts. As well as OOC threads for different types of discussions.
Plus gives me more notification options.

It's a workaround, and I know some people are very adamant about RP in DMs only. But it could be what you're looking for.
I totally agree on having a notes system!

Because I have a terrible habit of creating text documents on my computer...
...and losing them and having to scramble around to find them. XD

Plus, it would be helpful for plot ideas, worldbuilding, or just making jokes about the RP! <_<
That would be helpful. As someone who is getting into world building as well as someone who does a lot power and a ability making, this would help so I don't have to run back to pages to reference thing.
I have two characters from the same lore that I created well over a decade ago, so it's taking me a while to remember, especially for Drael. I just remembered that Drael's brother-in-law taught Mathius how to be a chef
It could also help with deleted characters and lore. If you lose a backup file or something on a device, RPR on all devices with have it in notes 🤷
Sounds amazing! Maybe a thread marked as "IC/RP" would have some sort of a post where all players can add a note? You know, adding information about inventory, basic character info, game master notes, and maybe some clues if it's a mystery-type of RP? Or maybe even current IC weather and time of day, lol. I would use it to show my dialogue formatting, since I use italics for thoughts, sometimes sarcasm, bold for shouting and emphasizing, etc., and so far I've been just making an OOC post with a note about my formatting, but this feature would be helpful as well.

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