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The rules are very simple. You just call the poster above you a god/goddess plus what they have. Be it a word or phrase. Make sure it won't turn out offensive and the likes. Also, keep it SFW as much as possible, 'kay?
Vestia Zeta (played anonymously)

"Goddess of Petals."
"Hmm... Goddess of knowledge
Futaba Sakura (played anonymously)

God of Sword.
God of Hacking
God of Direct Roots.
Alexandrina Duarte (played anonymously)

War intelligence
He hugged the bear "Kindness!" Piano climbed onto her and started making biscuits.
Death (played by SporkEater)

Tori Sheika (played by SoulHeart57)

Well, that's pretty simple, his name is death. figure it out yourself.
Hatsu fushichou (played anonymously)

"Goddess of Blood and Atrocity"
Silvera (played by Drake_Lie)

Goddess of ninja
"Goddess of fluffiness!"
Sakura the Hybrid (played anonymously)

Goddess of cuddles
“Goddess of hybrids.”
Vivian (played by Drake_Lie)

"Th-the g-goddessssss of sssssiphonsssss?"
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

"The Goddess of Rock & Paper & Scissors!"
Aedgar Stannen (played by Tyranoth)


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