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AnonCarp (played anonymously)

Lets try this again x.x

What are your favorite Genres to write? And why? Same goes for tropes, what are some things that you just love writing regardless of your mood? I'll go first.

I absolutely love a good sappy romance plot, but I also love the drama and suspense that can be added to it.
I LOVE Fantasy-Horror type stuff as far as genres go. My main setting is chock full of that sort of thing. For tropes, god, it'd take me forever to list all the ones I love but things like Found Family and Monster With A Heart Of Gold always get me.
I'd say my favourite genres are...
  • Modern fantasy, which can vary quite a bit in what exactly it includes... I just love the idea of magic and/or fantasy races being mixed in with something akin to real life. It lets me have a comfortable amount of knowledge about the setting, since it is often much like what I encounter every day, but with the addition of magic, supernatural beings and events, and all sorts of other things that just don't come up in real life. Lots of fun, potential for big adventures without the stress of keeping track of lore from an entirely different world, or historical accuracy.
  • The very specific, "we're in outer space so anything goes" kind of sci-fi. Just silly shenanigans, grand adventures, traveling to any planet and meeting any kind of people we can think of. People made of literal stars who are friends with plant people who adopt a cyborg assassin with n alcohol problem? Typical family life. Mixing gatorade and pencils to create a deadly poison? It works on some planet, somewhere... Society of robot ducks? Yeah, it's in the next galaxy over. Space Walmart? We just passed seventeen of them on the way to this planet where a smol alien is barging into a royal castle with a jacket full of bunnies. ... Everything is absurd, logic only matters if we want it to, it's all silly and fun :D
When it comes to tropes, I'm a big fan of:
  • Absolute gremlin drags serious person into their shenanigans.
  • Just absolute gremlins being gremlins together.
  • Any flavour of found family.
  • People who are supposed to be enemies becoming friends (or falling in love, though I don't really do romance, but I still think it's cute.)
  • Smol and cute character who will absolutely beat you up if needed.
  • Characters getting transported into video games.
  • Good person works for evil guy, doesn't know evil guy is evil until it's too late and now they have to figure out how to get out of it.
There are probably others too but... I forgor :3
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Okay, no but seriously.
- Found Family (duh)
- Deals With Demons
- Dark Themes (Blood, violence, etc)
- Kidnapped Characters Needs A Savior
(in addition to above, just character needing a savior in-general)
- Secretly Old (example, Five Hargreeves)
- Asshole character that'll do absolutely anything for not-asshole character
- Rivals-to-Friends

Also, while I dislike most romance..
..Angel x Demon, considering me and my best friend has that exact trope with some characters, is a great trope, ngl.
My favorite genre is for sure romance haha but also fantasy, those are probably my main ones?

Would Hurt/Comfort count as a trope? lmao, i can't seem to get enough of that xD
uhh very specific, small bubbly person and bigger more quiet softie?
Forbidden love
Childhood friends

I don't usually talk about tropes or use them to look for things lol maybe i should start doing that though
My favorite genres/tropes honestly have to be fantasy, sci-fi, angst with comfort, adventure, found family, and of course, romance.
Low fantasy.

I think part of what makes it captivating is the game of thrones vibe, you can't use magic or powers as a crutch in most situations so it has to make for writing where you really apply yourself, im also a history nerd and low fantasy often has pseudo historical elements or aesthetics.
In the majority of my narratives, I tend to gravitate towards crafting tales within the realms of low fantasy and historical fiction. Drawing from my experiences as both a reenactor and a historian, I find that incorporating authentic historical elements into my stories lends a greater sense of plausibility and realism to the characters and scenes. Consequently, I have consciously endeavored to maintain a subtle presence of magic within these narratives, allowing it to be alluded to rather than overtly described as a flamboyant spectacle.

However, I have also ventured into the realm of modern paranormal stories, primarily driven by my personal curiosity and the shared interests of some of my acquaintances. Nevertheless, I must admit that my fascination with this genre is more transient and seasonal in nature, unlike my enduring passion for low fantasy and history. While I do explore the realms of modern paranormal fiction from time to time, my commitment to and enthusiasm for low fantasy and historical storytelling remains unwavering.
  • I am in love with characters and stories about some forest creature falling for someone from a city/village, or vice versa. I generally like plots involving different cultures and races getting to know each other, it always reminds me of me talking about my culture with foreign friends. :)
  • I also love dynamics involving a "Big, scary, wild monster living in the woods that would kill ANYONE" turning out to be actually just defending themselves, or something similar
my favrto is romance and any other plot really i mean just theres so much you can do with diffrent ganreas that they all are my favrot but romance takes the cake im a hopless romantic my self so ya lol XD
Found family, and all the tropes that make up a shounen anime.

for the uninitiated that'd usually be:
-Friendship is power
-Dark pasts
-Edgelords that are actually soft
-Shy, scared people who are actually gremlins when they open up
-Whatever that trope is where two (or more) people pulverize each other as a metaphor for ideals clashing
-Bonus: Whenever someone has a spiritual connection with an inanimate object, like a mech, vehicle, or weapon

Other things I like that are only semi-related to being a massive weeb:
-Stoic guy who travels around with ill-behaved child (prefer former be male, latter be female. Not sure why)
-Unreasonably adorable girls who are also insanely talented mechanics
-Nature is good, mankind is evil or misguided
-Trauma responses make you stronger in fights but at a physical or interpersonal cost (having it wear down your body, people thinking you're a monster, etc)
-Not sure if trope, but when the weather changes to reflect the mood of the characters
-Cutting your hair shorter as a symbol of personal growth or change, or to cut ties with your past
-Mentors passing the torch by dying dramatically

I say I generally like fantasy, but given how much sci-fi I've written for personal projects in the last 5 years, I'm not entirely sure that's accurate anymore.
Thought of making a sci-fi character but then ended up using her in a personal project so now it feels weird.
I'm absolutely all over the map when it comes to this sort of thing. I can be very diverse in the long run, so it's hard to put genres into categories when I can very easily get drawn into just about any kind of shenanigans. But if I have to be specific to what I like, these would about sum it up.

  • Slice-of-Life: I lead an adventurous and stressful enough life as it is, so settling into some slice-of-life mellows me. It can still be quite chaotic especially when we get to the sub-genres, but something about the mundanity turned wild adventure keeps me coming back for more.
  • History: As much as I love to delve into the yesteryears, I always worry that I'll mess something up. It does not stop me from enjoying what I can of it though and I will oftentimes feel a bit better in a 'what if' scenario or an alternate version of a historical situation. I'm typically in it for a good ol' fashioned whodunit or a thrilling, chilling, spine-tingling mystery!
  • Modern: Due to its infinite diversity, a modern-age genre can be something so simple and so complex all at once. It's easy for me to just jump into the modern style because it can come in many forms of writing and sub-genres that take place in present times. Supernatural, science fiction, crime and mystery, fantasy, etc. It just has too many possibilities.
  • Others: Science Fiction, Horror, and so many others have been at some point, a part of my writing experiences, all of which are enjoyable in their own right. I may not be the best in some areas, but I'm willing to try just about anything at least!
When it comes to tropes, I'm always there for the plot and character development. I try not to teeter too much on the edge of taking away from my canons and how they're supposed to be portrayed, but I do love a good challenge when writing for them.

I have to say I quite thoroughly enjoy a good corruption story. Good turns bad or at least realizes the world isn't all black and white. And though I'm not entirely into romantics, I love the concept of enemies to lovers or unrequited feelings. It's a harsh world we live in, kiddies. There are too many to list, so I'll just throw some out there!

“Unbreakable” Codes broken by the protagonist, unlikely allies, mysterious things are happening, humans can be evil, the protagonist is a suspect, soulmates (whether this means lovers or friendships meant to be), time travel, alternate dimensions/universes, manipulation, slow build, substance abuse, asexual acknowledgment of any kind, almost any dark or tormented soul types, and the list could literally just keep going.

I've rambled more than enough though. 😅
I’m an angst person, the level of angst might change with my mood but I’m always down for some good angst to put my characters through. My favorite tropes are: unrequited love, found family, “only one bed”, arranged marriage, and knight/bodyguard and their charge.

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