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Arcaro (played by Darkfeatures)

Likes picking flowers.
Mono (played by Botol_O_Wata)

Mono's life force is attached to a star somewhere, so he isn't really immortal, but he will likely outlive the human race given the sun is set to explode billions of years from now, which he will also outlive if his star doesn't die because of it.
Margaret Nearl (played by Alliyus)

Margaret Nearl is a Kuranta. Also known as a Pegasus.
Tensai (played by randomentity777)

Tensai is unique among full-blooded Saiyans in that she was born without a tail. As a result, she was considered an outcast by the majority of the Saiyan race. She came to Earth because she wanted to use the Dragon Balls to give herself a tail so she could feel normal. This did happen, and it allowed her to achieve Super Saiyan 4, making her more than ready to take on the heavyweights at the Tournament of Power.

Also, in keeping with the tradition of Saiyan names in Dragon Ball, her name means "sugar beet" in Japanese. The reason for this is because I'm a real heavy equipment geek, and the stuff used for harvesting sugar beets is really awesome.
Those who come to know me love to hate me, yet they can never get enough of me.
See above quote.
Do Not Be Afraid (played anonymously)

What is the definition of a God?
He can play the song Purity by Slipknot through only muscle memory
Iris (played anonymously)

"The model life is fun!"
Armond Raphael Ramsey (played anonymously)

This bro is literally based off of some Spongebob creepypasta/fake lost media shit lol
He is currently living rent-free in my head.
Claude Gau (played by Jaws)

This girl has the most clashing wardrobe and it just shows. If you look around long enough, you can find a get up from her pre-scar days.
Rebecca Kennedy (played anonymously)

Rebecca has undergone a couple background renovations since coming to life in 2017 with each one building on the previous.
Delilah (played anonymously)

Delilah despises Aaliyah (A Primordial Shapeshifting Angel) with the intent and malice to kill her. She is a manipulator, and she comes off soft and loving, but in the inside, she can't wait for you to actually shut your mouth and die in a hole.
Phantom (played anonymously)

How to survive them. If you can:

You run and hide. And pray for your life you don't get found.
Try to fight back. Scream, punch, yell. Do whatever, but mostly be aware, look everywhere. Anything could be a weapon for them. And a hiding place. You can never trust anyone, absolutely trust not even your friends. One may actually be them.
Basically, run, hide, and pray for your life.
Horizon (played anonymously)

<--- This atrocity is every character I have in one profile. It goes crazy. T^T Lol.
Also the universe of all my characters.
Kupid (played anonymously)

The 69 on Kupid's uniform actually doesn't refer to a certain inappropriate joke, but is actually his Cupid License number so H.A.L.O. can look him up on their databases quicker. It is possible for people to think these numbers mean the joke because of Kupid's association with love and romance, but it's actually not the case at all.
Dese (played anonymously)

Despite being a Gorgon, she rarely uses her petrifying stare, cause she has a bad tendency to look into reflective objects and stone herself for a short while
Ohzokai Uzamaki (played anonymously)

Ohzokai doesnt understand jokes
Miyako Kurogami (played anonymously)

Miyako, if she had the choice, would've have a Kurama styled situation with the body she inhabits.. sadly their soul is too weak
Tenebris Fraus (played anonymously)

In modern settings, Tenebris has indeed played the Ace Attorney video-games and absolutely loves them.

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