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Joot (played by Jooters)

Title explains itself! Be as silly as ya want with it!
The kitty, Joot, is secretly a dog, but looks like a cat. Well known for always tripping over their own tail at random and inconvenient timings.
Azura'ellys (played by CrystalDisc)

Karma rolls "Intimidation" to flirt instead of "Persuasion" when playing D&D.
Robin Rawn (played anonymously)

Azura has a lot to say after watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

While Robin can be ruthless and hide under the guise of her extreme confidence, there is secretly a softness within her that very few will ever get the opportunity to know...
BL00DF4NG (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

Sherlock isn't really that smart. He just BS's his way through every case and happens to have really really good luck
This guy reminds me of Mad Dog... Not a Good sign for me.
BL00DF4NG (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

Courage The Cowardly Dog wrote:
This guy reminds me of Mad Dog... Not a Good sign for me.

((... That isn't really a headcanon...))
BL00DF4NG wrote:
Courage The Cowardly Dog wrote:
This guy reminds me of Mad Dog... Not a Good sign for me.

((... That isn't really a headcanon...))

((My Apologies.))
Courage is actually a multi-dimensional cosmic entity with high galactic-level intellect. He's always able to save Eustace and Muriel because he can rewrite timelines to where he comes out on top. The only reason he's never removed Eustace from existence is because Muriel loves him, and the only thing greater than Courage's power is his mercy.

Courage refuses to kill, almost to the point of his own detriment.

Courage's parents are God and nature, but Courage only perceives them as dogs because if Courage showed us the truth, all of existence would unravel.

Courage only pretends to be cowardly in hopes that the evil in the world would somehow have a change of heart and rehabilitate.

........I think I may have gone too far
Sherlock Holmes (played by Atheist)

Here, I'll remedy this right quick.~

BL00DF4NG suffers from crippling insecurities, but because they still have an awful lot of growing to do, they hide this fact about themselves behind their edgy personality.

Eustace adores Courage, but because the cowardly dog is terrified of his own shadow, he'll never really know how much his owner actually cares.

Adrian was the type of kid who enjoyed his station in life. He had a tendency to overlook his privileged upbringing and went through his young years leaving an impact on those around him whether they were good or bad. Unbeknownst to him, some day one of those negative experiences will come back to haunt Adrian...
The bittersweet tragedy of a mind in constant motion, to Holmes the world presented itself as a series of interconnected tunnels. This overwhelming maze required the constant work of pathfinding to arrive at the most probable cause or destination, what came across to others as a gift was a consequence of the tedium that plagued the man from his very inception, he redeemed himself however by putting this uncanny ability to a noble cause. Sherlock never had the makings of an executioner, then again the dirty work of justice likely bored him for its lack of complexity and perhaps a sort of moral conviction or empathy for the human condition led him to avoid passing judgment. Still, as a juror, he had no parallel, to have had the closest thing to foresight since the oracles of Delphi was something of a responsibility as much as it was a burden.

He was a man of conviction and principle, one who found purpose in the pursuit of justice having put on the facade of someone quaint yet noble which belied his true essence, a madman with a heart, if you could even call it madness. Perhaps there was some reasoning as to why the universe put Sherlock in this role, they said that in a world of the blind, a one-eyed man was king but the truth was in such a world, such a man would be very alone, it was by will alone that the wallow of self-pity, despair, and spite had been ascended. Sherlock's greatest conquest was something very few men could aspire to indeed, he had conquered his mind and he had learned to apply it. Whether then, he was someone special or merely an ordinary man at the height of mental faculty was a question still unanswered.

One thing was for sure, Edwardian England needed Mr. Holmes to guard it from monsters in men's clothing, the most dangerous of which were kindred to holmes himself but chose a different calling.
Thor the Malinois (played anonymously)

Classic story of man's best friend. A boy and his dog, except the boy is a war veteran and a ruler, and his dog is a warhound. If they don't die of old age, the only other option is on the battlefield.
Leila (played by Aya)

In the midst of fierce battles, the war hound named Thor earned a unique reputation among soldiers. Despite his imposing canine stature, Atlas had a soft spot for small animals. Squirrels, bunnies, birds etc. you name it.

The giant redeemed demon fell to his knees and he leaned against her and hid his face against her. The redeemed one, the battle-hardened 7 foot 9 inch warrior, capable of breaking entire planets with his bare hands, and brandishing a great blade that was about 7 feet tall and weighed as much as a neutron star had suddenly allowed his strength to be stripped bare, and he had become as a child that had been lost, but is now reunited with his mother.
Patchouli Knowledge (played by FictionDragonborn)

Drael is Siegfried's Long Lost Ancestor, which explains Why Siegfried has his hairstyle.
Patchouli, being a person of wealth and living in a mansion, has deep sympathy for those who suffer from health conditions and donates to related charities every holiday season.
Bho Namoaa (played by Samiakki)

Because of Harrison's fondness of children, he carries around little candies to offer them if they're crying or in a distressing situation.
Bho seems pretty confident and skilled! However, perhaps lurking in the background, he still feels the strong hurt from when his sisters bullied him about his hunting skills. Somehow I can imagine Bho just chilling out, remembering the teasing he endured, and furiously diving into something else he is good at to get over that feeling. (I think it'd be cute if he was furiously crocheting 🤍)
Elaine Van Freyr (played by 0089)

Unknown to Constance she is afflicted with an incurable rare disease that stripped all her hair color so severe that even her vision is afflicted thus the reason she can barely see. Her brothers and her aren't actually blood related and instead are all rare subjects that suffer the dormant strain of "Animus Protagonicus Dye Hairstylus" Detected only in main story anime protagonist sitting next to the window, strain that is source of a protagonist crazy hair and unnatural color scheme. Having been selectively picked and brainwashed to protect her as they represent the only hope to find a cure...Also to save funds on security.

Her hobby of skateboarding was facilitated in secret due an error were the observation crew supervising her recieved a copy of Tony hawk pro skater for nintendo gamecube instead of the actual plans for the next phase of the project and due the fact no refunds were elligible it was decided to continue regardless.

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