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Exactly what it says on the tin!

Rank all your characters in order of how they would fair in a tournament! Goal: knock out the opponent.

I'll start:

Tier List
1st: BloodFang
2nd: Joot
3rd: Blaidd
4th: Mine Laru
5th: Query
6th: Arctos
7th: Polaroid
8th: Lacan and Fila
9th: Moune Loup
10th: Arujine Sarasa
11th: Tsukune Rabi
12th: Cole and Axel
13th: Peepy

Now you go!
Ohh boy i have a ton of ocs but this would be so chaotic

1. Rain
2. Regin
3. Cottl
4. Sebastian
5. Quill
6. Skyler
7. Lucifer
8. Kori
9. Kibz
10. Raymond
11. Darling
12. Muffin
13. Domino
Bluebeldy wrote:
Ohh boy i have a ton of ocs but this would be so chaotic

1. Rain
2. Regin
3. Cottl
4. Sebastian
5. Quill
6. Skyler
7. Lucifer
8. Kori
9. Kibz
10. Raymond
11. Darling
12. Muffin
13. Domino

+The honorable mention of Marcy who would not last against any of them but put up a good fight
Out of my non-anonymous characters:

1. Lucas (Winner)
2. Duster
3. Sebastian
4. Kumatora
5. Rook
6. Gabriel
7. Verlegen (Wouldn't stand a chance)
Aight, lemme see lol XD


1. Nightmare (winner)
2. Emerald
3. Sunbeam
4. Ballister
5. Amethyst
6. Hunter
7. Peach
8. Sci
9. Marcy
10. Will (rip)
11. Chara (already dead lmao)
As with any good fight, it would depend on the circumstances.
Since I haven't ported over most of my characters, and I'm not planning to, I'm going by descriptions. Also, the names probably would be mostly useless for anyone but me.

Not a Tier-List
  • It is just about knocking people out, and there are some rules about permanent damage: Satyr drunken master. He specializes in non-lethal takedowns and technically knows a type of martial arts.
  • Everyone brought all of their stuff: Star-pilot bird, he wins by bringing a spaceship armed with lasers to a gunfight.
  • Everyone brought all of their stuff, but the battle happens inside of an atmosphere: 9 out of 10 times it is futuristic sniper that owns a mech, because he owns a mech. 1 out of 10 times, it is heavily modified future cybergladiator, because he actually has a single shot rocket launcher for rainy days, and knows at least somewhat how to use it.
  • It is an all out war, not just one big fight: Permanently dissociating mercenary. He likes sneaking around, cutting throats and sabotaging vehicles and equipment, also he is the best at actually preparing for open fights, when dirty fighting is off the table.
  • No one has their equipment: Slacker werewolf, he is the one who can do the most damage without anything. Cybergladiator if it is a new moon, and assuming that raptor-cyberlegs don't count as equipment if they're permanent.
  • Everyone starting out nude: You might think it will be as above, but I'd give this to the satyr (due to home-advantage)
  • Everyone is just swooped up during a normal day and thrown into an area: I'll give this one to the cybergladiator, he brings the biggest guns
  • It is the big RP-crossover event I waited for all my life, and all of my characters are clashing …some of my minor or forgotten characters get taken out, then they all realize they were set up for it by my fire-themed supervillian (probably assisted by my very impulse driven fire-themed ex-ganger as a miniboss) and band together against him. I'd say one of my more sensitive, non-combat characters probably got everyone to stop fighting and start listening, just because they wouldn't get any airtime in this post otherwise.
Oh, this looks fun.

Tier List

1. Ja'vassa
2. Captain McClain
3. Lucas
4. Victor
5. Satomi
6. Dakota
7. Alexander
Hmm... Good question:

Tier List
1. Lexi
2. Maxwell
3. Creatia
4. Kagura
5. Elusian
6. Merrin

The Tier List
  1. Patches (Dreamworld)
  2. Haku (Werewolf)
  3. Mixie
  4. Ginger
  5. Enoki
  6. Bailey
  7. The Nameless One
  8. Haku (Human)
  9. Eleanor/Elliot
  10. Cedar
  11. Patches (Waking World)

I will add, my tier list has a couple of winners, and it all depends on where/when the battle is taking place!

Patches and Haku are listed twice because the both of them have situational battle prowess.

When awake, Patches is easily the least powerful of my cast and wouldn't stand a chance in any battle. They're not strong and not intelligent enough to put up a good fight. In the Dreamworld, however? Patches is omnipotent and practically untouchable. Unless you're a lucid dreamer, an insomniac, or are also capable of manipulating dreams, you're going to lose no matter how strong you are. The house always wins, as they say.

So if all combatants are in the Dreamworld, then Patches will come out on top, guaranteed. The fight would be rigged in their favour.

Assuming all combatants are awake, Haku would then take the first-place spot. Combine the strength and healing factor of a werewolf with bounty-hunting weaponry, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Assuming the fight takes place during the day, and Haku is human, then victory goes to Mixie.
Nahh this is fun as hell, lemme see! Like my friend Hades above me, I think the winner very much depends on the when, where and how, but I'mma try and keep myself from gettin' carried away.

Tier list
1. Randle (doom scenario)
2. Sprite (Therion form)
3. Nice Man Blake (if in power)
4. Clickjaw
5. Mighty Mad Madina
6. Flarus Kaehrson'
7. Zakla Withertooth
8. Artie (with mech)
9. Sprite
10. Zero
11. Randle (regular scenario)

Right, so.. Randle would, in a scenario where all bets are off and killing the other opponents would be the only objective, win. If he breaks his carapace and lets his inner Anti-Magick spill out, he pretty much obliterates reality as we know it, sucking everything and everyone that ever was, is and will be into a black hole of nothingness. He'd consume himself as well, though, so I wonder if that would even count as winning.

Nah, in a less apocalyptic scenario, Sprite's Therion form would win. She's enormous, extremely fast and strong, and doesn't stop until she's rendered into a puddle of blood and bones. It would take a whole battleship to knock her down, pretty much.

On third place, we'd have Nice Man Blake himself, under the condition that he's not cornered in his little evil lair, and that he still has his entire army and plethora of gadgets on stand-by. Blake is decked in top-notch cyberware and the military leader of an enormous intercontinential army and fleet, so he'd have no issue at all keeping enemies off his back. Unless, of course, story magic happens and he's suddenly confronted by his mortal enemy, son, and grumpy mama.

The rest of 'em pretty much speak for themselves! A lot of these characters wouldn't even dream of fighting each other, though, but it's still really fun to think about.

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