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KendraDawn wrote:
Subtleknifewielder wrote:
KendraDawn wrote:
WolfieX45 wrote:
Blanket! Iam the blanket wolfdragon!!
Much better than a cabinet.
((You can partner with another dragon so they can use the cabinets to store their hoard too!))
haha well maybe pair your paper with my cabinets and make a filing cabinet😝

Looks like I'm a collector of sheets of paper XD
FlamingPsycho wrote:
It appears I'm stealing the really hot transfer student with nice hair.

Well then.

As for me I am now the hoarder of...tissues! Lots and lots of tissues for every moment of your colds and flus and allergies...

Laptop a cell phone and a Dr Pepper
A Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time .... Ocarina.

Hmm. Neat I guess lol.
i got nothing , um. i guess either it would be either bookbags or cabinets since their both to my left.

edit: It's the cabinet , the cabinet is closer to me to my left ,then my bookbag is so cabinets it is...
so , i guess hoarding cabinets as a dragon , won't be that bad, right?

rolled 2d100 and got 64

I have a tube of chapstick.

I guess I'll be the dragon with the smoothest lips.

Do dragons have lips?
My glass of beer.
Fancy couch pillows!

sounds accurate

So, instead of being the crazy cat lady, I guess I'd be the crazy cat dragon.
Ahh.. well, since I can't actually hoard walls I'll go for what I plastered onto it- AND THUS, dem dumb knights will have to fight me over the true treasure: a real cheap-looking poster of our lord and savior Freddie Mercury.


A dragon figure, so, will I be hoarding a whole bunch of dragons hostage? If so, I'm gonna kidnap you guys first, but then what will I do with the stuff?

Cell phone. :|
Bicycles! Yessss, I will hoard all the pedalling vehicles and will let only those who pay use them--and they will pay for the slightest scratch to anything in my hoard!
Shower faucet. Oopsy doodle
Pool noodles. Don't even ask.
A stuffed animal. I can live with that 😂

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