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My bed.

A wall.

Jesus christ, that would be terrifying. Sneak into a dragon's hoard and it's just elbows.... yikes.
This small painted black rock with my name on it in dot letters! It's supposed to be a lucky charm, so I guess that'd belong in the hoard of a dragon like me. Could definitely use some luck.

I can live with that.

A stapler
My dog’s dog bed
My Beer

A fridge.

Well what can ya say, I must be a hungry dragon. XD
Water bottles. Empty water bottles.
A dog.

Come to my lair and you'll never suffer from a dry nose again
Several bungalows across the street.
Huh. The first thing I see is a gun safety manual. Not sure I like that, especially since the I can't read most of the languages on it and I took a gun safety course.
There are a couple things to my left like my bed and my TV remote, but directly at my left is my fan.
Flintlock rifles, longbows, books and cats?

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