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Kim Site Admin

Tell a friend about the RPR. Post a link on twitter or facebook or your favorite RP forum. Print fliers and give them out to your gaming group. Then come back and post here to tell us what you did to spread the love of the RP Repository.

To Enter:
Each public proclamation of love for the RPR that you make off-site between April 18 and April 25 counts as an entry into a raffle to win amazing prizes!

To claim your raffle ticket, post links to your blog posts, Facebook wall posts, Tweets, screenshots of you talking about us in games, etc. If you choose to post fliers in real life, please post snapshots.

Remember: It's against the rules (and generally uncool) to spam anywhere or harass anyone. I know you all know better.

You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once.

Raffle Prizes:
  1. A DVD of the complete Anniversary Video Series, signed by Kim and Darth_Angelus Won by Trickster
  2. A set of RPR bookmarks Won by Rhye
  3. A physical copy of the map of RPR land that appears in the Anniversary Series Won by CelestinaGrey
  4. 6 months of Epicness Won by Drayle88
  5. 3 months of Epicness Won by Brutal
  6. 5 extra character slots Won by Amirrora
  7. 1 extra character slot Won by Kyra45
  8. 2 extra pages Won by XinonHyena
  9. 2 extra pages Won by TheLily

Remember to report all your good deeds back here by April 25th.
I'm not going to be your little canary, singing praises of your great works across the internet and I am offended by the mere notion that you think I woulwait a minute there's swag involved?

I am all about the swag.

Also posted a topic on Conclave's forum:

While at the same time posting a topic about Conclave here, explaining what it is and why RPRepository folk should play it:
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

That was a thing of true beauty, Trickster. You have such a way with prose of the ridiculous sort. <3
I really couldn't figure out how to post a link from Facebook, so I took a screen-cap instead!

Then I ran over to my FurAffinity profile and posted a journal there! (It was a pretty stretched distance, but I managed.)

Thank goodness that Twitter post was only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Phew.
hmmmm all these contests are great kim! This sounds the easiest. BUT the food one sounds amazingly fun, and that I might have to try :D

It's early in the morning and I'm a tired little beastie, so here you are: as eloquent as it can be for.
Posted on both my dA accounts: (does that count as two entries, since I have different groups of people watching each account? xD)

I have also posted on both my Facebook accounts (open-to-online-people and private) :
(I'm not posting the private one, sorry xD; For...obvious reasons. But I think you guys can trust me enough to know I talked about it in my status and linked to RPR :3)

I will do more later when I'm on Furc :>
p.s. Also tweeted, forgot I had a twitter account XD!/CelestinaGrey/status/192634027411390465
I am sadly deprived of Facebook accounts and the like, but luckily devianrtArt has a journal function XD
Behold! (The Sword of Power! ... Not really *will stop quoting Merlin now* )
7 messages to friends
In Gaia, My previous RP site.!/Drayle88
Finally, a use for Twitter
Love you Da. Love you.
And youtube!

Ok.... I think that's everyone...

I'm sadly very lurky and not very showy in the interwebs, but I did this in dA and this in

I doubt like, anyone at all reads those (I'm not exactly Interwebs famous), but oi, I tried.
Wrote a lil blurb on Deviantart.

Lol, now if only my old PMs to people to join this place counted, I'd be a shoe in. :x I'll get around to it after work. I got out later than expected. Also definitely gonna work on the mascot contest.
It's not much, but Taunter felt the need to log into his Twitter account again and brag about us a little-- and by "us", I mean his narcissistic self (I had to stay IC!), but he was nice enough to link to us and call everyone else awesome if they visited the site!!/The_Original3/status/192762844121546752
before i go on my trip, i did do this.
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Woohoo! We're off to a fantastic start. :D
idk if it counts but I just got a small group on another site to come here soon and set up shop for a Pokemon D&D game.

I'm spreading the love still! ^^
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

Drayle88 wrote:
idk if it counts but I just got a small group on another site to come here soon and set up shop for a Pokemon D&D game.

I'm spreading the love still! ^^

Neat! Which site? :)

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